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        Albuquerque popular destinations by shuttles
        Albuquerque, New Mexico is a city that is essentially in the middle of the desert, giving it an authentic southwest ambiance, but the friendly people and delicious Tex-Mex makes it all worth visiting. The city straddles the Rio Grande, making it home to an exciting melting pot of Native American, Mexican, and American culture.


        Albuquerque is one of the most happening cities in the US when it comes to entertainment. It is host to the annual International Balloon Fiesta which features hundreds of hot air balloons. The city also has a cable car service, which offers tourists a jaw-dropping ride with panoramic views of the city and its adjacent areas. The city is rich in medieval cultural heritage. At Old Town, which hosts multiple historic structures including churches, museums, art galleries and shops selling artifacts of colonial Spanish and indigenous history.


        New Town, however, presents a picture of novelty and modernism. But, a touch of European culture still remains persistent in the New Town buildings as well. Apart from historic offerings, it presents outdoor adventures like desert safari, water sports parks, hiking and camping sites in Sandia Crest Range, and much more which is why lots of people make their way here every year.


        ABQ airport is the largest commercial airport in New Mexico State serving millions of people every year. Folks both from within and outside the country make their way here to rejoice at the beautiful cultural offerings the city has on display. The highlight of the airport is the food being offered here. You will find Mexican and Spanish cuisines served in and around the airport. The airport showcases native art, has an airy ceiling, and a spacious waiting area. Moreover, the friendly professional staff makes your experience a lot better when you travel from here.


        Albuquerque airport shuttle

        Albuquerque International Sunport Airport Shuttles
        Once recognized as Sunport the Albuquerque International Airport is home to nearby neighborhoods that began in the early 1700’s and the world famous Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta . Just 14 miles from ABQ airport this major event is held each October, The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, takes center stage each year with visitors from around the world. This colorful festival is one of the most photographed events in the United States with good reason. Hundreds of hot air balloons of various shapes and sizes fill the sky of Albuquerque.


        ABQ airport rides
        ABQ Shared Ride Vans
        For some visitors, Albuquerque can be unbearably hot, but with the joy of air-conditioned shared ride vans offered by local providers, you’ll feel refreshed in no time. With daily pick-ups and drop offs from Albuquerque International, the helpful van can take you to a variety of key locations, including select hotels and fun attractions. In addition, because many of the riders are heading to the same place, the ride is just as convenient as driving somewhere yourself.


        ABQ airport shuttles
        ABQ Private Vans
        If you’re in a group and would like to take a ride in a private van, you’ll be happy to hear that ICS allows you to not only enjoy the company of those you know the most, but go to just about anywhere you want, whether it’s your hotel or a fun attraction. If you want to ride an exciting train while spotting amazing animals, check out the Albuquerque Biological Park. Another group-friendly attraction is the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center, which showcases a huge variety of Native American art.


        ABQ airport sedans
        ABQ Private Sedans
        To get a ride around town in a 2-3 seater sedan, book with local providers for your very own personal driver. By enjoying the smooth ride with providers such as Star Limo private sedans, you’ll be in great hands in terms of security and privacy. Get picked up and dropped off at a variety of interesting places like the historic Explora Museum, which showcases over 250 hands-on exhibits, each one filled with fun and innovative art pieces.


        ABQ airport suv
        ABQ Private SUVs
        For big groups or families that want plenty of room to stretch, private SUVs are the best choice for travel, especially if you’re in need of group rides through town. For winter sports and amazing ski mountains, take a trip to the Sandia Peak Tramway, one of Albuquerque’s biggest ski resorts. You can get your own private SUV through GroundLink, each one clean and comfy, seating 4-5 people, and coming with your very own personal driver.


        ABQ airport limos
        ABQ Stretched Limousines
        See the heart of New Mexico in style by letting a stretch limousine take you around town in its opulent leather seats. With several beautiful models offered by Star Limo, you’ll be able to go out and relax in high-class comfort. Ask your driver to take you out to The Artichoke Café, a delicious modern eatery that specializes in American food and host of a stunning art gallery inside of the building.


        ABQ airport chartered buses
        ABQ Chartered Buses
        Larger groups, whether it be a field trip or a family reunion, should seriously consider getting a chartered bus. Benefits include not only getting around town as one singular group, but also having the convenience of scheduled pick-up/drop-off as opposed to waiting several minutes for a shuttle. Visit one of the many museums in Albuquerque’s arts district, including New Mexico’s Museum of Natural History, which features dinosaur skeletons and rare gems, as well as ABQ BioPark Botanic Garden, a beautiful park that allows visitors to hike over a mile and a half of floral paths.



        Albuquerque Biological Park

        ABQ BioPark
        The Albuquerque Biological Park is a huge environmental museum with four huge facilities, essentially making it the Disneyland of the zoo world. The four sections include a massive aquarium, a lush botanic garden, the Rio Grande Zoo, and Tingley Beach. With a one-pass access you can experience all four parks and be set for the entire day.


        → The zoo at the ABQ BioPark can be found alongside the Rio Grande and has been offering visitors a chance to see and interact with animals for almost ninety years. There are fourteen exhibits with animals from around the world. Come explore and see the animals in their natural habitats.


        → The highly acclaimed Botanic Garden stretches for more than a mile and its twelve exhibits display an array of flowers, plants and trees that will delight your senses. The garden also offers activities you can enjoy such as garden tours, birdwatching, story time for the children and more.


        → The Aquarium at ABQ BioPark is a top notch facility where you can view and learn about a wide variety of aquatic species. There are thirteen different exhibits ranging from animals native to the Rio Grande to coral reefs to sharks and even a touchpool. Enjoy a day learning all about underwater creatures from around the globe.


        → Tingley Beach offers visitors a chance to relax and enjoy fishing, hiking and boating. There are four different trails for hiking enthusiasts to enjoy.




        Visiting Sandia Peak Tramway

        Sandia Peak Tramway
        If you’re in the mood for an exhilarating adventure, see the Sandia Mountains by riding on the Sandia Peak Tramway. With the world’s third longest single cable car span, the aerial tramway soars over the peaks at a fast, but safe speed, making for breathtaking views and unforgettable memories.



        San Felipe de Neri

        San Felipe de Neri Church
        There are plenty of churches to check out in Albuquerque, but one of the most historic ones is the San Felipe de Neri. Built in the late 18th century, the cathedral is one of the oldest surviving buildings in the state, making it a vital pit stop for any architecture or history buff. Don’t forget to look up at the gorgeous stained glass.



        Flying into Albuquerque International Airport
        Albuquerque International Airport is just a breath away from downtown, making it super easy and fast to get to wherever you need to go. Enterprise rental cars are available at the gate as well as the local Sunport Shuttle for easy-to-reach access.


        Albuquerque Airport Transportation
        For ground transportation, you can use the Sunport Shuttle as well as Sandia Shuttle and RoadRunner. There are also train services that take you to other surrounding cities conducted by NM Rail Runner Express and Amtrak.


        Nearby hotels in Albuquerque
        The closest hotel to the airport is the Holiday Inn Express & Suites near Albuquerque Airport. Located just outside the airport, the 3-star hotel offers modern rooms, a fully accessible pool, and free Wi-Fi. If you’re in the mood for something a bit more posh, check out the Hotel Albuquerque at Old Town. With stylish designs and its own nightclub, this hotel is so nice, you won’t even want to leave.


        Albuquerque Restaurants
        For a bright and airy spot, visit Seasons Rotisserie, a tasty American-style restaurant with new-age design and a menu that will leave your mouth watering. If modernity isn’t your style, go casual at Pelican’s West, where you’ll find some of the best seafood in town.


        ABQ shuttle transfers
        Things to do in Albuquerque
        There are plenty of other things to check out in Albuquerque, including the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center. Get a feel for the true nature of Albuquerque and check out the exclusive café! Another great place to have fun with the whole family is Old Town Albuquerque, a great place to spend the day shopping or playing games.