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Miami is a big city designed for big groups, making a chartered bus commonplace for conventions so finding shuttle pick up from Miami airport is important. Get one today and hop aboard and checking out awesome landmarks like The Kampong, a botanical garden filled with interesting fruit.


You can also get your large group to the Port of Miami for a cruise using a chartered bus. This makes it easy to get from the airport to meet your ship with ease, and everyone can arrive at the same time. This allows you to get on with your vacation and relax.


One of the top-visited locations by visitors that come in bunches is Sea Isle Marina, a full-service marina located in the heart of Miami’s Omni District. With beautiful bays and the smell of the sea nearby, there are all kinds of events hosted every weekend at Sea Isle Marina, not to mention the opportunity to go on a boat ride across the bay.


If everyone in the group is interested in spending a day or two in Miami’s interesting climate, camping is especially beautiful at Greynolds Park. With campsites, trails, and a fully functional golfing course, the natural area is a local hotspot and surprisingly closes to downtown due to the small, 265-acre area.
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