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Getting Around 'The Big Apple'
New York City is the financial capital of the world, a city of artists, and one of the most traveled to destinations for tourists worldwide. This, among other things, makes it an awe-inspiring island of steel towers waiting to be explored. New Yorkers most likely won't hesitate to tell you one thing, how busy this bustling city is. Even from the perspective of a local the city’s sidewalks are jam-packed and the roads are a yellow sea of taxis that constantly urge both pedestrians as well as road traffic in a certain direction, making getting around town a potentially daunting experience if you try to go it alone.

Anyone who’s spent more than a day in the big city will tell you that almost instantly you will see a large range of transportation options, from public to private. Whether you’re getting an MTA card, which allows you to utilize the underground subway system, or trying to hail a shiny yellow cab in Time Square, you’ll be overwhelmed with the amount of options. But fear not – because there are so many options, you’re way more likely to find the exact form of transportation you need, especially if it’s with a private provider.

JFK airport shuttle rides

John F. Kennedy International Airport transfers to downtown NYC
As soon as you step foot into JFK International, you’ll notice that it’s a diverse facility. People from all over the world visit JFK every hour, and although that’s a beautiful thing, it makes for a crowded airport as well. Like most things in New York, this can be a quick and easy fix by making sure your transportation is ready ahead of time. You can do this by contacting a variety of local private transportation companies - whether it’s a shuttle or a fancy limousine you’ll need; we’ve got you covered.

JFK airport rides
Shared Ride Vans
One of the best places to visit once you arrive as a family is the iconic Statue of Liberty that sits at the heart of New York Harbor. If you’re interested, walk up the spiral staircase and see the modern marvel from the inside by taking one of GO Airlink NYC's or's many shared ride vans to the bay. Because the magnificent statue is isolated on a small island you’ll have to get a water taxi to take you out, something that’s not only easy but also really affordable.

JFK airport shuttles
Private Vans
Privacy is an unspoken luxury in many cases. For instance, your hotel room or your own private booth at dinner can be an important part of your experience in the city. If you’re in the mood to travel in privacy, booking a private van with, Manhattan VIP Limo or GO Airlink NYC can be a breath of fresh air in comparison to riding with a bunch of strangers. Book online today, and be sure to make the most of your experience.

JFK airport sedans
Private Sedans
Take a relaxing ride through downtown in one of Zumu, Talixo or Blacklane's roomy and slick private sedans. These vehicles are perfect for compact parking as well as weaving in and out of traffic. If you’re in the mood to travel to a less-busy part of town, head over to Bryant Park, a 4-acre urban oasis that’s still downtown, but not quite as busy as Times Square.

JFK airport suv
Private SUVs
Rockefeller Center is one of the most gorgeous places to visit, especially if you’re traveling to the big apple during the holidays. See the lighting of the big Christmas tree a few blocks down or walk over to go ice skating. Make your experience even better by getting there in a private SUV with providers such as Limo Star NY. There are tons of parking garages scattered around Rockefeller Center, making it more than easy to find parking, and even easier to have a great time.

JFK airport limos
Stretched Limousines
There’s almost too much luxury on the busy Island of Manhattan, making the reservation of a stretched limousine appropriate and a great way to splurge and have fun on your trip. Travelers can book one with GroundLink or Manhattan VIP Limo and head out to Gramercy Tavern, a New American fine dining restaurant with a busy bar and beautiful ambiance. Afterward, be sure to have cocktails at the beautiful Waldorf Astoria, a historic 5-star hotel with a spa and countless luxurious amenities.

JFK airport chartered buses
Chartered Buses
There are plenty of places in this city to visit as a large group, from the sprawling acres of the downtown mega recreation area, Central Park, to the 103-story landmark that was once the tallest structure in the world, the Empire State Building. You can get to these locations and more by reserving a chartered bus from ICS, Book A Limo which is a local transportation service that’s happy to pick up and drop off anywhere, anytime.

JFK Air Traffic Control

Terminal pick up at JFK airport and curbside pick up
JFK Airport is a well-organized facility with six different terminals, each one a host of a variety of different airlines, services, and amenities. It’s important to know what’s at each terminal, so before traveling, you may want to glance at the map so you know exactly where everything is. If you’ve never been to New York and you’re nervous about getting lost at JFK when you arrive, you may want to refresh yourself on airport travel tips. That means getting ready for security, tremendously long lines, and keeping up with the airport’s many amenities – but don’t worry; we’ve got you covered below with our quick guide to getting around JFK.

Due to the war on terror pushed by President George W. Bush, JFK Airport has become a hotbed of innovative security tactics, which can also mean long lines and lots of waiting. If you have been to an airport before, you know there are a few things you can do to do your part in not just turning your situation into something tolerable, but making the line move quickly as well.

→ Undress; Digress: As soon as you step foot into the security line, do yourself and your neighbors a favor and make sure that you take off any articles of clothing that might have metal. Something you should always take off, whether they have metal or not, is your shoes. Be sure to do everything the security agent tells you to do, and make sure you keep track of your ticket during this whole process; most individuals that lose their boarding pass say it happens during security screening.

→ Don’t Pack No-Nos: Many everyday items that were once okay to bring onto airplanes are now banned, and for good reason. As a passenger, you should be aware not to bring on any fluids including soda, shampoo and conditioner, or even that expensive perfume that was a gift from your mother. After security, however, you’re free to bring liquid products on board so long as they were bought in terminal.

→ Comply, Comply, Comply: A huge part of security screening is the process of random selection, which is something you might fall privy to. During random selection, you’ll have thorough searches through your bags and/or a few questions. And remember; the more you comply, the faster you’ll get out of there. Answer all questions truthfully and pack your bags in a clean manner so that everything can be easily seen and easily identified.

JFK Airport is one of the most historic airports in the nation – known to many as a modern day Ellis Island, the facility has become a beacon for immigrants everywhere. So much so, in fact, that a U.S. Immigration office was opened there to ease services. In addition to being a hub of diversity, the airport is also home to a variety of delicious restaurants, interesting shops, and accommodating services that makes waiting for your ride fly by.

→ Restaurants: There are tons of restaurants located in JFK that are located in both pre-security and post-security. If you’re in the mood for variety, visit the food court where you can get coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts or Chinese at Wok & Roll. For those that are waiting for their flight, there are just as many choices. Get a tasty sandwich at Panini Express near Gate 8 or grab a pre-flight cocktail at Martini Bar, which is straight across from Gate 9.

→ Shops & Gifts: With 5 ATMs fully stocked with cash, JFK Airport is not only an international hub of diversity, but also its own little shopping mall that’s ready to sell as much merchandise as possible. Be sure to visit the exclusive Clinique Estee Lauder shop near Gate 5 for high-class perfumes that will make you feel right at home in first class. If you’re on your way home and feel like surprising someone you love, get a beautiful bouquet at the Fresh Flowers kiosk near the West and East Arrivals Level.

→ Services: Luckily for guests that run into any troubles, John F. Kennedy airport offers first-class services whether it is Baggage Claim, which is located near Arrivals, or Pet Relief, in an area just outside of the Arrivals area as well. If you’re in need of a charging station for your phone, head over to Gates 5, 7, and 8 for free outlets. JFK also offers the simpler things; If you want to relax somewhere interesting, but still want to be near your flight, visit the Air France Lounge near Gate 1 for comfortable chairs.

Time Management
Although what you do at the airport is important for getting through quickly, what you do before you arrive is just as crucial. You can improve your future travel by planning ahead, allowing yourself to have a traveling experience that’s less constricting, and a lot more breathable.

→ Check-In Early: In the 21st century, talking to a human is retro, but not nearly as retro as not knowing the perks of how to talk to a device. Almost every major airline now makes it so that you can check in early from the comfort of your own couch. By downloading the mobile app now offered by many airlines like Southwest or JetBlue, you’ll be able to not only check-in without hassle, but do it so early and so fast that you’ll be able to be one of the first to board.

→ Leave Early: Is the stove off? Is the door locked? Did you make sure you left the key under the mat for your uncle so he can feed your pet parakeet? It’s important to answer all these questions before you leave, but it’s also important to finally let go of your home so that you can leave for the airport early. The best time to leave is 2 hours before your flight is scheduled to take off, giving you ample time to get through security, baggage, and maybe even grab a bite to eat.

→ Prepare: In airports, anything can happen, which means that you should be prepared for every possible scenario. It’s always important to know where your emergency exits are of course, but it’s vital to try and prevent slow-downs from things like tremendously long lines or random screening. Make sure your bags are cleanly packed so they’re easily decipherable in both the x-ray and through physical search – make sure you also bring easy to take off shoes so you can slip through security in no time.

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Nightlife and attractions in New York City
There’s nothing in the world quite like the vibrant pulse of New York City that makes the city not only a great place to live, but a great place to visit as well. With tons of tourist attractions that are easily recognizable due to the hundreds of films that have showcased the beauty of these landmarks, there’s almost too much to see. While you’re out, be sure to check out these places.

Statue of Liberty
Statue Of Liberty National Monument
The neoclassical sculpture given to the United States as a gift from France is a colossal testament to not only New York values, but American ones as well. Visit this magnificent modern marvel by taking a water taxi to the small island and climbing your way up the stairs to the top. Although the area is small, the view that looks out onto the iconic New York harbor is one you’ll never forget.

Times Square
Times Square, New York City
Often viewed as the heart of New York, Times Square is one of the busiest and commercial-friendly zones in the city. With tons of stores to shop at and countless lines of traffic honking at one another, the area is a bit chaotic for someone who isn’t used to it, but just as exciting at the same time. Visit today and be sure to watch where you’re going – locals don’t mess around.

Union Square
Union Square in Manhattan
Manhattan is home to this historic district that’s home to a slew of interesting shops, local theaters, and pivotal parts of New York culture that simply can’t be forgotten. Built in the early 19th century, the circular intersection was created to allow traffic to flow through the East Village and Gramercy Park, allowing adjacent neighborhoods like those in the Flatiron District to have quick and easy access to the city.

Central Park in NYC
Central Park in New York
With over 40 million visitors a year, Central Park has become an artistic hub made perfect for afternoon sketching as well as a great place to find tasty treats to eat. The area of the entire park exceeds a square mile and is located in the heart of downtown Manhattan, allowing a huge stretch of inner-city quick and easy access from the subway to the tranquil hiking trails.

Ride in Grand Central Terminal
Grand Central Terminal
As a commuter, the rapid transit system that is Grand Central Terminal has become an area of awe worth visiting, whether you’re planning to hop on a train or not. The beautiful architecture is enough to make anyone’s head turn, but the interior cafes and delicious restaurants will really make you stay a while.

New York ice skating rinks
Ice Skating Rinks in NYC
New York is home to a lot of ice skating rinks, perhaps the most famous being the seasonal one opened at Rockefeller Center. If you want to get on the ice while it’s hot out, you can also head over to Wollman Rink in Central Park, an indoor area located on 5th avenue. Other great places to ice skate include The Rink at Winter Village in Bryant Park as well as the popular year round facility located at Sky Rink at Chelsea Piers.

High Line in New York
High Line in New York City
The High Line is a relaxing 1.45-mile-long park built on an elevated section in Manhattan. Designed around a section of disused New York Central Railroad, the area has transformed itself from an overlooked spot to a great place to meet up with friends. The High Line has become a hotspot for teens, tourists, and just about anyone else interested in modern, innovative design.

Niagara Falls
Niagara Falls State Park
Niagara Falls isn’t exactly just one waterfall, but a collection of three that straddle the international border between the United States and its northern neighbor, Canada. With boat tours that take you to the base of the crashing fall, you’ll be able to live the romance of Mother Nature by having the opportunity to have your photo taken with the majestic landmark.

NYC Style Pizza
New York Style Pizza
If there’s one thing that New Yorkers don’t mess around with, it’s other people; but a close second is pizza. Whether it’s the classic brick oven pies from the century-old Best Pizza or the crumbly goodness of 8th Avenue NY Pizza Suprema, know that NYC is the pizza capital of the world. You can walk for miles and see a pizza restaurant on every corner, tasting the different recipes and baking techniques until your stomach can’t take it any more.

JFK airport transportation
Times Square transportation
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Terminal at JFK Airport
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