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Try authentic samosas from India, tapioca from Thailand, or climb the Great Wall of China to see how the culture of old dynasties transformed into the leading business centers of today, all at the freedom to move through each moment with peace and zen. A blend of hyper-modern cities and ancient ruins, Asia’s worldly cultures make the continent one of the most diverse, a special trait that makes each city worth touring. Often visited by business travelers and families in search of once-in-a-lifetime vacations, seeing new cities through the right perspective is crucial for enjoying the little things, whether that means going on an intimate rural adventure with a private vehicle or looking forward to downtown events with a commitment-free drop off.


Millions of people visit Asia each year through the cruise industry, the ships themselves massive cities upon the sea that offer the modern world suddenly simple opportunities to visit rural shoreline villages in affordable luxury. Enjoy moving through major Chinese cities like Chongqing and Harbin, as much as smaller Japanese villages the likes of Shirakawa and Biei, all by having the freedom of private lifts handy. Choose between a small sedan for calm views en-route to the cherry blossom foothills of Mount Fuji, or bring the whole family along with a spacious chartered bus perfect for taking group walks across the surrounding lawns of the Taj Mahal.


As much as the freedom to move about, urban and rural journeys can be especially rewarding with the convenience of a meet-and-greet service. Whether it be through hikes along the not-so-steep Mount Apo or a winding drive through the scenic hills of Cambodia’s Phnom Aural, getting dropped off in isolated regions can be another interesting way to see the continent for what it’s worth. Go with a meet-and-greet service for the full experience, getting to know unique back streets and quaint Korean shops at the ease of a local personal driver’s opinions, or consider urban-friendly ride shares ranging from upscale arrivals to India’s Hyderabad Convention Center via limousine, to taxis best for zipping through Beijing Airport’s traffic.


Wherever the day goes, international travelers who often find themselves abroad should consider a short list of places to see, from the most known to the often overlooked. For Asia, this especially rings true with cuisine - start with Indian street markets, the most popular being New Market in Kolkata and New Delhi’s Khan Market, each home to their own upscale-folksy collection. And in China, modest luxuries can be exceptional with restaurants like One Dim Sum in Hong Kong, and stylish seating at Shanghai’s Grandmother Restaurant. Bucket list landmarks include an array of colorful temples as well, including the massive and often desolate Forbidden City, while gravity-defying skyscrapers such as the 160-story Burj Khalifa offer views of a daring future.


Asia is growing beyond leaps and bounds, more destinations to experience the myriad cultures, historic sites and culinary delights are more desired than ever before. Try Authentic food from India, the spices of Thailand, to seeing the Great Wall of China or see how Hong Kong and Singapore have grown to become leading business centers of the world.


Millions of people in Asia will book a cruise this year, this accounts for large amount of destination requests as most cruises were booked for less than a week. Some of the best cruises are located in Asia and they tend to get busy fairly fast when boarding, so make sure to book your private shuttle to Asia Ports to beat the traffic.

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