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        Palmetto Bay Airport Shuttle Service
        There were thousands of animal bones in the sinkhole, including over 20 extinct species. The bones from over 42 dire wolves were found there, leaving experts to conclude that it was once used as a den by these animals. The human artifacts are believed to have come from a later time, as many of the animal remains show signs of being modified by humans. Palmetto Bay is a relatively quiet area of Miami, but if you know what to look for there is still plenty to see and do. For such a small village, it packs a large punch.

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        Palmetto Bay
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        Palmetto Bay is an incorporated village made up of Culter and East Perrine neighborhoods. In 1992 when Hurricane Andrew hit South Florida, Palmetto Bay took the brunt of the damage. The rebuilding process was slow, but the area is once again a vibrant, thriving community.
        About Palmetto Bay
        The village has a lot to offer visitors, most notably its extensive parks and recreation network. There are 4 major parks within the incorporated boundaries covering everything from water sports to relaxation. Coral Reef Park is the largest of these five, covering over 50 acres. It is a quiet place with its smooth canal and wildlife preserve. Come visit this relaxing place when you get a shuttle drop off form MIA airport, then head over to your hotel and repeat tomorrow to understand what a true vacation really means.

        Palmetto Bay Park is designed for athletic visitors who want to make use of the sports facilities. The jogging trail is dotted with picnic shelters that can be reserved for parties and other events. Thalatta Park places great importance on stewardship and sustainable management of the flora and fauna. At the center of the park is Thalatta Estate, which is a popular wedding venue.

        Perrine Wayside Park is Palmetto Bay’s only dog-friendly park where your canine traveling companion can enjoy some off-leash time. There’s even a lake where many of the four-footed visitors enjoy cooling off on summer days.

        The largest attraction in Palmetto Bay is Deering Estate. This is named after Charles Deering, who was a prominent business man. The estate consists of a cottage and mansion, both of which are interesting to tour, but not the main attraction. Environmentalists will be excited by the grounds, which contain the largest tropical coastal hardwood hammock in the United States. 

        The Cutler Burial Mound is located on the Deering Estate and is the one of only a few surviving prehistoric burial mounds in Miami-Dada County. The area has been repeatedly disturbed by locals and amateurs, but it is believed to contain 12 to 18 Native American skeletons. 

        A nearby sinkhole discovered in 1979 is also part of the estate. Bones of Pleistocene animals and early human artifacts were found in this site. The site was not properly investigated by archaeologists until 1985. An unauthorized collector dug in the site in the intervening years, but it is believed that most if not all of the fossils he removed have been recovered.