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Ohio Convention Centers shuttles

Ohio Convention Center airport transfers

A sweeping canvas of a state that offers the best of the Great Lakes to the north as well as Midwest charm to the south, it’s easy to fall in love with Ohio. Whether you’re planning to make a splash at a business seminar or look forward to the beauty of being around like-minded folks, you’ll be sure to have a good time, especially if you get through all the speed bumps with a little help.

Do so by making sure you’ve got a ride to the expansive Ohio Expo Center & State Fair, a gem of Columbus placed at the heart of 17th Avenue, making shuttle drop-offs a must-have for big events. For those traveling to the Greater Columbus Convention Center across town, look forward to just as much prestige with a sleek limousine to match the modern amenities. Another behemoth of expo space is Sharonville Convention Center, home to grandiose atrium lighting that makes for perfect first impressions, about as much as the smaller Duke Energy Convention Center on Elm Street.

Get a solid view of Lake Erie as soon as you get into town by making sure you’ve got a shuttle ride to compliment your trip to the Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland, a locale well-worth the time it takes to stop and enjoy the view. The largest event hall in the city is the Dayton Convention Center, a large industrial-style space that offers quick access to 5th Street and even easier access to the on-site parking garage. Treat yourself to a private sedan, getting to the heart of downtown with all your worries gone fast as the past.