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Laem Chabang Cruise shuttles

Laem Chabang Cruise Shuttles

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Jul 26, 2024
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Arriving to a mainly industrial surrounding, Bangkok’s Laem Chabang Cruise Terminal offers an upside and downside to its backdrop. Downtown Bangkok will take at least two hours of driving time to reach, even longer through public transportation, though watching the cargo ships and slower fisher life is an easy sight to take in. With the quietude and outskirt location comes an immense amount of safety as well, plus a spacious and organized warehouse that works as a good resting place in the event of bad weather. Wherever the day moves, ensure transfers make that movement easy, reserving a private lift ranging from the simplicity of small sedans to the enormity of spacious chartered buses perfect for bringing big groups to memorable vistas. Meet-and-greet services add to the leisure through drop offs via local personal drivers who can make long drives into the city fun, luxury limousines offering enough comfort to kick back and look nice too.


Discover all there is throughout the region of southeast Bangkok, starting with what’s especially close to the cruise terminal - a couple miles inland is the Sriracha Tiger Zoo, a moderately sized habitat of exotic cats and elephants, the slightly further Khao Kheow Open Zoo providing a more open oasis of cliff-side waterfalls. Exotic mammals range from small meerkats to grandiose giraffes. Also in Laemchabang is the vast indoor shopping at Harbor Laemchabang, a renowned modern space with a gourmet cafeteria and vibrantly colored interior. Continue south toward the neighboring city of Pattaya for more fun, walking through the quaint beauty of The Butterfly Corner to witness exotic species at their peak, the next door Pattaya Sheep Farm offering a surreal garden of odd characters that turn a once-normal lawn into a disorderly cluster of pop statues. Watch sunset from Pattaya Floating Market for something more simple, walking the water-lined village toward a large dock and boat house with small ornamental canoes transporting guests to waterside shopfronts and restaurants.

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