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Vacation tips for ski resorts


Top 3 Ski Resort Getaways

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Ideas to help you plan your ski trip
When thinking about winter vacations skiing often comes to mind. Swishing down the slopes with the wind in your face by day and sipping hot cocoa by the fireplace at the lodge at night can certainly be one of the most enjoyable ways to spend your trip. The question is, which ski resorts should you visit?


There is an abundance of top notch ski resorts and destinations all around the world with some featuring signature skiing and outdoor activities for the entire family. So what makes some winter resorts more popular than others? Location and accessibility is a good place to start. Some of the best and most unique ski resorts can be difficult to get to once you land at the airport. Transportation can be somewhat limited in some areas, especially if the terrain has more snow built up on the ground than usual. In addition, many resorts have amenities like conference centers or unique trails and terrain that separate them from their competitors.


There are many premier ski destinations where travelers can kick back next to the fireplace or enjoy a day skiing and snowboarding down the closest mountain. Regardless of your reasons, it is good to compare and read reviews from previous travelers before you book your next winter vacation so you get the most out of your trip.

Vacations to ski resorts

Packing for your ski vacation
Before you leave for your trip make sure you have a good idea of how to pack. Its always a good idea check the weather at the resort you’ll be traveling to so that you can be sure to be prepared both on and off the slopes.


→ Bring your strollers and carseats if you have infants. Not only is it easier to get around but many shuttle providers do not provide child safety seats while driving in their vehicles.


→ Mountain appropriate clothing such as insulated clothes, a helmet if you are going to skiing and your own ski equipment if you are not going to rent any on your visit.


→ Children can tend to get tired pushing through the snow all day, so remember to bring simple things to entertain them such as books, iPads, toys or even dvd’s that you can play on your laptop if needed.


General Items:
→ heavy winter coat, preferably water-proof
→ gloves and glove liners
→ medications and pertinent medication information
→ glasses and contacts including an extra pair
→ important documents and identification including airline boarding passes, ski lift passes and hotel confirmations if applicable


Ski Gear (much of this can also be rented so be sure to check with your ski resort):
→ skis or snowboard
→ ski or snowboard boots
→ ski poles
→ googles
→ neck gaiter or scarf
→ ski or snowboarding socks 
→ warm hat, helmet, or ski mask
→ thermal underwear
→ sunscreen and chap stick


Off the Slopes:
→ sweaters or long sleeved shirts
→ jeans or pants
→ regular socks and underwear
→ sunglasses
→ warm shoes or boots




Ski trips to Bukovel
Bukovel (Ivano-Frankivs’ka oblast, Ukraine)
Nestled in the Carpathian Mountains, the Bukovel Ski Resort is the largest in eastern Europe. This resort boasts slopes of varying difficulty which are beautifully manicured. This place is perfect for all levels of skiing and snowboarding expertise from beginners and children all the way up to experts. They also have night-skiing and excursions.


Flying into Lviv Danylo Halytskyi International Airport
The closest airport to Bukovel is the Lviv Danylo Halytskyi International Airport which is commonly known as LWO airport and serves the area as the largest airport in Kiev.


Finding LWO Airport Transportation
One of the best ways to get to Bukovel ski area is to take the train at Ivano-Frankivsk which is close to the Lviv Danylo Halytskyi International Airport or LWO airport. If you are coming from the Kyiv Boryspil International Airport, also known as the KBP airport, you could drive but this may take you up to 9 hours so LWO airport may be your best bet.


Other popular nearby hotels in Bukovel, Ukraine
Some of the most popular hotels in the region are the Zgarda Hotel, Royal Village Resort and Radisson Blu Resort Bukovel. You can book in advance, but be sure to review their ratings and what others say about the hotel before you leave so you can find the one that best fits your trip and budget.


Bukovel Restaurants
Even though the Korchma Filvarok, Stary Mlin and the Pizzeria Felichita are ranked as some of the best restaurants in Bukovel you can see what other travelers have said during their visits to other local Bukovel restaurants.


Things to do in Bukovel
While there are many travel ideas in Bukovel, the most popular is the ski resort at Ski Resort Bukovel where you can mountain bike and hike your way through the Carpathian mountain range and enjoy a day out in the snow.



Ski vacations in Crested Butte
Crested Butte Mountain Resort (Crested Butte, Colorado)
The Crested Butte Mountain Resort in Crested Butte, Colorado is one of the most popular ski resorts in the country and with good reason. Those who frequent this mountain do so because of the friendly locals, great instructors and amazing terrain. Crested Butte is a favorite for people who want to get away from it all at a remote location yet still have the amenities and excitement they are looking for from a ski vacation.


Flying into Gunnison-Crested Butte Regional Airport
The closest airport to the Crested Butte Mountain Resort is the Gunnison-Crested Butte Regional Airport, also known as GUC airport.


Finding GUC Airport Transportation
There are a few local transportation providers who can help you get to your destination such as the Mountain Express and the Alpine Express who have great service to your ski destination.


Other popular nearby hotels in Crested Butte, Colorado
There is not a large amount of lodging in the area but some popular ones you can choose from are Crested Butte Mountain Resort, Purple Mountain Bed and Breakfast and the Cristiana Guesthaus.


Crested Butte Restaurants
Find reviews on some of the more unique restaurants in Crested Butte like the Secret Stash, Last Steep Bar & Grill and the Ryce Asian Bistro.


Things to do in Crested Butte
While you are in town you can drop by well known destinations such as the Kebler Pass, Schofield Pass and the Crested Butte Nordic Center. If you are looking for other things you can do in the Crested Butte you can search through a list of what other travelers review as the best places for tourists new to the area to visit.



Resorts at Blue Mountain
Blue Mountain Resort (The Blue Mountains, Ontario)
If you are thinking about skiing in Canada the Blue Mountain Resort is the place to go. Located in the Niagara Escarpment this resort sells three quarters of a million lift tickets each year. This resort is open year round and has tons of activities for every season. Visitors love the scenic views and obliging staff here.


Flying into Toronto Pearson International Airport
The closest airport to the Blue Mountain Resort is the Toronto Pearson International Airport, also known as YYZ airport. With just under 40 million passengers each year it is the largest airport in Canada.


Finding YYZ Airport Transportation
Finding airport transfers from YYZ to the Blue Mountain Resort area is easy are through popular providers such as GroundLink, Cary and Blacklane who offer executive sedans private SUVs and private van services.


Other popular nearby hotels in The Blue Mountains, Ontario
If you are looking for traditional hotel rooms with a great mountain setting then take a look at The Lodges at Blue Mountain and The Westin Trillium House, Blue Mountain.


Blue Mountain Restaurants
There are many places to eat while you are in the Blue Mountain area like the Dam Pub Gastropub, the Bruce Wine Bar or the Firehall Pizza Co might be a great option for a fun night out with friends or family. Discover some of the best restaurants in the Blue Mountains along with a rating from previous diners who’ve visited there.


Things to do in the Blue Mountains
One of the more popular local tourist attractions is the Blue Mountain Village. It features hotel rooms, music and places to eat. Near the Blue Mountain Ski Resort you can also find ziplines, tours and a water park resort, Plunge! Aquatic Center where you can find water activities for the whole family.



Preparing with Snow Equipment, Gear and Warm Clothes
With the winter weather still bearing down on us you’ll need the right gear to handle facing the wind and snow. You can never be too prepared for your winter vacation. Read on to find ideas for what to you need to take with you. We all want our trip to be as stress-free as possible but there are always times that we get in a hurry and forget the simple things that can make your trip better. Don’t get caught on the slopes without the essentials.


Ski supplies
Ski and Snow Goggles
Browse through a large selection of googles from anti-fog to mirrored or resistant to abrasions. Experience comfort on your trip from brands like Giro, Oakley and Bolle. There’s something for everyone.


Ski equipment
From Burton to Flow, you can shop for the latest snowboards with a look that fits your style. Find the perfect board for the terrain and mountain adventure that awaits you.


Winter gloves and clothes
Winter Gloves
With popular brands such as North Face and Igloos finding the right pair for you and your family is easy with a large inventory of winter gloves to choose from.


Winter snow boots
Snowboard Boots
When looking for snowboard boots for your vacation there are many brands to select from. From Flow to Burton find what you need to take on your next ski trip.


Romantic dining ideas
Need snow clothes to stay warm?
You can find a great selection of warm winter clothes for your next ski trip for you and your family. From snow boots to winter coats you can browse through a vast selection of winter apparel so you can stay warm in style.
Warm snow clothes for the cold
Flowers for Valentines
Looking for ski equipment?
Tired of renting equipment for your trip? Select from a wide variety of ski equipment such as boots, bindings, snowboards and more. You can find just about any kind of snow gear you are looking for.
Find ski equipment and gear