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Nothing opens the doors of summer like the beauty of the high seas, something easy to enjoy whether you’re looking forward to the next year or enjoying a family vacation. Look forward to the ocean’s mystique by knowing what’s ahead, utilizing a slew of U.S. and international sea port transportation services to get on the mothership quick. From local shuttles ready to pick up to practical shared ride vans that make drop-offs as easy as a waterside breeze, getting a reliable ride to get you to a cruise port is the first step in having a good trip.

A southeast haven known for its beaches, Fort Lauderdale is a bright blue oasis that tends to take people’s breath away. With Port Everglades as the area’s main hub of cruise take-offs, from South America to the Bahamas, having a ride ready can be important. Get a shuttle to drop you off at the bustling locale, making sure you experience the local tropical backdrop as much as the open waters ahead. Jacksonville is one of the state’s largest cities known for its unique outlook on the St. John’s River as well as relaxed cruise take-offs from JAXPORT. Look forward to your voyage by getting to the area with ease, utilizing a shared ride van to make it to countless destinations that range from modest stops in Key West to exotic trips to Mexico. The area is also known for its love of museum and history, something easy to check out by spending a few hours near the Neptune Beach area.

For those heading to the relaxed southern tip of Miami, look forward to just as many adventures inside the city as outside the popular cruise ships departing from the famed Port Miami. Look forward to beautiful moments on and off the ship by knowing what’s ahead, utilizing a shuttle to stay close to the surroundings or a private sedan for the hand option of beating the flood of tourist traffic. Famous for being a city of cruise ships, Port Canaveral is a revolving door of escapes that range from Disney cruises to transatlantic trips to the Bahamas. Keep a cheery demeanor before heading out by making sure you’re well-equipped to create a splash, looking forward to the beauty of the high seas by having all your land expenses squared away. Do so with the right transportation, booking a quick shuttle to get to your cruise on time or a private sedan to do even more cruising inland.

Located along Florida’s famed Gulf coast, the relaxed backdrop of Tampa is an easy one to get lost in, even easier if you’re departing from Port Tampa Bay. From trips to the southern Caribbean islands to voyages that venture into the beauty of Europe, finding your way to a bright corner of the planet is easy when you’ve got the right means to do so. Have a ride ready and waiting when you get back to the mainland, booking a shared ride van to take care of the whole family or a speedy shuttle to hop aboard solo. As the largest of America’s fifty states, Alaska brings a unique corner of North America that often goes unseen. Offering unique views of glaciers alongside practically untouched wildlife, cruise ships offer one of the best perspectives around. Make sure you get to your port on-time and all-smiles, whether it’s a shuttle pick-up at Icy Strait Point or a private sedan parked in a garage near Prince Rupert.


International Cruise Ports
Travelers planning a cruise vacation can find plenty of ports worldwide to book most cruise ships. When traveling throughout Europe and other nearby countries a cruise can be ideal when it comes to visiting many of its historical landmarks. No matter what country you are visiting most travelers can find a great port to board from.


Best Caribbean Vacation Spots
A slew of islands known to bring the breeze of the Atlantic to surreal resorts, the Caribbean is a beautiful place to get lost in wonders unseen. Whether you’re looking forward to white-sand strolls at sunset or classic music ringing through the streets of Havana, know you’re taken care of by getting around in a style as laid-back as the local attitude. Do so with a local shuttle, enjoying local history that floats through the air alongside savory scents of Bahama cuisine.


Famous for being Cuba’s capital and home to classic Spanish-colonial architecture, Havana dips its toes into spicy salsa clubs and even spicier food. Look forward to all there is to do in the area by knowing what’s ahead, whether you’re enjoying classic beauty with the help of a shuttle or taking advantage of every corner, from Plaza Vieja to Castillo de la Real Fuerza, with a private sedan.


Punta Cana
Famous for being the most eastern tip of the Dominican Republic, Punta Cana offers a unique view of the Caribbean, bringing gorgeous landscapes as far as the eye can see. Arrive to Coconut Coast with ease by having a ride ready to take you, whether it’s a luxe limousine perfect for making a splash or a simple shuttle as fast as the many popular zip-lines throughout the area.


Another hot vacation spot is Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas known for its bright blue waters that perfectly contrasts the stark white sands. Get a tour of all the colonial buildings, including the pink Government House, by making sure you’ve got the right ride to do so. A popular stop for cruises, the area is home to a laid-back downtown alongside surreal views of coral reefs via snorkeling that makes vacationing as easy as a soft wave rolling in.


Located along the Hicacos Peninsula, Varadero is a small beach town famous for its luxurious spas as well as down-to-earth views of nature. Whether you’re looking to explore ancient burials through historic trails along Reserva Ecológica Varahicacos or enjoy quiet ponds and gardens strewn across Parque Josone, the area is small enough to do all your exploring on foot, making shuttles not only the easiest, but most practical way to get around.


Saint Martin
As part of the Leeward Islands and entrenched in the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean Sea, Saint Martin is a famous island comprised of two separate countries, the northern French colony called Saint-Martin and the Dutch-founded south side named, Sint Maarten. Whichever direction you decide to explore, arrive in style by getting a ride that knows the difference between fancy and simple, whether it’s a limousine on its way to local jewelry shops or a private sedan perfect for exploring the nightlife.


A vital section of the Caribbean islands, the island of Antigua is home to the beautiful country of Barbuda as well as the just-as-gorgeous nation of Antigua. Get to know the island’s many sides, whether it’s the 18th-century English Harbor that offers panoramic views of the sea or relaxed trails winding through the former military base of Shirley Heights, all while looking forward to the next big thing with the help of a shuttle.


Las Terrenas
A quiet section of the Dominican Republic, Las Terrenas is a unique nook of the Caribbean that often gets overseen, not only because of the vibrant competition surrounding it, but the small population at its heart. Get to know the quiet side of a boisterous area by utilizing a ride that does the same, exploring the underwater caverns of Dudu Cave and the silent beaches along Bonita with a shuttle drop-off. Be sure to also check out Pueblo de los Pescadores, an open-air strip of seating perfect for a quiet afternoon of fishing.