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Airport checklist before your vacation


Planning for your airport travel

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Airports are a big part of your trip
Sometimes you can’t avoid flying to get to your final destination. If you’re like me, the airport can be difficult to navigate or you can run into chaos as you make your way through all of the other travelers. There are many things you can do to help make your trip easier not only at the airport but once you arrive at your destination as well.

Help TSA while at airport screenings

How to get through airport security with ease
One of the biggest hurdles that most travelers face these days is how to get through airport security without the long wait. One of the best things you can do to help TSA work more quickly is to be prepare yourself so everyone can travel safe and securely. Keep the following in mind before it is your turn to be screened.


→ TSA may ask you questions about your identity. Don’t be alarmed by this, it is standard protocol. They are there to help you get to your destination safely so a few questions will allow them to determine your intentions at the airport.


→ TSA may ask for your travel itinerary which can give TSA good insight into your regular travel habits.


→ One of the most important parts of a screening is checking your property such as your luggage, purses, carry-on bags and even your computer bags. Many items could be accidentally be brought on the plane that you would think are totally safe but could potentially cause accidental harm to those around you including yourself.


Remember that TSA is there to keep the skies safe for everyone so you can get to your destination and enjoy your trip. So if you don’t like waiting in long lines at the airport for security screening then you can do your part and use the points above to be ready so the line can move quicker.

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Hold mail service when on vacation
Plan mail pickup or hold mail service
There is nothing worse than coming home from a long vacation and finding your mail box overstuffed because your mailman was unaware you were gone. It is also a good way to show strangers that you are away and that your home is left unattended. Don’t forget to have your local Post Office put a hold mail service on your mail. The earlier you let your local Post Office know of your travel plans the easier it is for them to add it to the schedule. In addition, you can have a trusted friend or relative pick up your mail in case you have important documents show up that you may need or may have been waiting for.


Newspaper stop when traveling
Stop newspaper deliveries until you return
Similar to the hold mail service by the Post Office having your newspaper delivery put on hold is important because there is nothing like saying you are not at home with a dozen newspapers stacked up in your driveway. Plus who wants to pick up a bunch of old soggy newspapers drenched in rain from that week.


Copies of travel document at home
Leave copies of important documents
You finally get to your destination and then suddenly you realize that you left important documents at home or lost them along the way. It would be nice to have a family member or even a trusted friend have copies they could send you or email to you securely.



Label your baggage and carry-ons
Labeling your luggage
Sometimes labelling the outside of your luggage or carry-ons is not enough. Tags can come off or smudge the information off and you are left struggling trying to get your items back. A simple way of fixing this issue is to leave your name, address, a business or cell phone number or an email address on the inside of your bags. Remember to always be safe when putting your personal information on your baggage. If you have a place of business you can use that address instead of your home address. Also using your cell phone or an email address without your profile or personal information may be a good step in keeping your personal information safer. Airport security will be able to easily find the owner of the baggage and get them back to you right away.



Health records while traveling
Bring copies of health records and insurance
Health insurance is important but if you have travel insurance then don’t forget to bring those along with you. The sooner you can file a claim the better chances of you recovering your losses quicker and remembering the facts for your insurance provider.



Bringing your identification and travel tickets
Identification and travel tickets
Don’t forget to bring your identification which may be needed when you purchase items, getting through airport security or even sending or receiving money during your travel. In addition, your travel tickets are one of the most important parts of your trip so don’t leave your house without them.