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With so much land to explore and even more collegiate options, the laid-back atmosphere of Michigan is a hard one to escape. From the shining coasts of the Great Lakes to the quiet quarters that make up the central cities, you’ll be surprised at how many options are waiting in plain sight. Look forward to your time in the region with the right transportation, whether you’re interested in a life-changing education or a business opportunity sure to pay off.

Get to the University of Michigan with ease by exploring the Ann Arbor area with a shuttle, a service easy to find if you’re staying in one of the many nearby hotels. If you’re looking to branch out of what you know, get a private sedan to explore at free will, looking forward to other state gems like Grand Valley State and Michigan State, both of which offer a unique charm away from the city. One local network of prestige worth considering is the Michigan Universities, all of which are appropriately named as Western, Northern, Central and Eastern.