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Shuttle transfers at LAX airport

Transportation transfers at Los Angeles International Airport

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Discover shuttle and black car rides at LAX airport
With millions of travelers passing through Los Angeles International Airport each year booking your transfer in advanced can be important if you need to get to your destination in a hurry. If it’s your first time in Los Angeles, be glad you’re seeing one of the greatest cities on earth through a lens that makes everything better. Whether that lens is a cheery point of view that turns each moment into a memory or a vehicle that transports passengers from LAX to many destinations is as much a state of mind, you’ll be happy to have eyes wide open wherever you go. From iconic downtown hotspots to the nestled restaurants burrowed in the heart of the city’s neurons, getting fired up is only the first step.

Pick up from Los Angeles airport

Los Angeles International Airport transportation service
Make your trip one to remember by turning the most boring decision of your trip into something to look forward to. A great way to do this is by taking extra time with picking out your transportation, whether it’s something low-cost that’ll open more doors or a spacious vehicle that offers the freedom of traversing through the concrete jungle at your own free will.

LAX airport rides
Shared Ride Vans
L.A. is famous for being the land of sunshine and beautiful people, but it’s also home to some of the most intense rush hour traffic in the country. Take advantage of the area’s chaos while you’re in town by having a shared ride van pick you up the second you arrive downtown near LAX Airport. With a driver that knows how to get to and from a slew of destinations as well as complimentary services that include bag handling & tips on where to eat, Prime Time Shuttle or will have you set the minute you blast off.

Get through the city in a way that makes everything go down easy by making sure your first stop is your hotel. Take advantage of a simple but elegant scenery by staying at Sheraton Gateway Los Angeles Hotel, a 4-star facility with close proximity to LAX that makes drop offs a breeze. If you’re in the mood for something extra opulent, stay at a resort that offers a view of the skyline, one of the grandest being at The Ritz Carlton, Los Angeles. The polished high-rise scenery is home to 5-star amenities, from renowned cuisine to upscale drinks that make every direction a bright turn.

Once you’re checked in and ready for adventure, utilize your ride to take advantage of the city’s best attractions. A great place to do this is getting there with our airport shuttles to Universal Studios Hollywood and then enjoy a day at the movie-themed amusement park known for bringing out the best in families. From the world of Harry Potter to kid-friendly play areas, the popular site is home to countless attractions that exhilarate as much as they teach. Go the extra mile by signing up for the V.I.P. tour for money well spent and a look inside one of the state’s happiest points of interest.

LAX airport shuttles
Private Vans
There’s nothing quite like the quiet scent of magic that rolls through the California air, whether it’s the vibrant hispanic culture that brings a certain life to the streets or the spirit of nature that rings through the many urban parks. Whatever you’re interested in, make sure you get there in absolute comfort by reserving a private van from Prime Time Shuttle, Zumu business express service or With a world of options ahead of you, you’ll be glad you picked a ride that not only allows total freedom, but full access to it.

Start the day off right by enjoying a night of local cuisine, getting lost in the thicket of the barrio while you seek a filling feast. Eat on the east side by checking out La Azteca, home to locally-loved Mexican and hand-rolled tortillas in a busy atmosphere that rivals some of the city’s hottest nightclubs. For something just as homey, check out Guisados for a locally-owned taco hotspot known its creative meat & veggie combos as well as the restaurant’s iconic Echo Park location.

Work off those calories by taking a stroll somewhere that lightens the mood, creating an air of beauty around you so you can fold it up and put it in your mind’s pocket. A great place to start this pilgrimage is Olvera Street, an iconic stretch within the historic district that celebrates the city’s 18th-century founding. While you’re in the area, visit the Farmer’s Market for daily access into old-school markets that serve gourmet eats and unique gift shops that takes shopping to another world.

LAX airport sedans
Private Sedans
Whether you’re only staying for a weekend or planning to stick it out for the long haul, make the most out of your time by getting a ride that knows the quality of every second. Reserve a private sedan to make your trip complete, booking with GroundLink, Zumu or AsterRIDE Limousine and Luxury Transportation to take the quality of your trip to another level. With intimate moments waiting for you around every corner, from cool cocktail lounges on the west side to laid-back downtown exhibits, you’ll be part of each one without even trying.

Balance the easy breeze of the day by enjoying the nocturnal vibrancy of the night. Give yourself the opportunity to experience L.A.’s coolest sides of town by visiting The Edison, a huge theatre-like lounge that serves speakeasy drinks in a quiet scenery that allows for easy conversation. If you’re more in the mood to dance your heart out, check out The Mayan, a popular nightclub with a Latin theme and home to three floors of cocktails, waitresses, and excitement.

If there’s one part of the city that rarely gets explored, it’s the expansive arts district downtown. Get a kick start by checking out a lesser-known locale like The Museum of Contemporary Art, a decadent facility home to a renowned location of post-modern works, from Pop Art to abstract expressionism. If you’re a fan of huge music, check out the Grammy Museum at L.A. Live, a Hollywood alternative that creates honorable shrines to some of the biggest legends.

LAX airport suv
Private SUVs
Families looking to make a splash in an ocean of a city should take advantage of the area by arriving in a vehicle that respects the art of space. Reserve a private SUV to do just that, book with GroundLink, Blacklane or Zumu to make each attraction you visit a showcase. From landmark buildings designed in an awe-inspiring style to 24-hour hot spots that never stop entertaining, you’ll find that heaven is not only a place on earth, but easy to get to.

Take advantage of the area’s history by utilizing your ride in a way that creates a portable oasis. Start your adventure through time at the iconic Bradbury Building, a landmark Victorian site made with love through ornate interior design and old steel elevators. See even more living history by walking across the age-old lawns of Getty Villa, a popular historian hotspot that’s home to a colorful plot of land once owned to a millionaire with an affinity for 1st-century Italian architecture.

In a city as diverse as L.A., you’ll be able to see a variety of ripe offerings, especially when it comes to entertainment. Celebrate great things in a landmark area worthy of the day, starting at one-of-a-kind stores like Amoeba Music, a huge record store emporium that doubles as a museum. Afterward, grab a late-night bite at The Original Pantry Cafe, an iconic diner that serves comfort food that brings home to you a 24-hour living room at the end of the party.

LAX airport limos
Stretched Limousines
Go about the city the deluxe way by making sure you’ve got a deluxe ride to do so. Save some time to hang out by booking a ride with one of GroundLink or ICS, Book A Limo luxury rides. With the steady hand of a chauffeur and a beautiful stretched limousine to call your roadside home, you’ll be in a paradise made of moon-tinted leather. Get down to the nitty-gritty by showing up to restaurants with obsessed local fans alongside beautiful locales that are sure to entertain lovers of fine arts.

Take care of the day by getting through a world of possibilities with a style that knows how to make a bland night flavorful. Do so by arriving to L.A.’s biggest cuisine stars, something especially easy to do in the heart of downtown. Stop for opulent sushi at Sushi Gen, an East 2nd Street masterpiece with an on-site specialist. For something more in touch with seafood, check out Water Grill for legendary recipes in an unforgettable modern space.

Don’t let yourself get lost by making sure you have a certain openness only art can create. Do so by visiting the Peterson Automotive Museum, a classic exhibit with iconic motor vehicles that are especially amazing when visited by your own trophy on wheels. For a more Broadway-feel, visit The Los Angeles Theatre, a grandiose 1930s venue known for its unique Arabesque designs and massive hits that bring big-city lights to the realm of the intimate.

LAX airport chartered buses
Chartered Buses
One of the best parts about being in the country’s second-biggest city is having the ability to enjoy every part of it. Don’t let individual desires triumph the community’s by getting through the city with a ride that offers plenty of room for everyone to break loose. Perfect for large groups traveling to the city, a bus is the best way to enjoy parks during the day and neon attractions at night. Reserve a ride with ICS, Book A Limo which also offers motorcoach prevost or GOTO LIMOS EXECUTIVE to get to get the job done, enjoying expansive locations with an attitude that’s just as welcoming.

A great thing about L.A. is that whether you’re vacationing in the outskirts or walking through the heart of downtown, you’ll always be surrounded by the warm glow of nature. Enjoy a scenic urban area by checking out Grand Park LA, a sweeping grassy knoll with awesome views of the lake as well as tons of acreage filled with picnic benches. For a natural experience worth paying, visit Los Angeles State Historic Park, a 21st-century park filled with gorgeous structures and double the size of Grand Park LA.

When you decide to experience the beauty of the city, there’s a lot to keep track of. Make sure you don’t miss a thing by following the signs for where to enjoy the coolest downtown attractions. Enjoy the wide open spaces at J. Paul Getty Museum for an inside look at contemporary art sprawled across a romantic landscape. For an open space that’s fun for all ages, spend the afternoon at La Brea Tar Pits, home to prehistoric sites, fossil excavations and an on-site museum that explains it all.

Transportation service to LAX airport
Getting around LAX Airport
If you’re low on energy, don’t worry about what’s to come next by making sure you’re prepared ahead of time. A great way to do this is by understanding the magnitude of LAX, famous for being one of the largest international airports in the world. From big business in China to immigrants filled with hope, the facility gets a lot of interesting foot traffic that makes the area’s intricate layout a masterpiece beyond words.

Airport Security
Before departing, you’ll have to the rigidity of airport security, a process that’s not only difficult to sit through but accept as part of your trip. Instead of finding a way to make you miserable, look forward to every step of the way so the whole thing goes by faster. A good way to do this is by staying ahead of the curve. Have your identification and boarding pass ready before you pass through security, afterward making sure you choose the shortest line up to remove your shoes. When you’re called forward to step through metal detection, remain honest with the TSA Agent by letting them know if you have any internal braces or metal plates. Take extra measures by giving your luggage enough breathing room to be searched in the event you’re chosen for random screening.

Many of the biggest mistakes done before taking off also happen to be some of the most avoidable. Keep track of where you need to get to by making sure you keep a checklist handy. Whether it’s a last-minute chore you need done or a few necessities you need to pick up along the way, you’ll be glad you thought ahead of time. Thank your future self even further by crossing off everything off once you’ve done that task, then giving yourself a final review once you think you’re ready.

Basic Tips
Take care of yourself by keeping common sense in tact, something that’s easier to remember than forget. If it’s your first time flying in a while, you’ll be surprised at how quickly you can fall into a routine. Be sure to avoid typical mistakes like bringing any potentially hazardous materials, which include liquids over 3.4 ounces, sharp objects, snow globes, alcohol, and obvious weapons. It’s also important to bring necessary prescriptions with you, whether it’s a physical bottle or digital copy in the event you lose your luggage. And remember - instead of finding ways to make you miserable, look forward to every step of the way so the whole thing flies by faster.

Retail Shops
Take some time by exploring the diverse shops and boutiques scattered across the facility, making sure you keep yourself entertained by taking part in one of America’s favorite past-times. With eight terminals of fascinating exhibits to explore, it’s easy to be a part of something magical. Grab the latest headline at Terminal 6’s Last Stop News Shop, home to just about everything you’d need to keep you distracted. For something special for the kids, grab a silencing toy at the playful Kidworks near Terminal 1. If you’re more interested in something upscale & cutting-edge, stop by LA EDGE for the latest trends in the world’s trendiest place.

Nothing turns a grump into an friend like staying fueled before you board. Keep your cool by trying out the airport’s best eateries, starting your flavorful journey at Terminal 7’s heavenly food court. Grab some morning coffee at La Brea Bakery or indulge in a gourmet snack at Wolfgang Puck Express while you’re there. If you’re in the mood for something familiarly delicious, stop by the Chili’s Too near Terminal 4, or go on a trip to Mexico by walking to On the Border Mexican Grill next-door. Families waiting for their departure in Terminal 8 should eat at the quietly secluded California Pizza Kitchen for one last meal before departing.

LAX is home to some of the most diverse staff of people that create a unique safe space for every person to enjoy. Whether it’s the handicap accessibility throughout each terminal, from restaurants to complimentary wheelchairs, or the countless staff ready to help at each gate, there’s something to admire about the organization. Business travelers interested in the facility’s accommodations should revel in the private rooms, infinite outlets and free Wi-Fi swimming through the air. There’s also international assistance through Traveller’s Aid, a service aimed at helping the stranded as well as non-English speaking passengers.

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Local attractions in Los Angeles
While you are in town visiting the Los Angeles area you can visit many destinations that are for families with children or if you are wanting some fun with your friends. The city has a lot to offer everyone such as museums, planetariums and zoos which will make your memories of the city a memorable one.

Visit the Hollywood Sign
Hollywood Sign
Go on a voyage through the land of stars by making sure you see the city’s most iconic landmark first. Famous for overlooking some of the meanest talent in the universe, you’ll be able to get a sweeping view of the sign from the heart of the city while simultaneously enjoying the city skyline from the heart of the O. Enjoy the heated hike on your way up to the white letters, making sure you bring plenty of water and adequate shoes for the trip. Show up early, around 7 am, to get the best parking as well as the gift of windy silence while you make your way up the rocky hill.

Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles
Griffith Park
There are tons of places to get lost in downtown, not only in the urban jungle but the real one as well. If what you’re looking for is an oasis away from home, visit the expansive lands of Griffith Park, a huge recreation area seen as Los Angeles’ Central Park. Looking out at the Santa Monica Mountains, the area offers thousands of acres to hike, walk, and experience the beauty of one of America’s biggest urban parks. With an untamed wilderness teeming with as much wildlife as exotic flora, it’s easy to get a feel for a city that understands the joys of growth and evolution. Be sure to visit the historic Griffith Observatory while you’re there for a memorable look at the cosmos.

TCL Chinese Theatre
Grauman's Chinese Theatre
A great way to enjoy the city that makes films is to sit down and enjoy one in elegant fashion. Take part in L.A.’s biggest past-time by checking it out in the best area, visiting the epic Grauman’s Chinese Theatre for a night of enchantment. Whether you’re sitting down for a block-buster hit or have an exclusive invite to a red carpet premiere, seeing the historic site is sure to make every moment as vibrant as a movie. Known for its classic design, the area brings busloads of tourists per day, doubling as a great starting off point for a stroll down the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Amusement Park on the Santa Monica Pier
Santa Monica Pier
Make your night a memorable film strip by spending it in an area that brings the beauty of every part of the world to one amazing place. A great locale that accomplishes this is Santa Monica Pier, a historic amusement park that’s been entertaining the area since 1909. Home to fresh foods and beautiful views of the Pacific, you’ll be glad you chose a place that brings out the best on the beach. There are also some fun activities for those that love the water, especially if you’re into the rare breeds at the aquarium alongside scenic fishing spots.

Little Tokyo Historic District
Little Tokyo
With a booming population, Los Angeles is home to a slew of small factions of the world. This becomes especially noticeable when you walk through Little Tokyo, home to the continent’s largest Japanese-American population and by far the best place to grab a sushi roll. Founded in the 1940s, the city within a city is also home to a slew of one-of-a-kind attractions like The Japanese-American National Museum, a historic point of view from abroad to the forefront, as well as a slew of festivals including the boisterous parades held every August for Nisei Week.

Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles
Sunset Boulevard
Filled with areas sprinkled in films & television for decades, there are tons of places in Los Angeles that are on the edge of Deja Vu. Get this feeling at its strongest by taking a drive down Sunset Boulevard. With unmissable palm trees guiding you through a world of wonder, you’ll be glad you got to see a historic side of town transformed into a modern-day paradise. Home to 22 miles of creme-of-the-crop attractions, whether it be through mainstay stores or iconic boutiques, you’ll be in consumer heaven the second you loop around the 101, whether you want a drink at The Viper Room or an elegant night at Chateau Marmont Hotel.

Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County
Natural History of Museum of Los Angeles
Get a feel of the old and the new by experiencing it all second-hand, something especially exciting with the help of a guide. Explore billions of years that validate the beauty of humanity at the National History Museum of Los Angeles County, a massive exhibit home to over 6 acres and multiple floors of limitless ways to see the world. See a world that soars beyond the imagination by seeing the powerful fossils of dinosaurs alongside vibrant dioramas of animals in their natural landscape. Afterward take a break from the interior by venturing across the surrounding gardens and trails.

Visit LA Zoo
Los Angeles Zoo
Give yourself a break from the wildness of modern life by getting lost in the wildness of earth’s creations. An easy way to do this is by visiting the Los Angeles Zoo, home to over a hundred acres of exotic animals from across the world. Whether you’re a looking to enjoy the iconic Campo Gorilla Reserve Garden for an inside look at monkey culture or finding the fresh scent of the vibrant on-site botanical garden, the facility’s got enough space and diversity to please everyone. There are also daily shows and youth programs led by the staff that range from exhilarating action to enlightening facts.

Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority
LA Metro Public Transportation
With almost 10 million people the LA Metro is an important service to help residents and visitors get around the Los Angeles area quickly and is cost effective for any budget.
LA Metro transportation
Traveling to LAX airport
Los Angeles International Airport
As one of the busiest airport in the United States the Los Angeles Airport International Airport has transfers available for passengers who arrive and departure throughout the day.
Los Angeles International Airport