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Jul 26, 2024
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Along the northwest side of the island of Java, the coffee-fueled city of Jakarta is an especially beautiful way to get to know the Greater Sunda Islands. The terminal itself is basic, home to a bus ticket counter and tourism information. Public transportation across the region can be accessed through the connected Tanjung Priok Train Station and its glamorous industrial-era design, an even closer (but slower) bus transfer accessible via the Priok Terminal Bus Station next door. Dozens of ferries also depart from the port-side beauty of terminal’s neighboring Tipar district, while private transfers make things a bit more intimate for solo riders and big families. Those in search of the most convenience should consider a variety of ride shares ranging from the relaxation of local personal drivers perfect for seeing tropical sights from the islander’s perspective, to luxury limousines that can bring upscale arrivals to Jakarta’s finest restaurants.


Looking out at Jakarta Bay from tranquil shoreline landmarks, guests located within the shoreside oasis can expect an array of getaways perfect for seeing perspectives that matter. Landmarks especially close to the cruise terminal include the vivid wonders of Sea World Ancol, as well as unique rides and performances that make up the brightly lit Dunia Fantasi. For something a bit more calm, skip the theme parks for a long walk along Ancol Beach Pool, finally watching sunset across the stunning hillside trails of Mount Halimun Salak National Park. Discover the beauty of Central Jakarta by walking across the lawns of the National Monument afterward, taking in the city’s staple colonial-era architecture that reflects its role as capital of Java. A great place to meet after long explorations from surrounding exhibits include the Gedung Kesenian Museum, as well as local artifacts housed at the Jakarta History Museum.

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