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SEA airport ground transportation


Getting around downtown Seattle's nightlife and attractions

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Planning your visit and rides from SeaTac airport
Home to Rock legends like Kurt Cobain, Pearl Jam, and Fleet Foxes, Seattle is known for being a hotbed of musical activity as well as the birthplace of Grunge Music. The area is a beautiful northeastern part of the country that has a different sort of oxygen in the air, one that thrives on rain and deciduous forests, yet also spans beyond that, giving it international appeal, from the local seafood to the outstanding historical landmarks. Whether you’re visiting on business or are simply looking to get out of your daily routine, Seattle is a fantastic place to break loose and experience the finer things in life, whatever that may be for you.


One of the most important things you should always figure out before you go having fun in a strange city, however, is the transportation system. If there’s on city that’s proud to boast their public transportation, it’s this city. The Link Light Rail makes university-to-downtown commutes quick, easy, and affordable, as does the King County Metro Station, which includes a complex routing system with multiple shuttles and time tables, all of which are available on buses as well as under the Westlake Center at 4th Avenue and Pine Street. Another thing you may want to consider riding in is one of Seattle’s many Streetcars, which are simple ten-stop cable cars available at South Lake Union and First Hill.


Shuttle rides to SEA airport

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport transfers and car service
Seattle-Tacoma Airport expects a lot of visitors – roughly about 42 million every year. If you’ve ever stopped here for a layover or brief visit, you’ll know it’s no surprise that the facility is by far the largest and most industrious in the Pacific Northwest Region of the United States. Although the airport is twelve miles south of downtown Seattle, the surrounding area is virtually unoccupied, making the drive easy and pretty fast. That doesn’t mean, however, that you shouldn’t have your transportation all squared away.


SEA airport rides
Shared Ride Vans
There are no public vehicles offered that pick up from the airport, making private transportation a must, especially if you’re visiting without a car or any friends that can pick you up. To save a few bucks, ride with others in a shared ride van, getting a quick and easy lift from the airport to your hotel. Be sure to have the driver help your with your luggage if you’re in need of assistance – each shuttle from Speedi Shuttle Seattle comes fully equipped with a segmented area for people’s bags as well as plenty of comfortable seating.


SEA airport shuttles
Private Vans
If you’re in the mood to take the family somewhere adventurous, but at the same time astounding, head out to Woodland Park, a great place to spend the day playing sports with the kids or walking the dog off-leash. For groups of 4 to 7, the best choice of getting around is a private van from Shuttle Express Shuttle and GroundLink. As opposed to shared ride vans, each private van holds plenty of room, allowing everyone to stretch their feet without worry that some stranger might be sitting instead of them.


SEA airport sedans
Private Sedans
Private sedans are perfect for romantic getaways, especially if you’re a couple traveling to the famous windy city for your honeymoon. Be sure to reserve a ride with Shuttle Express Seattle, Blacklane and Seaview Airport Service so you can visit intimate locations like the Olympic Sculpture Park, a beautiful 9-acre space filled with 3-dimensional pieces of art from renowned names across the globe. Spend the day walking through the astounding monuments and be sure to bring a picnic so you can enjoy the sunset after.


SEA airport suv
Private SUVs
Starter families that are looking to have fun downtown should visit the iconic Pike Place Market, which is home to some of the city’s freshest seafood. Arrive in one of Speedi Shuttle Seattle or Zumu private car service for 3-5 seated private SUVs by contacting us today, and be sure to ask if there are any existing deals. If it’s raining like it usually does, but you still want to have some fun, carefully go to the landmark Space Needle, a modern spire with jaw-dropping views of the city’s famous skyline.


SEA airport limos
Stretched Limousines
Deep in the busy heart of downtown lies an equally busy waterway that bends and rushes around the beautiful park of Ballard Locks. Go for a boat ride through the river by having your chauffeur drop you off at sunset, giving you the best possible view imaginable. Contact E Z Limousine Service and ICS, Book A Limo for a variety of different options, each one as gorgeous as the last. After you’re done with your adventures, be sure to have drinks at some of Seattle’s high-end bars like The Zig Zag Café and Radiator Whiskey.


SEA airport chartered buses
Chartered Buses
For groups looking for a bit of adventure, take the trip together by hopping aboard one of the most effective group-vehicles out there, a chartered bus. Reserve one with ICS, Book A Limo and go for a spin along the Seattle Great Wheel, an iconic Ferris Wheel that’s known as the tallest on the West Coast.



Terminals at SEA airport
Shuttle and meet and greet service at SEA airport
With six separate gates and a main central terminal, the Seattle-Tacoma Airport is an incredible vestige to just how complex and efficient manmade design can be. It’s also a great place to relax before or after your flight, depending on what you’re in the mood for. The amount of restaurants, gift shops, and services also showcase a ton of conveniences as well as fun activities that are sure to keep you happily distracted for several hours.

If you’re interested in grabbing a bite to eat, get a slice of pizza at Sbarro by Gate B or get a tasty drink at one of the four Starbucks Cafes sprawled across the facility. Another great thing about Seattle-Tacoma Airport, and airports in general, is the widespread availability of different stores, from high-tech electronics at the state-of-the-art Bose store or the local newspaper at a Hudson News stand.

Ever since the tragic events from September 11th occurred in New York City, airlines around the world upped security, especially American ones. The heightened security has made flying a lot less worrying and a lot more relaxing, but the downside to all the additional screening is the fact that you’ll most likely have to wait in a long line. But don’t worry; with these quick tips, you’ll have easy access.


→ Undress; Digress: Before stepping into the line, make sure that you remove anything that might set off the metal detector. That means shoes, belts, cellular devices, and anything else you could think of have to come off – the quicker, the better. For travelers who have some sort of metal insert in their body, be sure to tell an agent before or after you walk through the detector.


→ Don’t Pack No-No's: Like your person, your luggage has to be safe and clear to go, so be sure to avoid packing contraband. This means drugs without prescription, anything that can be conceived as a weapon, and liquids over 4 ounces. After security, however, you can purchase as much liquid as you want.


→ Comply, Comply, Comply: Random screening can sometimes be an arduous process, especially because it’s so unexpected. The best way to help yourself on time in situations like this is not to prevent suspicion, but to comply with everything the officers ask of you. You can speed the process along beforehand if you pack your bags in a neat and orderly manner so that the search can fly by.



With plenty of restaurants to grab a bite at and an array of shops made perfect for I-miss-you gifts or belated birthdays, Seattle’s premiere airport is a surprisingly delightful place. That may sound like a lot for something as simple and mundane as an airport, but ask anyone who’s traveled through the facility and they’ll tell you it’s the real deal.


→ Shops: Whether you’re interested in getting a neck pillow from convenient stores like PLANE WEAR or want to see the exclusive bags at the COACH Shop by the Central Terminal. There are also countless Hudson News stands across the airport, each one holding a variety of different papers from all over the country.


→ Restaurants: With culinary menus from around the globe, Central Terminal is home to some delicious eateries. You can grab some fresh Northwestern seafood at Ivar’s Seafood Bar or have some authentic sushi from Maki of Japan. There are also more familiar places like Qdoba Mexican Grill, Wendy’s, and McDonald’s.


→ Services: For anybody looking for cash, ATMs are in practically every corner of every gate, but there are a few niche services offered in isolated areas. Shoeshine and a customer service are located by the C Gate, as is a relaxing massage bar. Central Terminal is home to a Children’s Play Area as well as a Pet Relief Area, two great amenities that are thankfully separate from one another.



Time Management
There are countless things that can go wrong at the airport, from small mistakes like not taking your shoes off on time to huge impositions like a 3-hour layover. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to prevent the woes of Chaos Theory, allowing yourself to have an easy transition by actively managing your time.


→ Check-In Early: Due to the fact that smartphones went from being a luxury to a household item, almost every major airline has created an app that makes check-in as easy as it’s ever been. Many of these apps allow customers to check in so early that reserved spots at front of the line get taken in mere seconds - so be sure to have your app open and ready to go at the time of check-in.


→ Leave Early: It’s customary to leave at least two hours before your flight is scheduled to leave, but staying within an hour to an hour and a half should be fine as well. With so many screenings, check-ins, and drop-offs to do, it takes a while to finally get to you departure gate. To save time, have a friend or local taxi drop you off, allowing you to head straight to the boarding process.


→ Prepare: Try not to do everything at once by waiting until the last minute to pack your bags – save time by preparing the night before as well as making sure that your transportation is reliable and on time. You can do this by making sure all your priorities are in order with an old-fashioned checklist. Prepare the list early on so you can make any random additions you think of as the trip draws nearer.


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Things to do in Seattle and surrounding area
If you’ve never been to Seattle, you’re in for a treat that’s almost too sweet to handle. Known to many as an impossibly kind town, the beautiful seaside city is a full-sized metropolis that still holds onto rural charm. With so many attractions and so little time, you’ll want to see as much as you can, but the beauty of Seattle is that it’s always changing, always leaving their guests with a savory taste in their mouth that leaves them wanting more.


Seattle's Great Wheel
Seattle's Great Wheel at Pier 57
Ride along the biggest Ferris Wheel on the West coast by heading over to the Pier 57 for an afternoon of seaside fun, tasty food, and of course the main attraction. Standing at a grandiose height of 175 feet and presenting the colors of the US Coast Guard, the magnificent structure can fit 200 people in each cab. There’s even a VIP gondola with luxurious red leather seats and a glass floor that costs $50 per person.


Seattle Waterfront
Washington State Ferries
If you’ve got children that are easily struck by awe, take them on a beautiful ride across the water. Washington State Ferries are run by the local state government and have become one of Seattle’s most reliable and iconic sources of travel. Chugging from Seattle to Bremerton, the train lasts about twenty minutes and is an attraction in itself, giving passengers the chance to see not only beautiful natural wonders through the land of Washington, but by the water as well.


Miner's Landing
Miner's Landing at Pier 57
Miner’s Landing is a historic waterfront at Pier 57 and one that’s been bringing the community together for decades. Known for hosting weekend concerts, most of them free and for the passerby to enjoy, Miner’s Landing is a great place to have some quick and easy fun.


Woodland Park Zoo
Woodland Park Zoo and Exhibits
Get a dose of exotic wildlife by taking a stroll through the many exhibits, whether it is the wild cats at Jaguar Cover or the famous hiking opportunities along Trail of Vines. In addition, there are eastern exhibits filled with endangered species from faraway lands, one of the most beautiful being the Tropical Asia Zone. The park is also home to one of the country's biggest zoological garden, spanning over dozens of acres on the already massive grounds.


Visiting the Space Needle
Space Needle
The Seattle Space Needle is a stunning observation tower that looks out on the heart of downtown. Known to many as the most iconic element in Seattle’s skyline, the structure is visited by over 2 million people a year. Although the observation deck is great for looking out on, the area is also perfect for eating dinner. With a revolving deck, one can have cocktails 520 feet in the air, all while getting a 360-degree motion view.


Dining at Pike Place Market
Pike Place Market
If going public markets are your fun, Pike Place Market is the mecca of all things thrift stores, bartering, or antique. Overlooking the Elliott Bay, the area is designed to not only host a slew of historic shops since 1903, but entertain the townsfolk as well as visitors with public farmer’s markets and unique vendors. Nearby hotels include the Inn at Market Seattle and Thompson Seattle, each one beautifully structured and tailored to shower their guests with 5-star attention.


Visit Experience Music Project Museum
Experience Music Project Museum
Because Seattle has become a haven for musicians around the world to not only find steady work, but also learn the ropes from a community that’s grown up with the industry, it’s only natural that a nonprofit museum would spring up. Educating the youth and tourists by the thousands through exhibits and interactive activities, the Experience Music Project Museum broke ground in 2000 by Microsoft. The building also has a side museum for science fiction, giving way to even broader explorations.


Visiting the Pacific Science Center
Pacific Science Center
Known as the biggest science museum, the Pacific Science Center is a beautiful facility designed in 1962 for the World’s Fair in Seattle. The building is located on 2nd Avenue; giving guests easy access into downtown as well a chance to see the museum in a variety of different circumstances. Newly renovated since the original construct, the building now has a built in IMAX theater as well as ever-changing exhibits, from a display on the history of Pompeii, Italy to eye-opening scientific presentations on Race and the reasoning for everyone looks so different.


Baseball at Safeco Field
Safeco Field
Safeco Field is a huge Major League Baseball stadium in the heart of downtown. As host to the Seattle Mariners, the field has a state of the art retractable roof, tasty vendors, and a team that spurs as much excitement as it does wins. If you happen to be in town during a game, stop by for a hotdog. If not, the field is always being used for something else off-season, whether it is Wrestle Mania or a live music concert.



Downtown Seattle area
Touring around downtown Seattle
Seattle is a unique city that offers travelers an oceanic view with periods of rainfall throughout the year. With plenty of attractions from the oceanfront to the mountains visitors can always find something to do.
Seattle downtown attractions
Shuttles at SEATAC airport
Landing at SEATAC Airport
Upon arriving at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport you can get on board your shuttle ride and be transported to nearby locations such as hotels, local neighborhoods and entertainment venues.
SEA airport shuttle rides