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Make a travel checklist


Make a Travel Checklist

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Create a travel checklist before your next vacation
Want to take a relaxing vacation without all the chaos? One sure way to mess up your time off is not being prepared before you leave. Many travelers overlook simple things to bring on their trip such as a small first aid kit, small emergency cash or even learning some basic phrases in the language that you headed to in case of an emergency. The following are some suggestions that you may want to use to help make your travels a memorable vacation rather than one with needless stress.

Travel ideas during the holiday season
Traveling during the holiday season?
Traveling during the holidays can be hectic with packing, gathering a items you may need during your trip, traffic and even what to do when you get to your destination with the kids. You can never be too prepared so why not start early? Get some fresh ideas that may help you have an easier time during your flight, road trip or even your hotel room.
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Whether you are packing a duffel bag or a carry-on there are many small items from around the house that you can bring to make life easier. There seems to always be a need for zip lock bags for clothing, especially for younger children who may have accidents, toiletries or even that left over complimentary breakfast such as a muffin that you may want to bring along with you for later. You may find some locations do not have ziplock bags readily available so don’t forget the basics.



Bring your passport
Check your passport expiration
Check your passports early especially if your passport is set to expire six months or less before your return trip. No point in taking chances so take the time to look them over before it is too late. To return back to the United States you must have a valid passport to show so without this you can find yourself in a hard bind. You can go to the U.S. Passport & International Travel website and view the latest checklist to use prior to your trip overseas.


Pack your travel documents
Make copies of documents
Make copies of all paperwork such as your travel documents and passports. Some travelers even keep a scanned copy secured and encrypted on their computer or in case you need to get the documents easily or if your are in a hurry many travelers use Google Docs to store documents. Also it is not advised to keep copies of credit cards whether it is a hard copy or electronic. 


International calls while traveling
Extra mobile charges overseas
Check with your cell phone carrier to see if you need to unlock your phone for international calls and find out about any extra charges for roaming, data and voice. Many travelers may be unaware of extra charges that may occur on your mobile account especially when it comes to roaming. Make sure to check with your phone carrier and let them know where you are headed so they can assist you better.


Take prescriptions while traveling
Bring copy of prescriptions
With regards to your health you can never be too prepared. You should keep a copy of your prescriptions in case you need a refill, extra contact lenses including your glasses. If you have certain health issues you may want to include keeping a copy of your medical records and quick access phone numbers to important health care providers, physicians and medical clinics. When you are on vacation the last thing you want to encounter is becoming ill and the clinic you visit has no history on how to properly treat you or your family.