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Rides for travelers at O’Hare International Airport

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Visiting the Windy City of Chicago and getting around
Nationally recognized as the fourth biggest city in the U.S., Chicago is incredibly massive and complex, especially to those visiting the windy city for the first time. Although there is an intricate subway that runs through the subterranean layer of downtown, there are plenty of other ways to get around on the surface. Whether you’re looking for a lift from the airport or want to explore every interesting facet of the sprawling city, you’re more than likely to find a suitable vehicle that will whisk you through the downtown’s iconic streets.


Since much of Chicago looks out on Lake Michigan, the city is constantly influenced by bay sides, and with the backdrop of world-famous architectural masterpieces, the city’s skyline looking out on the water is made even more beautiful. You can witness some of the most amazing feats of man today by booking one of the many rides below, all of which are great ways to get around town and find your footing in an artistic and welcoming town.


Transfers from ORD airport

Transportation at O’Hare International Airport
As mentioned earlier, there are plenty of ways to get around Chicago, both private and public, but the benefit of going private is the benefit of time. This couldn’t be more true when you arrive to O’Hare International. There are plenty of taxis waiting outside of all the different shuttles, and beside them a variety of different shuttle services and quaint private companies that transport their customers in a variety of different vehicles. Being the boss of where you go is much more efficient, whether it’s for business or pleasure, and with the help of these amazing providers, you’ll be sure to experience only the best Chi-town has to offer.


ORD airport rides
Shared Ride Vans
Beside many of the pick-up zones, you’ll notice several shuttles, some tied to particular hotels in the area. Before you step on, be sure to contact GO Airport Express for exclusive deals on shuttle rides, allowing you to step off your airplane without worry and without breaking the bank. Have your baggage moved quickly and hop aboard to get a quick ride to local hotels, restaurants, and a variety of interesting attractions, from Millennium Park to the beautiful shopping strips at Magnificent Mile.


ORD airport shuttles
Private Vans
If you’ve got a family that wants to see the highs and lows of the windy city, don’t miss out on exclusive opportunities to have a group experience by booking a private van from Talixo and Windy City Limousines, an incredible local company that puts pleasure before a quick buck.


ORD airport sedans
Private Sedans
Some say the best way to digest Chicago’s beauty is to do it alone and without the interruptions of others. So skip the subway and get yourself a private sedan, a customary ride offered by Chicago Gold Coast Limousine and GroundLink, seeing iconic Chicago landmarks such as the incredibly massive Willis Tower, a huge building that offers beautiful city vistas to residents and stunning views for guests. While you’re out, be sure to also stop by a tasty eatery like The Bad Apple, an inventive grill that serves interesting burgers and a wide range of delicious craft beers.


ORD airport suv
Private SUVs
For many, getting around town is not nearly as important as getting to a destination safely and with those that you love. SUVs from Blacklane and AAA Chicago Limo are sure to help with this common dilemma, especially if you’re fascinated with the inner-workings of Chicago’s downtown. While you’re out and about, see incredible destinations like the Shedd Aquarium, a facility that constantly gets better with age, collecting exotic species from the oceans of the world. If seeing all the marine life makes you hungry, satisfy that craving by going to Monteverde, a modern Italian kitchen that serves fresh pasta and unbeatable seafood dishes.


ORD airport limos
Stretched Limousines
If you need a ride to your luxurious hotel or a local night-time hotspot, be sure to get there quickly by reserving a stretched limousine from ORD airport. Arrive in style to Chicago’s premiere luxury hotspot, The Ritz-Carlton, by calling Luxury Rides Limo Inc. ahead of time. Be sure to check out the chic rooftop lounge, which serves tasty meals during lunch hours and seductive cocktails by night. If you’re interested in seeing a show or observing some of Chicago’s finer arts, check out the Chicago Theatre, which hosts a variety of national and international acts.


ORD airport chartered buses
Chartered Buses
Brookfield Zoo is home to thousands of animals and is one of Chicago’s most vital cornerstones. Perfect for large groups, whether it be a few extra family members or a few dozen hockey players, the zoo is a great place to have a mass field trip, and you can get there extra fast by booking your very own chartered bus. Windy City Limousines is a great company in the city that offer discounts for a variety of occasions, so be sure to contact each one to make sure you get to where you need to go with punctuality and without chaos.



Chicago O'Hare airport rides

Getting around Chicago’s busiest terminals at ORD airport
When you arrive at Chicago’s ORD airport you will find yourself in one of the busiest and crowded airports in the world. So getting yourself prepared for your trip can play an important part of making it a simple or chaotic vacation. There are many ideas you may have found during your travel research but here are a few you may not have run across.


As soon as you arrive to Chicago’s ORD Airport, you’re probably going to realize something immediately. There are a lot of busy crowds going a lot of different ways, which can be troublesome to someone who doesn’t know where they are. The good news is that the world looks a lot more hectic than it actually is, and what’s even better is that all that chaos will dissipate as soon as you prepare yourself with the following tips.


Prepare for airport security
Learn ways you can start planning for your airport travel with airport security and leaving your home secure. Since 2001, airports have progressively strengthened the process of security screening, both for their safety as well as yours. Although this is a great step forward in making sure that everyone gets to where they want to go safely, it has resulted in massive wait-times for travelers, which is not only bad for business, but vacations as well. If, however, everyone did their part in preparing ahead of time, screening should run relatively smoothly. Here are a few quick tips on how to get your line moving:


→ Be sure to take out all metals from your pockets ahead of time. All metals, including gold, silver, and bronze, should be removed before walking through the metal detector. Be sure to remove all jewelry, belt-buckles, or technological devices that you have attached to your persons.


→ Have your shoes already off. Many people don’t know that walking up to a metal detector while wearing shoes at an airport is a big no-no. So before walking up, be sure to slip off your loafers and place them on the x-ray conveyer belt for further screening.


→ Pack bags simply in case you are chosen for a random bag check. Airport security is now obligated to check the bags of random customers to deter from potential drug or weapons smuggling that may not be picked up by high-tech x-ray machines. In the event that you are chosen for a random bag search, it would be good to pack cleanly and in an organized way so that security can see that you are not bringing any illegal contraband and, subsequently letting you go quickly.


Refresh yourself on basic travel tips
Find new ways to get yourself prepared for your trip with some travel tips at the airport. Whether you’re arriving to an airport for departure or landing in a strange city, there are a lot of common tips that can help you out on both ends of your travels. Even if you have been traveling for some odd years, it’s best to keep yourself refreshed on how to basically get around airports, especially because technology is moving at such a rapid pace. So whether you’re arriving for the first time to ORD Airport or you simply want a crash course of how to get around, here are a few basic tips:


→ Show Up Early. Because wait-times are so common for security, as well as the fact that many people don’t know where certain gates are, airports often encourage travelers to show up to the facility at least 2 hours ahead of time. With this extra time, waiting in ORD Airport can be a simple, rush-free task.


→ Check In. Many major airliners now have apps as well as online check ins that allow customers to utilize digital kiosks at the airport as opposed to waiting in yet another long line. Be sure to check if your provider has any sort of external support because this it can make the difference between you being the first or last to board a plane.


→ Prepare Before Leaving. Do not plan to purchase your plane ticket at the airport. Only a person who wants a highly inflated price as well as the chance of their flight not being available would make such a foolish mistake, and this goes for just about any travel decision one makes, whether it be on the choice of hotel or desired check in. Trust us, the earlier the better.


Prepare a checklist
You can make a travel checklist so you are prepared for your trip with less stress. One simple task that goes alot further than people think is the simple, yet effective idea of start of staring a checklist. Whether you’re just trying to have less stress on your trip or want to avoid forgetting anything, a checklist is a great way to keep the ball rolling.


→ Check Mobile Plan. A lot of the time, overseas travels can be an expensive chore, not only because of the price of lodging, food, and travel, but because cellular charges vary country-to-country. Before crossing any borders, contact your provider to make sure there are no surprise fees on your next bill.


→ Bring Any Prescriptions. Whether it’s a basic sleeping pill or a certain medicine you need in the event of migraines, it’s smart to bring your prescriptions with you so that you don’t have to worry about seeing a doctor all over again for the symptoms. Get your medicine quickly and without hassle by bringing all proper documents.


→ Make Copies. Speaking of proper documents, you never know what you’ll lose, and as a consequence, what you’ll need. Make copies of important documents like your ID, passport, and other important travel documents. To keep from losing your copies, store backups in cloud storage devices like Google Docs or DropBox.

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Local attractions and getting around downtown Chicago
Finding things to do during your visit in Chicago can be quite easy. A big city city bring lots of business and attractions and Chicago is no exception. Chicago’s downtown is filled with a variety of different tourist sites, from exhilarating theme parks to risk-taking restaurants, making choosing where to go one of the harder decisions. Although the city can be complex and somewhat hectic, finding your way can be as rewarding as it is unforgettable. Be sure to figure out your transportation ahead of time, making sure you know all the nearby subway stops from your hotel, or even easier to remember – where you left the keys to your private vehicle. With that said and done, you’ll be ready to see these amazing hotspots in no time:


Centennial Wheel at Navy Pier
Centennial Wheel at Navy Pier
For six enduring months, the Navy Pier corporation has been looking for the perfect Ferris wheel to place at the heart of Chicago’s iconic pier, and in 2016, the company finally selected a Netherlands-based company to make the beautiful and modern Centennial Wheel. The structure will be the first of its kind to be designed in the United States, making it both fun to ride in and incredibly historic. As a brand new staple of Chicago, the wheel is sure to roll the city into the next century.


Ice skating at Millennium Park
Ice skating at Millennium Park
Millennium Park is a massive public space located in Chicago’s world-famous Loop community. The park was designed before the year 2000 to ring in the new millennium and has been a staple of the city ever since. One of the greatest attractions in the park is the McCormick Tribune Ice Rink, which is a seasonal rink that is typically opened from November to March, depending on the weather.


Chicago's Shedd Aquarium
Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium
Known as one of the largest indoor aquariums, Shedd Aquarium is a fantastic facility that’s as educational as it is fun. With over 32,000 different species stored inside, it’s hard to spot the same fish twice, especially if you’ve got an all-day pass. Whether it be the exotic coral at the Caribbean Reef or the largest indoor mammal facility in the world at Oceanarium, be sure to bring out the family for one of the most impressive fish tanks known to man.


Chicago beaches of Lake Michigan
Chicago beaches of Lake Michigan
Because Illinois is located on the massive and beautiful Lake Michigan, Chicago is home to a variety of different beaches, including North Avenue Beach, Montrose Beach, and Ohio Street Beach. One of the coolest and trendiest areas to visit are the Southside beaches, especially 12th Street Beach, which is an amazingly intimate and always-available beachside that looks out on downtown. If you’d rather have a large crowd to enjoy the sun with, visit Montrose Beach, which is typically the most populated in the city.


Rail terminal at Millennium Station
Commuter rail terminal at Millennium Station
The city of Chicago is home to a lot of old and a lot of new, but nothing handles the best of both worlds quite like Commuter Rail Terminal. Often referred to as the Grand Central Station of Illinois, Millennium Station is a beloved train stop in the heart of Chicago that offers rides in just about every direction of not only the city, but the entire country. With a modern design intertwined with a classical twist, the landmark prides itself in being a historic tenement of Chicago as well as a contemporary mode of transportation that’s always on time.


Chicago-Style Deep Dish Pizza
Chicago-Style Deep Dish Pizza
Chicago is known for a lot of things; The Chicago Bulls, Oprah Winfrey, and Wrigley Field, but few things compare to the lifelong tradition of Chicago-style deep dish pizza. One of the most highly acclaimed pizza pies in the city comes from Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria, a special formula that comes with buttered crusts and a signature dough that no one can replicate. If you’d like thin-crust on top of deep-dish, you can enjoy a nice afternoon at Gino’s East, an amazing Italian comfort hotspot.


The Magnificent Mile
The Magnificent Mile
Typically known as ‘The Mag Mile’, this long stretch of shops and restaurants is famously visited by tourists from all around the world. Running from the iconic Chicago river to Oak Street, The Magnificent Mile is home to some of the biggest upscale districts in the nation. Whether you’d like to waltz in and out of the many retail shops or have lunch at a variety of different hotel restaurants, you’ll feel like you’re a mere breath away from 5th Avenue.


Buckingham fountain in Chicago
Buckingham fountain in Chicago
Designed and constructed in 1927, Buckingham Fountain is located in the center of the massive Grant Park. The iconic landmark is one of the largest fountains in the world, creating a mass waterfall that cascades over the image of downtown. The fountain is an astounding piece of art to admire, but it’s also a great place to sit, whether it be for people-watching or simply waiting for one of the many events in Grant Park to begin. The city is in constant plan-mode for a variety of different activities within the park, from live shows to outdoor movies, making the area perfect for families.


Lincoln Memorial
Lincoln Park Zoo
Not many zoos in the world are free, but luckily the 35-acre Lincoln Park Zoo makes sure that every guest gets in without charge. Located in the heart of Lincoln Park, the facility has been around since 1868, making it one of the oldest zoos in the country as well as one of the most exotic. With over 1,200 different animals, from families of chimpanzees rescued within the national chimpanzee sanctuary to the courageous lions in the Kovler Lion House, the zoo is an exhilarating adventure for both parents and children.


Chicago's Adler Planetarium
Adler Planetarium
Keeping up with the tradition of free public space, the Adler Planetarium is a public museum that is completely dedicated to the study of astronomy as well as astrophysics, exploring aspects of the universe that are only rarely thought about by the general public. Spend the night at the museum every Thursday for Adler After Dark, a 21+ only event that is host to special guest lecturers, live entertainment, and amazing views of Chicago’s skyline, all while having full access to every exhibit.



Grant Park in Chicago
Visiting Grant Park
As one of Chicago’s most recognized park it is located the Loop which consists of places such as Millennium Park and Buckingham Fountain.
Visit Grant Park
Shopping Mall at Water Tower Place
Chicago’s Water Tower Place
With a large shopping mall at Water Tower Place this is a tourist destination filled with places to eat, retail stores and live events from music to exhibits.
Water Tower Place in Chicago