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Transportation to Cleveland and nearby things to do
Traveling to Cleveland is fun and easy. This rocking city is home to many great attractions from the infamous Rock n Roll hall of Fame to the West Side Market. Getting to and from the airport is simple when you book a shared ride van or limousine before you leave.


The city is also known for its diverse architect. Neoclassical structures present in the central downtown present arresting views. Apart from the majestic architect, the lively lifestyle, never ending parties, and many other fun options attract travelers from around the globe. Getting here is a lot easy due to the presence of CLE Airport. The airport is present only 9-miles from the city center and is connected by metro services making access to and from it a lot easier. Moreover, you will easily find taxi services at very nominal rates as well.


The airport has a beautiful structure. The interior is beautifully decorated sculptures which look like planes made from paper, thus giving it a touch of an aviation museum. Other than being beautiful, the services here are very well managed as well. The management crew is trained and knows how to treat its customers. Processing lines are fast making life a lot easy for the travelers. Sign boards are present everywhere helping you navigation through the facility. Lastly, the security is very tight here which is why it is one of the finest airports in the state.


Cleveland airport shuttle

Cleveland Hopkins International Airport Shuttles
Cleveland is a metropolis accommodating millions of people and offering them livelihoods. Due to being located on the edge of Lake Erie and connected through a network of canals and roads, it definitely makes the biggest economic hub in the state of Ohio. The city has huge opportunities in the sectors of manufacturing, healthcare, and finance, thus gathering people from all over the world.


CLE airport rides
CLE Shared Ride Vans
See everything that there is to see in the simple, but elegant town of Cleveland with easy-riding in one of our transportation services many shared ride vans. Have the van pick you up from Hopkins International Airport and drop you off wherever you need to go, whether it’s in the heart of downtown or your hotel for a dose of rest. Be sure to contact your provider ahead of time for sweet deals, especially if you’ve got children.


CLE airport shuttles
CLE Private Vans
There’s a lot of things to enjoy in Cleveland, like the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame or the West Side Market, but one thing that is absolutely priceless is the enjoyment of privacy. You can enjoy this gift by treating yourself and those around you with a private van, a fantastic company that’s happy to help out traveling guests. While you’re out on your new set of wheels, see something else new by checking out Playhouse Square, which is home to fun live entertainment. If you’re more into quieter atmospheres, visit the Cleveland Botanical Garden for a beautiful oasis in the heart of downtown.


CLE airport sedans
CLE Private Sedans
Private sedans are a great choice for getting from point A to point B as quick as possible. Hop into a small car and drive through town enjoying the intimacy of a 2-3 seats provided by shuttle services in the area. Visit famous hotspots like A Christmas Story House, a popular museum that showcases props and sets from the famous holiday movie. If you’re more in the mood for some classical art, visit the Cleveland Museum of Art, which is host to an array of different art pieces that span 6,000 years of history.


CLE airport suv
CLE Private SUVs
If the kids want to come along for the trip, make sure there’s enough room by booking a private SUV. Transportation providers offers occasional deals so be sure to ask ahead of time – while you’re out, participate in fun community activities like those at Severance Hall, which is host to all kinds of seasonal orchestral performances. Don’t end the fun there because just down the street is the Children’s Museum of Cleveland, a fun outlet for interactive exhibits and educational playtime.


CLE airport limos
CLE Stretched Limousines
Cleveland may be a simple city, but it still has some of the best eateries in the world. Visit the Blue Point Grille, a high-class seafood restaurant that offers stunning views of downtown, and get there in style by reserving a slick limousine. There are many local services that offer a variety of posh rides, each one as gorgeous as the last. While you’re out, stop for drinks at The Greenhouse Tavern, a grill on 4th street that has its own rooftop bar.


CLE airport chartered buses
CLE Chartered Buses
Raft down rivers, fish, and go swimming at the many parks along the beautiful Cuyahoga River, a place that’s especially friendly to big groups because of its massive size. Get there with ease by booking a chartered bus with providers, visiting areas as a collective group like the Memphis Kiddie Park, a family-friendly theme park that also has a fair share of exciting roller coasters.



Music by the Cleveland Orchestra

Cleveland Orchestra
Featuring world famous shows, from Broadway to Beethoven, the Cleveland Orchestra at Severance Hall is a great place for musical lovers. Whether you’re into classical or simply want to admire the interior decoration of the amazing building, you’re bound to have fun. The theater district is also home to local shows, which makes for very unique and original acts.




Produce at West Side Market

West Side Market
For fresh fruits and veggies, visit the West Side Market, which is essentially an indoor farmer’s market that also serves a variety of different meats and desserts. If you’re a foodie that loves the taste of just about everything, West Side Market is a great place to get in, get out, and get full.



Visiting Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum
Located along the shores of Lake Erie in downtown, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum archives information on some of the most influential artists, producers, and engineers that have shaped the music industry we know and love today. If you want to get an in-depth and truthful look at how rock evolved through the ages, be sure to check it out.


Flying into Cleveland Hopkins International Airport
Located a whopping nine miles southwest of the main business district of the city, Hopkins International isn’t the most conveniently located airport, but it’s run just as well. Known for its ‘paper’ airplane sculptures scattered across the underground walkway of the airport, Hopkins is also a great museum, making it a perfect place to wait for your flight.


Cleveland Airport Transportation
Hopkins International is connected with the Cleveland Rapid Transit system, which is the city’s public transportation. It offers passengers a one-way fare to any destination for $2.25, making it a quick and easy way to get to the right side of town. If you want a bit more independence, Hopkins unfortunately had to move its rental car facilities off grounds in 1998, so be sure to have a taxi ready if you need to have your own rental car.


Nearby hotels in Cleveland
Cleveland is known for having great hotels, though they are a bit pricey if you want to stay close to downtown. For a slick look, stay at Aloft Downtown, a trendy chain hotel that offers a gym; free Wi-Fi, and its own hip bar! If you’re more in the mood for upscale accommodations, be sure to reserve an eclectic night at Glidden House, which is a mansion from the early 20th century.


Cleveland Restaurants
If there’s anything Cleveland is known for, it’s their delicious seafood, so if you’d like some upscale cuisine with a skyline view, be sure to visit for an unforgettable lunch or dinner. For New American dining cooked by the famous Michael Symon, have an exquisite night at Lola, a trendy restaurant located on 4th street.


Things to do in Cleveland
For an authentic Cleveland experience, visit Heinen’s Downtown, a designer grocery store that offers free samples, one-of-a-kind eateries, and all sorts of delicious treats – all this, plus the convenience of being located in the heart of Cleveland. If you’d rather see interesting things on the outskirts of the city, visit the Rocky River Reservation, a nice place to go on a relaxing walk or simply see the beautiful Emerald Island.