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With millions of passengers traveling across Europe through cruise ships each year, tourists interested in seeing as many cities as possible have the chance to visit several epochs at an instant, from old hilltop castles of the medieval era to relatively modern neo-Gothic cathedrals still standing from the 1800s. Discover urban treasures as much as rural ones by choosing from various rides to discover such sceneries, from the country roads of Germany to the world-class museums of Paris. Choose between a variety of lifts to fit the right ambiance, whether that means going with one of many private vehicles perfect for long voyages across the back-streets of old villages, or settle down with a convenient meet-and-greet service better suited for getting work done on a crunch.


Some of the most popular cruise destinations in Europe include France’s not-too-big metropolis of Le Havre, as well as the vibrant Spanish backdrops and steep alleyways of Barcelona, each offering their own distinct flavor in a constantly emerging Europe. Rural adventures beyond these old-town backdrops can be especially admired through private vehicles like sedans, vans and SUVs, each idyllic for quiet road trips over the Swiss Alps famously crossing over Northern Italy and Western Austria. Larger groups planning to expand the fun over a couple dozen passengers should go with one of the many vans or chartered buses to consider group field trips instead, discovering the famous mountains and lakeside gorges of Mercantour National Park, or visiting the elegant Netherlands castles of Hoge Veluwe National Park.


For lovers of urban adventurers, meet-and-greet services go a step further with drop offs ranging from the simple to the experiential. Settle for fast lifts from point A to point B by going with a taxi, looking forward to quick transfers from busy arrival points like Amsterdam Schiphol Airport and Luxembourg’s European Convention Center, or take things a bit slower with a chauffeured limousine on the way to the many fine dining restaurants and theaters of London. Gain the most insight with the help of a local personal driver instead, enjoying back stories on old parks and neighborhoods of Germany’s often overlooked city of Stuttgart, also looking forward to cool upcoming attractions in Milan’s trendy sides of town with the luxury of someone who knows the haves and have-nots of the neighborhood.


Beyond the necessities of logistics rest the cool opportunities to just chill out. Relax by the sea, resting along the popular pebble-lined shores of Punta Rata in Croatia, or get beautiful Aegean Sea sunrises from the beauty of Possidi Beach in Greece. In addition to famous places to rest and watch the world pass by, Europe is home to world-class restaurants that offer once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to indulge. Savor in Belgium’s beloved fine dining at Alexandre Restaurant, or look forward to a modern blend of all European dishes blended together at London’s The Ledbury. And of course, nothing relaxes like the age-old tradition of shopping, popular port-side malls including Moscow’s massive Evropeyskiy as well as London’s historic Piccadilly Arcade admired for its 1900s atrium glass roofs.


Of the almost 28 million global cruisers in 2018, Europe was one of the favorites for passengers. Book your private van from Europe ports to the myriad port destinations and the variety of cruises that you will be able to explore.


Barcelona is the most popular destination for voyagers, as it is easy to see why from the amazing food, to the historic architecture and museums. Head over to Venice where you can explore the vast canals of the city, the authentic food and the historical buildings that makes this city so great.

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