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Penang Cruise shuttles

Penang Cruise Shuttles

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Feb 25, 2024
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Part-island, part-mainland, the split terrain of Penang is one that offers vivid views from western Malaysia as well as the colonial shores of Penang Island. Dozens of scenic English-style landmarks are located throughout the island’s Swettenham Pier, while the mainland offers a bustling tourist economy brought on by large cruise ships docking at Penang Port. Penang Port is home to a multi-tier building with air conditioning, a ferry ticket booth and convenient access to western Malaysia’s Butterworth Outer Ring Road, also known as BORR. Use BORR to access the rest of the mainland, skipping public transportation’s limited stops for something a bit more free, whether it be an intimate sedan or spacious van perfect for quiet coastal drives, convenient meet-and-greet services adding convenience to drop offs in all-encompassing areas, whether it be a local personal driver in search of the best restaurants along Jalan Raja Uda or a quick taxi lift through stately squares and festive street markets in Penang Island’s George Town.


Though the city of Butterworth is a beautiful oasis on the mainland, nothing compares to its off-shore English-Malaysian culture of Penang Island. The island’s main city of GeorgeTown looks out at Butterworth from two main ferry terminals - surrounding these two ports include the historic Fort Cornwallis, an 18th-century militant landmark offering daily tours, and the Queen Victoria Memorial Clock Tower’s round-about views for local cyclists. Spend the rest of the afternoon museum-hopping for a more indoor-friendly afternoon, re-thinking of the old adage of playing with one’s food at the Wonder Food Museum’s showcase of Malaysian recipes, and taking a cool tour through the Asia Camera Museum’s photographer-friendly collection of old cameras and vintage gear - more artsy exhibits include the decadent Pinang Peranakan Mansion’s view of the local royal culture, while the Penang 3D Trick Art Museum offers a look at life’s rewards through the scope of optical illusions.

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