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Shuttle rides for arriving travelers at MCO airport
Orlando is the capital of family vacations, bringing people from across the world, each one in search of an unforgettable experience. Whether you’re planning a magical trip at one of Disney’s many theme parks or crave the shine of Florida’s famous sun, Orlando has the perfect balance between manmade fun and natural wonders. With so much to see in a window of time that’s as small as it is precious, make the most out of your trip by taking care of all the details, from easy transportation to hotel rooms in Orlando.

MCO airport curbside pick up

Orlando International Airport transportation service
Located six miles southeast of downtown, the Orlando International Airport is the 2nd busiest in Florida. With 40 million people coming in and out of the air strip, the area can get extremely hectic around rush hour, making getting around a difficult task. Saving grace can be a hard thing to wait for when there’s so much to do, the world of relaxation calling your name as you figure out the logistics of how to do it. This is exactly why you should take care of transportation ahead of time, so you can make sure there’s plenty of time to not think.

MCO airport rides
Shared Ride Vans
Get a ride that makes getting to your hotel as easy as stepping off your plane by reserving a shared ride van from Mears Transportation or With swift and easy riding, a scheduled pick-up can immediately get rid of the stress that comes from driving in an unknown place. With complimentary baggage handling and a slew of locations you can get dropped off at, a shared ride van is the best way to go for comfortable affordability. Arrive to unbeatable resorts, whether it’s the CoCo Key Hotel, offering bright beachside property for rates for travelers per night, or Lowes Royal Pacific Resort, a 4-star facility located in the heart of Universal Orlando.

MCO airport shuttles
Private Vans
If you’ve got a few more people, more than what’s comfortable for airport transportation, reserve a private van from in Orlando or Mears Transportation and give yourself the freedom to go as your please. With a swamp like atmosphere and easy access to some of the best gulf catches, the city is known for its particular style of cuisine. Get to tasty restaurants like High Tide Harry’s, a famous local eatery known for showcasing some of Orlando’s best seafood, or try some classic American food at Copper Canyon Grill. When the sun falls, the cats call, and Orlando’s got quite the nightlife – after dinner, grab a drink at ICEBAR Orlando, known for serving tasty drinks in a below-freezing room.

MCO airport sedans
Private Sedans
At first glance Orlando may seem like a touristy family city, but do a little digging and you’ll see a wide variety of intimate locales that are tailor-made for passionate lovers. Get to historic landmarks and quaint parks by making sure your ride compliments every stop, reserving a private sedan from Zumu or Blacklane. For an afternoon of impeccable scents, visit Harry P. Leu Gardens, a botanical garden surrounded by 200-year-old oaks and forested trails that meander past images out of a story book. For more picturesque sites, go on a walk through The Mennello Museum of American Art, a grandiose facility known for hosting some of the greatest creative treasures of the United States.

MCO airport suv
Private SUVs
If you’re taking your family on vacation, you know better than anyone that getting the ball rolling is way harder than it looks, so hard some would argue it’s an art. Make things simpler by scratching transportation off your to-do list, avoiding the dark arts of vacation planning when you book with Town Car King LLC or Transportes Executivos for a private SUV. With seating for up to six people, you’ll have the comfort and freedom of your living room. Open your eyes to a bright and shiny new world, making memories on roller coasters at one of the various theme parks scattered across the city like fine seeds.

MCO airport limos
Stretched Limousines
For those that want to entrench themselves in a world of luxury, reserve some time and money in First Choice Limo Service or Orlando Vintage Limo stretched limousine experience. Get picked up by your own personal chauffeur in a limo from MCO airport, arriving to decadent restaurants in a style and class that not only compliments where you’re going but who you are. A great place to do this is The Oceanaire Seafood Room, an upscale seafood & steak eatery that turns the common into the extraordinary, as every meal you eat should be.

MCO airport chartered buses
Chartered Buses
Young or old, everyone deserves a little fun once in awhile. This is exactly why you should go the extra mile when you get the chance to actually splurge, especially if you’re traveling with a lot of heads. Travel to expansive theme parks and landmarks fit for large groups by booking a ride with plenty of seats when you make a reservation with ICS, Book A Limo for a chartered bus. Offering over a dozen seats and countless ways to get around town, from busy highways to quiet back roads, you’ll look forward to traveling to each destination as much as the destination itself.

Meet and greet service at MCO airport

Getting Around MCO Airport’s Busiest Terminals
As mentioned earlier, Orlando International (MCO) can get pretty busy, so busy you may think doing something as simple as getting your bags would be too much, but with a lot of daily customers comes a lot of time to learn how to prepare for such large crowds wandering throughout searching for shuttles from MCO terminals. Local staff is definitely well prepared, as you will be with the many on-site amenities. From unique restaurants like Cask & Larder Public House to the magical merch at Disney’s EarPort, the facility makes it more than easy to relax during the off chance your flight gets delayed.

Prepare for Airport Security
Though many roll their eyes at the tedious process, getting through airport security is no laughing matter at Orlando International. Hope for the best and prepare for the worst by making sure everything runs smoothly when you get in line, something that can easily be done with a little bit of planning. If anything, waiting in long lines like these is a great opportunity to review your trip, allowing you to stay on track without missing a beat.

→ Remove All Metals: Avoid setting off the metal detector by making sure you take off anything that contains a scrap of steel, iron, copper or brass. A few unorthodox things that people typically forget contain metal include cell phones, belt buckles, and the easily elapsed rod in the spine. Start stripping yourself of all elements that would make the machine go off, doing your part to push the line forward as well as avoiding the loss of precious minutes.

→ Remove Shoes Immediately: In addition to taking off metals, you should also slip your shoes off as you approach TSA. Place your loafers in a separate box from the rest of your objects and avoid losing your boarding pass by slipping it into one of the shoes as it passes through x-ray. If you have shoes that take a while to tie, loosen the laces instead of slipping them off, allowing you to put your shoes on just as quickly.

→ Pack Basic: Because everyone has an equal chance at getting stopped for further inspection, you should never discount yourself as a potential suspect. Make sure you pack your bags simply and in an orderly fashion, giving x-ray scans as well as time-consuming searches the transparency they desire. Do this by avoiding the mistake of over-packing, making sure each of your bags has plenty of breathing room for wandering eyes.

Go Over Basic Travel Tips
The key to a successful vacation is keeping one foot in front of the other, a task that can easily be done by writing down every step of your vacation beforehand. Whether it’s the art of juggling multiple thing to do or finding the best way to move things along quickly, having a general idea of what you’re going to do ahead of time can go a long way. Kick your vacation off on the right foot by making the first of your to-dos connect with the first place you’ll be on your trip: the airport.

→ Arrive Early: With unexpected swarms of visitors that can come at any second of the day, arriving early to Orlando International can mean avoiding countless minutes of idle waiting. With so much to do, from passing through security to checking in your bags, the less time you can spend at each necessary stop, the better. Head out to the facility a couple hours before your flight’s due to take off, leaving plenty of breathing room between procedures.

→ Check-In: One task that a lot of people forget to take care of is checking in early. Allowing you to board your plane before others, checking in is a helpful way to boost your time, and with so many airlines transitioning to the digital era it’s become easier than ever. Most flight holders now allow customers to check in via an app on their cell phone, so be sure to set an alarm for when check-in time is, giving you the opportune moment to make plans from the comfort of your living room.

Make a Checklist

A to-do list can certainly go a long way, but what should you include on yours? A good place to start is by evaluating what you need in your everyday life, whether it’s medication or special documents. Take the time to sit down and think over everything so you’re not stuck pacing in the last seconds. With the ease of simply checking off each to-do, you’ll be set to go quickly and with a relaxed state of mind.

→ Check Mobile Carrier: Many use vacations as an escape from their reality, but it’s a bit rash to completely cut off those that love and care about you. If you’re traveling abroad, you may want to look into qualifying for international service since a lot of providers drop calls or charge roaming fees without customers knowing. Be sure to contact your cellphone provider ahead of time to ask about options so you don’t lose the opportunity to contact family and friends while you’re away.

→ Bring Prescriptions: If you’re traveling to another state, don’t expect a prescription as easily as you would from seeing a doctor in the county that you live in. Because of this, people who get sick often, whether it’s from elevation, travel nausea, or anxiety, should consider bringing prescriptions a high priority. Make sure you bring proper identification as well as a call from your physician for refills in case you run out.

→ Make Copies: Since you’ll be traveling through one of the strictest airports in the world, documentation should be high on your list of priorities. A driver’s license and passport is typically all you need, but a social security card and student ID work just fine as well. If you’re an alien resident, make sure you have proper citizenship papers as well as anything else that may be needed like a work visa or green card.

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Local Attractions & Getting Around Downtown Orlando
Once you’ve got all the logistics figured out, start having fun in a city that was designed to give families memories that will last the rest a lifetime. With incredible landmarks and exhilarating worlds that open doors to the human imagination, Orlando gives everyone the opportunity to return to childhood, to remember what it’s like to not care about tomorrow and just live for the moment.

Orlando downtown transportation
Downtown Orlando
Also referred to as the historic district, Downtown Orlando is the heart and soul of the city, offering guests a slew of activities that are as easy to access as they are to have fun. Find the coolest attractions between Mills and Kaley, going on walks along the scenic Orange Blossom Trail and eating at central classics like Downtown Credo, a donations-only café known for giving all their proceeds to charity. You can find rides from downtown Orlando to MCO with vehicles such as limos, taxi and shuttle services.

Sightseeing near Lake Eola fountain
Lake Eola Park
There are many scenic locales surrounding Orlando, but few that are located in the midst of downtown’s hustle and bustle. Lake Eola Park is an urban recreation area that offers waterside walking, tasty food trucks, and special events, from free concerts to weekend carnivals. Spend the afternoon feeding the downtown swans along one of the swan-shaped paddleboats available for rent, or enjoy the painter’s perspective by sitting on a cozy bench for a few hours.

Visit Celebration, Florida
Downtown Celebration, Florida
If you’re close to Walt Disney World Resort and want to see a masterful accomplishment in city planning, visit the unbelievable Celebration, Florida. With a vibrant atmosphere that’s both classic and quaint, the city is directly connected to Disney World through World Drive, offering guests as well as its residents unbeatable access. Eat at Market Street Café, a classic neighborhood diner, and afterward head to Market Street Gallery to shop for world-class relics.

Magic Kingdom theme park
Disney's Magic Kingdom Park
By far, the most iconic theme park in Orlando is Disney World, and by far the most iconic park at Disney World is The Magic Kingdom. Home to Cinderella’s castle, the massive year-round celebration offers hourly shows, endless rides, and a mock Main Street filled with fun boutiques and eateries. See characters from your childhood roaming about the wondrous world, from Tinkerbell to Mickey Mouse himself, getting on amazing rides like Space Mountain while Mom makes memories with one of Uptown Jeweler’s homemade pendants.

EPCOT a Walt Disney World Resort
Epcot Theme Park
Famous for its futuristic theme, Epcot Theme Park is the largest as well as the most eccentric park at Disney World. Home to iconic rides like Spaceship Earth, the park is a symbol of peace and union, celebrating every culture in the world, from Mexico to India. See a glimpse of tomorrow by visiting the imaginative attractions at Future World, and when the sun goes down be sure to grab a seat for the award-winning fireworks show, IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth and then catch a ride back to MCO airport from Epcot.

Walt Disney Parks and Resorts
Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando
As the premiere vacation capital of planet earth, Disney World exceeds expectations every year by adding more. Whether it be through innovative holograms in their live shows or constant expansions in each of their four parks, the facility has made a name for itself by never failing to put a smile on every child’s face. With deals that make visiting easier than ever, visiting all four parks is a doable feat that can easily fill a week. See exotic creatures at the massive Animal Kingdom and feel the rhythm of nations at Epcot’s cultural epicenter when you visit, feeling the need to never turn back.

Visiting Universal Orlando Resort
Universal Studios Orlando
Take your family on an expedition through the movie-themed adventures at Universal Orlando Theme Park, enjoying exhilarating rides like Islands of Adventure as well as jaw-dropping attractions like the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. In addition to delicious food and pop culture references that appeal to every generation, the site is a guaranteed success. Catch a buzz at Margaritaville Orlando Restaurant, or treat yourself to an odd adventure at the mythical undersea-themed Mythos Restaurant.

SeaWorld Orlando theme park
SeaWorld Orlando
Opened in 1973, the large marine zoological park known to millions as SeaWorld is one of the largest aquatic theme parks in the country, tenth to be exact. Consisting of three parks, the facility expects millions of guests every year, offering 13 educational rides as well as 5 scream-worthy coasters. Check out the bottlenose dolphin exhibit at Discovery Cove, getting in touch with one of earth’s most intelligent creatures – afterward, explore Aquatica for countless slides, two lazy rivers, and several children’s areas, not to mention the life-giving pleasure of Florida’s iconic sun. Groups traveling together can be picked up and dropped off to MCO when the day is over.

Flying to MCO airport
Traveling to MCO Airport
When traveling to Orlando you will want to find the best transportation for you and your group before you arrive at MCO airport with a range of vehicle such as shuttles and limos.
Arriving at Orlando MCO Airport
Orlando area attractions
Visiting Disney theme parks
Each year millions of travelers make their way through the many Disney theme parks near Orlando and discover the many adventures they can share with family and friends.
Disney theme parks and attractions