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        The benefit of driving around in a private van is the simple fact that you don’t have to rely on where the personal driver is following a designated schedule, not to mention avoiding strangers who might be sitting next to you in a shared ride van with you. Enjoy this simply luxury by contacting Shuttle Express Seattle and GroundLink for a hand-selected private sedan that meets only the highest standards.


        One of the most iconic areas to visit is Safeco Field, a baseball field that’s home base of the Seattle Mariners and a second Town Square for the city. Private vans are great for rides to huge events like this, whether it’s for sports or a camping trip along Lake Union, a completely freshwater body of water.


        Another perfect utilization of a vehicle that has as much stature as a private van is taking it for a drive through downtown. If you can make it from the landmark Paramount Theatre to the strikingly modern Seattle Central Library, you’ll not only be getting around town fast, but with a whole lot of people as well.

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