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        Little Havana, Miami Airport Shuttle

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        Little Havana Airport Shuttle Service
        Cuban food isn't the only thing worth eating in Little Havana. Hy Vong sits right across the street from Versailles and is easily overlooked, but all the locals know it as the most authentic Vietnamese food in South Florida. If you know where to look, Spanish, Mexican and Japanese restaurants can also be found tucked away in little known corners.

        Known for being a haven of authentic Cuban cuisine, Little Havana is a great way to escape into another world without ever leaving the states. Popular with business travelers due to its close access to Miami International as well as vacation-goers looking to delve into the local culture of cigar-filled streets, Little Havana has something for everyone. See countless art & culture festivals and busy cafés by booking a reliable ride, choosing between a local personal driver for hidden tips on where to eat, drink, and sleep, or a shuttle for handy one-time trips to the airport.

        Make sure you’ve got a good view in addition to stylish digs by looking forward to the area’s hotel scene, choosing from various roadside motels on 8th Street that include Motel 77, Rainbow Motel, and Casa Trinidad, while West Flagler Street offers equally accommodating simplicity through Julia Motel and Ramona Motel. More upscale options are located at the scenic North Fork Miami River, which includes Miami Vice Luxury Suites, home to apartment-style rooms with balconies views of the river, while just west of the area is Miami Airport Marriott, made popular by business travelers due to its airport shuttle and on-site restaurant-bar combo.

        Fall in love with Little Havana by waking up to fresh-baked good at Versailles Cuban Bakery, afterward taking a stroll through Maximo Gomez Park for iconic domino players ready for a challenge, then seeing the beauty of 8th Street through The Calle Ocho Walk of Fame, which showcases various Latin icons on the sidewalk as well as trendy bars, restaurants, and cafés. End the evening on this street, heading to The Cubaocho Museum & Performing Arts Center for rotating exhibits and a trendy rum bar, or Ball & Chain to experience a music scene that’s been rocking since the 1930s.

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        Little Havana
        Little Havana shuttle to the airport
        Little Havana, as you may have guessed from the name, is a neighborhood within Miami with a very large Cuban population. In fact, strolling along Calle Ocho almost feels like hopping on a boat and sailing to Cuba.

        About Little Havana
        There are colorful murals, monuments to Cuban heroes, and Cuban music pumping out of speakers everywhere. Fruit stands and art galleries are plentiful throughout the neighborhood and the Cuban restaurants serve some of the most authentic and delicious food that you will get within the US. Genuine Cuban coffee as well as cigars permeate the air. Embrace the latin foods and culture by coming here when you first get shuttle rides from MIA airport, its a short distance and worth the time to come experience amazing food that will keep you coming back to this area.

        Visit the Walkway of the Stars, which is almost as good as a trip out to California. This section of the neighborhood honors Latin American celebrities, not just Cubans. Many popular names can be seen here, including Gloria Estefan and Celia Cruz.

        Everywhere you go you will pass elderly men playing dominoes in a time honored Cuban tradition. To see the most dedicated players, take a walk over to Domino Park. The locals who participate in these games take them very seriously and they can be seen playing every afternoon. The official name of the park is Maximo Gomex Domino Park, named after the famous soldier from the fight for Cuban’s independence against Spain.

        Viernes Culturales, or Cultural Fridays as it would be known in English, is a monthly event that takes place on the last Friday of every month. This celebration of Cuban culture combines the new and the old and brings locals, tourists, art enthusiasts, and anyone else looking for a good time together. Restaurants offer special menu items on these nights. You can watch the street performers or get in on the action yourself with some tango classes.

        Tower Theater is another popular attraction of Little Havana, conveniently located right next to Domino Park. It opened in 1926 as a movie theater. Though the 50’s and 60’s it was used for live entertainment and became very popular with the Cuban immigrants who were looking for something familiar in their new home. In 2002 the Art Deco architecture was restored and it is now back in service as a movie theater.

        Versailles Restaurant in Little Havana claims to be the most famous Cuban restaurant in the world. Their coffee window, or ventanita is the perfect place to grab coffee, cigars, pastries, tabloids, and finger foods on the run. Similar ventanitas can be found throughout the neighborhood.