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Saipan Port Cruise shuttles

Saipan Port Cruise Shuttles

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Mar 04, 2024
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Along the shores of the northernmost Mariana Islands, Saipan is a highly Americanized island due to its close access to Guam’s military base. The main arrival point for cruise ships is located along Saipan’s north side, near American Memorial Park, while a more popular location is Mañagaha Pier along a smaller island just a half mile off shore. Wherever the boat arrives, many speed boats and pontoons offer transfers for a reasonable price. Look forward to a day of snorkeling while relaxing on the smaller island all day, or look forward to various mainland attractions with a rideshare service waiting on the other side, whether that means hopping inside a variety of meet-and-greet services like simple taxis and their knowledge of hidden back roads, or gaining helpful tips from local personal drivers aware of the coolest landmarks.


Especially cool things to do along the port’s waterfront can be found throughout the adjacent village of Garapan - a bustling tourist industry, the welcoming locals offer savory scents alongside hand-made souvenirs at the famous Garapan Street Market, priceless views from the market’s neighboring Saipan Katori Shrine also looking out at the bay. Other shopping can be done at the tax-free T Galleria Shopping Mall, while big bucks can be potentially earned at the Imperial Pacific Resort Hotel & Casino, the latter an opulent structure worth visiting for the architecture alone. And of course, a myriad of upscale seafood restaurants offer only the best in fine Saipan dining, not only through the Hyatt Regency’s home-brewed Japanese recipes at Miyako but the festive performance-centric ambiance of the partially outdoor Culture Dinner Show in Fiesta Hotel. As the day wraps up, peer out into the great beyond at Micro Beach, a scenic stretch of palms and white-sand coves perfect for seeing sunset.

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