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Destinations to get transfers in Washington D.C.
With so much history and a one of a kind city structure Washington D.C. has so much to offer to those coming into town for the first time or those who’ve been here several times. If you are staying in town you can find a wide variety of shuttles to get you to and from locations while you are in town. There are stretched limos and taxi services ready to get you to your hotel throughout the day. Here is a list of some of the most popular monuments and places to visit while you are in town.


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Tourists visiting Washington, DC can discover many activities and attractions to visit while they are in town such as the Smithsonian Museums and the Lincoln Memorial are just a few. There are tour buses that you can hop-on hop-off around each of the historic buildings and museums the city has to offer.

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Washington DC is one of the most important city in the United States. It hosts both tourists and officials from almost all other countries. Therefore, the airport here needs to be one of the finest as well. IAD International Airport, designed by famous architect E. Saarinen, is a beautiful facility present in the outskirts of the Washington City; around 26 miles from the city’s downtown. It has a well-designed structure, beautiful flooring, catchy interior, and bright lighting giving it very elegant looks. Apart from the design being of the supreme quality, the services here are second to none as well. Fast processing lanes, friendly security checks, and easy navigation allows tourists an easy ride. The airport sees a lot of traffic on a regular basis, but this doesn’t let the quality of the service go down. In fact, the airport management has proficiently been able to maintain a top quality of the services.


Furthermore, it has an in-house hotel and a museum showcasing the artifacts of aviation history. Here, you will find fighter planes, space shuttles, and other things of interest when it comes to flying. Apart from the artifacts, you get to enjoy documentaries about the aviation of the United States, thus giving you and your children good history lessons.Coming to the city, enjoy the beautiful views and going to all the important structures is a unique experience. This experience becomes more special and fun-filled when you fly to this place from the IAD Airport.


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Whether you’re visiting the nation’s capital as an interested patriot or you’re planning a business meeting with a potential partner, Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport is ever changing and confusing to even locals. The complex facility does its best, but the crowds sometimes congest traffic because of the short 3-mile distance from downtown. Avoid having to get through hectic, unfamiliar roads by booking a shared ride van by giving you the advantage of relaxation as well as a very low price.


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Many of Washington DC’s iconic landmarks are located a few miles from each other, making it incredibly difficult to walk from place to place, especially if it’s one of the many humid summer days DC is known for. See all the famous landmarks, from the historic National Mall to the marble monument of President Abraham Lincoln, by getting a private van to take you and your party. Contact our reps for a ride as well as recommendations on tasty restaurants and hidden Washington gems.


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IAD Private Sedans
There are plenty of historic and political landmarks surrounding the District of Columbia, but few take advantage of the universally interesting locations like the National Museum of Natural History, which features a renowned collection of natural wonders. Enjoy the incredible replicas and dioramas by reserving a private sedan by taking the car to other subtle attractions like the National Zoologial Park, which is home to giant pandas, exotic plants, and free admission.


IAD airport suv
IAD Private SUVs
Go see a show at the large at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, a beautiful arena that’s home to world acts, from celebrity rockers to sophisticated orchestras. If you’ve got a family that would rather see something more unique and tailored to DC specifically, take a tour of the beautiful Tudor Palace, and get there by having everyone get into one of our local companies that has comfortable and safe private SUVs, each vehicle coming with a great safety rating, top-of-the-line amenities, and most importantly, the luxury of privacy.


IAD airport limos
IAD Stretched Limousines
Head out to Blue Duck Tavern for fine American dining in a classically designed interior, and ride a stretched limousine on the way there. Book a ride and obtaining your own personal driver and the freedom to explore the city for all of its intrigue. If you’re interested in what the city becomes after dark, brush shoulders with the elite by heading out to The Rye Bar, a sophisticated whiskey lounge that’s infamous for having some of the biggest names in politics pop in after work.


IAD airport chartered buses
IAD Chartered Buses
Washington DC is no stranger to big crowds, especially in terms of museums, which is exactly why large groups looking for fun should consider spending a day in the city’s museum district. Reserve a chartered bus to take you on a tour through the different exhibits that can provide you with your own driver. Visit the interactive, Newseum, a museum devoted to famous journalists throughout history. Another incredible location worth seeing is the United States Holocaust Memorial, a beautiful living remembrance of the imprisoned victims of WWII.



Washington D.C. travel ideas
Vacation ideas while visiting Washington D.C.
While traveling to Washington D.C. you can explore the many monuments and museums surrounding the history of the United States. You can find an abundance of resources at Destination D.C. and learn about the sites before-hand so you know what you want to visit once you arrive in town.
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National Zoological Park
With the world famous Panda exhibit people of all ages can enjoy a day filled with animals from all around the world. The National Zoo is one of the most visited zoos in the country. The zoo features nearly two thousand animals and hundreds of different species. Animal lovers will not be disappointed.


National Air and Space Museum
One of Washington DC’s most popular attractions is the National Air and Space Museum. With the biggest collection of aircraft and even spacecraft worldwide this attraction from the Smithsonian Institution will give you insight into the history and evolution of flight over the years.


Washington Monument
You cannot leave Washington D.C. without seeing the Washington Monument. Located on the National Mall this historic monument was designed to honor George Washington and is among the most popular monuments to visit for the millions of visitors each year.


Thomas Jefferson Memorial
In honor of former U.S. President Thomas Jefferson, this memorial was designed for visitors to learn about the many contributions and memories he gave to this great nation.