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Visiting Miami and South Beach tourist destinations
Miami is an international hotspot filled with delicious Cuban cuisine, exotic nightclubs, and miles upon miles of beaches, making Florida one of the most-traveled to states in the U.S. Whether you want to pick up a Cuban-inspired cigar in Little Havana or would like to explore gorgeous neighborhoods famous for their brightly colored art-deco designs, Miami has it all. Before stepping foot into the white sand beaches, be sure to book a hotel, most facilities ranging from $100 – $250, depending on how many stars the place has been rated. A lot of hotels offer guests exclusive offers, including complimentary breakfast and shuttle rides out of Miami International Airport.

Transfer rides for MIA airport

Transfers at Miami International Airport
Speaking of Miami’s airport, the massive facility is practically located in the heart of downtown, making it a huge crowd-magnet. Designated on 42nd avenue, the historic airport has a variety of gates and outlets for vehicles, but it can be a pretty confusing place for someone visiting for the first time, especially if they didn’t make transfer plans ahead of time. Instead of asking several strangers a series of questions, prepare ahead of time by reserving a variety of different rides from an assortment of top-tier transportation services in the area.

MIA airport rides
Shared Ride Vans
Whether you’re a family trying to get to your hotel or a businessman on the go, you can get wherever you need to go by booking a shared ride van with and Airport Super Express. Parked just outside of the airport’s pick up areas, your vehicle comes fully equipped with your own driver, who is very well-versed and familiar with Miami’s streets, and a special area to place your bags so that you can sit back and enjoy the ride.

MIA airport shuttles
Private Vans
If you’ve got a group that’s slightly above average, go big with a private van from Easy Shuttle and Talixo so you can check out all of Miami’s coolest landmarks. Whether you want to see the popular sea life shows at Miami Seaquarium or want to delve into the exotic creatures of Jungle Island, you’ll get a thrill, but most importantly you’ll all arrive together. Each private van comes with its own driver with their own opinions and view of the city, allowing every passenger to feel as if they’d known the city all their lives.

MIA airport sedans
Private Sedans
For an intimate adventure, get an intimate ride. Reserve your very own private sedan from Groundlink and Zumu and check out the beautiful Villa Vizcaya, which is a museum, garden, and former estate of multi-millionaire James Deering. The area is visited by architects from all around the world because of its innovative use of Italian Renaissance and Baroque elements, turning the structure itself into a piece of art. When you’ve seen everything there is too see on the compound, go for a drive through downtown, visiting some of the city’s best restaurants, including Blue Collar, a fun gourmet American restaurant that has splashes of comfort food.

MIA airport suv
Private SUVs
Families rejoice in all that Miami has to offer in terms of kid-friendly fun. Zoo Miami is home to over 2,000 different animals, priding itself on being the largest zoological park in the entire state. Have everybody get there safe and sound by checking out your own private sedan, whether it is from Moveo and Blacklane, both of which offer excellent transportation services in the area. After the zoo, be sure to check out the exciting Miami’s Children’s Museum, an interactive non-profit institution built on the beautiful Watson Island.

MIA airport limos
Stretched Limousines
Miami is one of the most opulent cities in the country, making it the perfect place to kick back and enjoy the ride. Speaking of rides, arrive in style and elegance by reserving a stretched limousine from MIA aiprort to downtown for a night on the town. Visit the historic Venetian pool for gorgeous waterfalls and even more stunning looking people by calling A1 A Airport & Limousine Service and Avion Limousine Service, a local service that allows every customer to look as extraordinary as their destination. When you’re tired of sitting by the pool, visit Joe’s Stone Crab for legendary stone crab in a quaint environment.

MIA airport chartered buses
Chartered Buses
If you’re traveling as a large group, consider getting a vehicle that matches the size. Book a chartered bus to get to grandiose locations like The Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden, which resides on over 80 acres of lush land that features an extensive collection of rare tropical plants, from towering palms to gorgeous flowering trees. If your big group gets bored of being outside all day, move indoors by checking out the one of Miami’s many museums, whether it be the educational Jewish Museum of Florida or History Miami, both of which highlight important elements of the city’s past.

Miami airport transportation

Pick up and drop off at Miami’s busy terminals at MIA airport
As mentioned earlier, Miami International Airport can be an incredibly hectic place, which means it’s really important to know exactly what you’re going to do and where you’re going to go. In order to have everything squared away, look at a map of the MIA facility, available on the airport website, for tips on how to get around. Whenever you arrive, take a relaxing breath and know that everything will work out fine – that is, if you’ve prepared ahead of time.

Prepare for Airport Security
Airports have undergone aggressive strengthening of security the past few decades, a new aspect of traveling that has slowly transformed the process of getting on an airplane. This certainly has its advantages, but the negative side of having to do thorough searches, scans, and pat-downs is obviously prevalent, making many passengers both cranky and antsy before boarding. There’s not a whole lot one person can do to make a line move faster, but if everybody does their part, the line should move a lot steadier than usual.

→ Remove All Metals: In order to avoid getting caught by the metal detector, remove all metallic objects before stepping through the scanner. Needless to say, security will remind you to take off all jewelry, belts, and tech devices before stepping forward, but staying one step ahead of the line is what keeps it moving quickly and efficiently.

→ Remove Shoes Immediately: As soon as you step in line for Miami’s TSA, be sure to take your shoes off. The line will move extraordinarily fast if everyone has their shoes already off, especially because of how long it takes to untie laces or pry off tight shoes last minute.

→ Keep Your Luggage Simple: Many times, passengers do all they can to get through security as quick as they can, only to be chosen for random screening. Random screening is the most arduous and sometimes unnecessary process for travelers. If chosen, the best thing you can do is plan ahead by making sure your luggage is simply put together and by also avoiding accidental contraband, like liquids in the shape of wine or mouthwash.

Go Over Basic Travel Tips
Flying may be the safest form of travel, but it’s certainly not the most common. If you’re a traveler that typically gets on an airplane once or twice a year, you’re probably the type of person that needs a refresher on the basic rules of flying. Miami International Airport should be an exciting place that marks the beginning of your journey, which makes learning the purpose of basic travel tips all the more vital. By reading the information below, you’ll not only be able to get around an unfamiliar airport, but the local facility you fly out of for every trip as well.

→ Arrive Early: Arriving to your flight before the scheduled time is one of the smartest things you can do, and probably one of the most common pieces of advice. Because of the many long lines and the potential to get lost, it’s best to arrive to the airport at least two hours ahead of schedule. If you’ve got some time to kill before your flight, relax and enjoy a book or magazine offered by one of the many newsstands.

→ Check In: In the dawn of the 21st century, airlines no longer require people to go through check-in at the airport, instead offering an easy-to-use app or online check-in service, which is then transferred to a kiosk at the airport. Be sure to know when your first available check-in time is, as most flights reserve seats first-come-first-serve.

→ Prepare Before Leaving: Whether it’s your hotel room or the ticket for your flight, the earlier the better. By sticking to long-term commitments on travel plans, you’ll save money as well as the hassle off having to scrimp and save last second. Be sure to keep future plans in the past by situating the major things, i.e. transportation, lodging, and overall budgeting.

Prepare a Checklist
Some of the most important things to do in life are typically things that have to be reminded. Don’t let anything slip your mind by preparing a to-do checklist, a simple piece of advice that gives you the benefit of visually seeing what you’ve done and what is yet to be done. Below is a list of simple things to check for, but feel free to use your imagination!

→ Check Mobile Carrier: Traveling abroad, or even domestically, may cause overage charges for your cellular device. Before hopping onto your favorite social media app or calling your loved one to let them know you’ve made it safe and sound, be sure to contact your mobile carrier and ask what their services/charges are at your final destination.

→ Bring Prescriptions: It’s the middle of the day and you’ve got a striking migraine interrupting everything you had planned. To avoid wasting anymore time, bring prescription bottles you feel you might need, even if you don’t expect any symptoms. This saves time and money by allowing you to skip out on a doctor’s appointment in a city you don’t know too well.

→ Make Copies: If you’re going to a foreign place, you’re going to need important documentation. Include the bringing of passports, driver’s licenses, as well as your boarding pass on the checklist to avoid any unnecessary standstills. Because paper is fragile and light, you might run the risk of losing an important document – to avoid this being an issue, scan all your important papers and save them onto a cloud service.

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Local beaches and rides throughout downtown Miami
Located on the southeastern tip of Florida’s massive peninsula, Miami is known for being an American cornerstone with a Cuban flare. With brightly colored buildings on every corner as well as countless amounts of exotic eateries, the city has more to offer than most metropolises, especially in terms of beaches. Spend the day catching rays by checking out a variety of local attractions – it’s almost impossible to see everything there is to see in Miami, but with this quick what-to-do guide, you’ll be on the right path in no time.

Miami International Boat Show
Miami International Boat Show
If you’re looking to check out some seaside culture, you’re in luck. The Miami International Boat Show is an show that occurs once a year and the city takes incredible pride in every year. Hosted by the NMMA, the special event brings people from all around the world, so many in fact the show is known for hosting events at multiple locations just to control the crowds. Just under 2,000 companies showcase the latest and greatest in recreational boating, making up for an average of $40 billion in the boat market – so be sure to check it out!

Beachfront at Ocean Drive
Ocean Drive in South Beach
Located in the South Beach blue neighborhood of Miami Beach, Ocean Drive is a major stretch of road that is home to a wide variety of attractions, from the beautifully colored beachside buildings to the actual beaches themselves. Admire the countless palm trees that sit on the road as you go for an afternoon drive, but don’t go home too soon. After the sun sets, Ocean Drive turns into the heart of Miami’s infamous nightlife, allowing visitors to partake in some of the coolest neon nightclubs, each of which are offers tasty cocktails.

Hotel and resorts on the beach
Beachfront Hotels and Resorts
Because Miami is in such a jaw-droppingly beautiful location, it’s not surprising that the city is filled with beautiful beachfront hotels and resorts. One of the ritziest locales is The Palms Hotel & Spa, which comes with a variety of oceanfront views as well as a full-service spa and a gourmet restaurant in the lobby. If you’re looking for the beauty of the water without the luxurious price, check out The Alexander Oceanfront Resort, a hotel that is a little further from downtown, but with practically the same amenities.

Cruise Ports in Miami
Miami Cruise Ship Terminals and Ports
Most seaside cities are both drop-off or pick-up zones for cruise ships and Miami isn’t any different. There are a variety of cruises that pick up in the city’s main port, including Carnival Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean Cruises, and Oceania. Luckily, all of these cruise ships can easily be found by going to PortMiami, which is the city’s global gateway of tourism and cargo commerce. The area holds seven different cruise terminals (Terminals D – J), all of which are specially segmented off for tourists, making it quick and easy to find your boat.

Boat Up Restaurants and Bars in Miami
Miami’s Boat Up Restaurants and Bars
A Boat Up Restaurant is exactly how it sounds – the deliciousness of a restaurant and the novelty of a boat-like location all wrapped into one package. One of the most amazing boats up eateries is Garcia’s Seafood Grill and Market, which looks out at the beautiful Miami River. If you’re in the mood to try out something a little less quaint and a lot more lavish, stop by Zuma for drinks and dinner. Located downtown, Zuma gives a rare glimpse of Miami’s iconic skyline by choosing the odd perspective of the bay beside the grandiose city. Stick around for cocktails and see the buildings light up, something that’s sure to spark some fireworks.

Beaches in Miami
Beaches of Miami from Key Biscayne towards North Beach
From Key Biscane to North Beach, Miami has so many coasts it’s hard to keep count. The most iconic and densely populated of all the shores is Miami Beach, a white-sand, blue-water piece of majesty that hasn’t lost popularity since its 1915 founding. If you’d rather have an afternoon where you can actually have some peace and quiet, visit Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park Beach, a local favorite due to its scenic, but relaxing nature. In addition to offering the benefit of solitude, the park also has a ton of trails made perfect for hiking and biking.

Art Deco Buildings in Miami Beach
Miami Art Deco District
If there’s one thing anyone who visits Miami can say about the city, it’s that the architecture is truly one of a kind. Located in the South Beach neighborhood, the architecture surrounding the many streets is as intriguing as it is eye-popping. Spend the day taking one of the many architectural tours, including Art Deco Tours and Tour of Art Deco Historic District, both of which offer their own tour operator, vehicle, as well as potential deals for families. If you’d rather see everything for yourself, take a walk through the district and check out the cool landmarks, including The World Erotic Art Museum and The Ocean Drive Gallery.

Metromover in Miami
Miami Metromover
Every major city deserves their own futuristic form of transportation, and for Miami it’s the Miami Metromover. The free transit train system moves an average of 100,000 people every year, achieving wonders for citizens and tourists looking to travel on a budget. The Metromover offers rides into the greater Downtown Miami neighborhoods, dropping off at 21 different stations; each one located roughly two blocks from one another. Because the train is straight shoot into a variety of interesting locations, there’s not much wiggle room, but for the low cost of absolutely nothing, it’s hard to complain.

Homestead-Miami Speedway
Homestead-Miami Speedway
Many people forget that Miami is part of a greater culture, which is Floridian culture – and Floridians love racing. The Homestead-Miami Speedway is an exhilarating motor racing track that includes professional NASCAR races as well as smaller races, like the Verizon IndyCar Series. With a jam-packed schedule of events filling up just about every day of the week, the speedway has become a second home to many Miami citizens and gamblers alike. If you’re interested in seeing a race, check out the venue’s website for a full list of important dates.

Miami's South Beach
South Beach in Miami
Discover the many destinations you can visit in Miami where you can escape with your family during your vacation time.
South Beach in Miami
MIA International Airport
Flights at MIA Airport
Fly into one of the best airports in Florida and get rides to nearby cruise ports and downtown Miami hotels.
Flights at Miami International Airport