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Apr 28, 2024
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Visakhapatnam Airport Transportation

Located on the eastern coast of India’s Andhra Pradesh state, the Visakhapatnam Airport offers instant views of the Bay of Bengal as well as the iconic port city of Visakhapatnam, known for its fishing industry and scenic beachside resorts. Get to know the region with ease by booking a ride that can carry you in similar fashion, either looking forward to the unique outskirts and scattered hidden gems with a private rental or getting from point A to point B as efficient as possible with a helpful taxi.

VTZ Transportation
VTZ Airport is home to a wide variety of public transportation opportunities, the closest option being the bus line that runs through Srikakulam Highway. There are also several train stations on either side of the airport, including the Simhachalam Station on the north side, the Marripalem PH Station on the northeast side, and the Visakhapatnam Station on the east side near St. Joseph Catholic Church. Avoid having to walk to a stop by getting an instant pick-up as well as custom drop-offs courtesy of a personal shuttle, booking through either area shuttle or sedan companies to make hotel check-in a breeze.

Shared Ride Van
Those heading to an all-in-one hotspot should book a shared ride van to get a custom drop-off, contacting local shuttle providers for relaxing lifts to modern getaways ranging from Novotel Hotel rooftop pool & spa to the harborside ambiance of Hotel Supreme.

Private Van
Large groups carrying up to a dozen passengers may want to go with a private van instead, exploring the industrial roots of Visakhapatnam, from the north side shops & restaurants of the Dwaraka Nagar neighborhood to the unique museums & urban parks of the Siripuram area.

Private Sedan
Go for something as simple as it is quiet by booking a private sedan for your travels, going through area sedan providers to enjoy the simple side of town at your own pace. Get to know the region’s best hideaways, from Ramakrishna Beach to the famous hilltop statue of Kailasagiri, all at the ease of being your own tour guide.

Local Personal Drivers
Do as the locals to truly feel the vibe of the city, something easy to take care of with a personal driver as your chauffeur. Look forward to the most beloved restaurant as well as popular tourist hubs, the next day scouting out the best hidden beaches for watching the sunrise over the Bay of Bengal.

Private SUV
Another great way to look forward to the day is by booking a private SUV with local providers, getting to a wide variety of family-friendly destinations like Vuda City Central Park and Indira Gandhi National Zoological Park, all without ever splitting up.

Taxi Cab
Perfect for business travelers looking for something simple, taxis get passengers to their destination on-time and without the hassle of learning new streets. Go with the commitment-ride to get through MRC Kakatiya Convention Center’s daily traffic, also catching flights at VTZ Airport with ease.

Stretched Limousine
Feel the fancy side of Visakhapatnam by booking a stretched limousine, reserving your gilded chauffeur through area limo providers to make grand arrivals to matching locales, whether it be the beachfront views at The Park Hotel or upscale Chinese at Ming Garden.

Chartered Bus
Carrying over a dozen passengers can be tough without a chartered bus to make the day simple. Book to day to look forward to sweet locales tomorrow, whether it be the scenic gardens and beach access of Tenneti Park or the inspiring monuments at the Victory at Sea War Memorial, which offers a glimpse of real missiles, planes, and artifacts from the Indian battle of 1971.

VTZ Airport Terminals
Visakhapatnam Airport is home to a modern 21st-century terminal building that was introduced to the public in 2009. Both international and domestic flights are handled through this 2-level facility.

- Level 1: check-in, spa, VIP rooms, security, waiting area, shops & restaurants, baggage claim, art, and child play areas.
- Level 2: extensive lobby seating, snack bars, VIP lounges, and water fountains.


Visakhapatnam Airport Shuttles

Though the busiest facility in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, Visakhapatnam Airport is less than 15-minutes from Visakhapatnam, making it relatively easy to get to the city center. Book a shuttle from either area taxi or sedan companies to make it easier, arriving to the embrace of your hotel room without breaking a sweat.

Whether you’re traveling to the region for vacation or looking forward to a simple work trip, knowing what side of town you’re on is the book right. On the east side are countless beaches and seafood restaurants, while the north end offers lush hillside parks and forests, which include the vast acreage of Indira Gandhi National Zoological Park and landmark temples There isn’t much on the west side of town, though the south side includes more secluded beaches and quiet hotel getaways away from the city. t.

A great way to ensure everything runs smoothly is by not only booking the right lift to take care of the day, but keeping up with that booking. Print out your shuttle’s hotel confirmation the moment it arrives, looking forward to the simplicity of the day by keeping track of your pick-up time as well as drop-off location – be sure to give yourself ample time to get your bags from baggage claim and find ground transportation, also calling ahead of time in the event of delayed departures or layovers.t.

About Visakhapatnam Airport
Less than 5 miles from downtown Visakhapatnam, Visakhapatnam Airport is a great way to get to know the beauty of the popular Indian state. Close to a few underrated beaches, nearby airport hotels offer both efficiency and scenic views for business travelers. Choose between a few stays along Scindia Road, whether it be the quiet off-road feel of Hotel M.W. Boutique or the busy Hotel Meena Paradise. More business-friendly options include Hotel Green Apple and Best Western Ramachandra Hotel. t.

Don’t let any time go to waste by turning the lemons of a delayed departure. Start with a snack, either sitting down for traditional Indian cuisine at a couple of restaurants or grabbing a sweet and coffee from Karachi Bakery. There are also snacks provided by ‘Snack Bar’ and ‘Port Snacks’ across both floors of the terminal. Stores include duty-free shopping as well as a small strip of outlets that include professional fashion from Pavers England as well as classic jewelry from Pearls. t.

Get to know the beauty of what’s around Visakhapatnam Airport if you’re planning to stay close, catching a flick at a variety of movie theaters, from Likitha Cinema Hall to Aruna Picture Palace, also considering the unique views from Gangavaram Beach, which is walking-distance to the colorful Madhava Swamy Temple. In between Durga Beach and Yarada Beach is a children’s park as well as the stunning tropical views of View Point, a renowned lookout that’s almost as popular as Dolphin’s Nose, by far the most visited attraction near the airport due to its iconic lighthouse and 360-degree views of Visakhapatnam Port. t.

Visakhapatnam Destinations
A popular maritime getaway known for its fresh seafood and unique temples by the Bay of Bengal, Visakhapatnam is a great way to see 11th-century history preserved in a timeless setting. From rustic street markets to lush jungles, there’s almost too much to explore – start with the most popular landmarks first, walking across the scenic sands of Ramakrishna Mission Beach, which offers access to an aquarium, temple, and children’s park, afterward looking down at the city from over 2,600 feet (800 meters) above sea level at the stunning Varaha Lakshmi Narasimha Temple, an ethereal space renowned for its quiet lookouts and colorful designs. Another great way to get an elevated view of the area is through the eyes of Kailasagiri, a popular hilltop park home to hundreds of acres and tropical-themed gardens. t.

For family-friendly locales sure to impress all ages, take a drive through the safari-style Indira Gandhi Zoological Park, a massive space that offers rare creatures visible from your car, or for something a little more beneath the surface, visit the INS Kursura, an iconic submarine museum that allows an inside look at a real naval war machine. Enjoy the end of the day at Yarada Beach, looking forward to cliffside views of the water, afterward grabbing a bite at Visakhapatnam’s most iconic eatery, Sri Sairam Parlour, an all you can eat restaurant serving classic Indian.t.

Lounges at Visakhapatnam Airport
There is only one known VIP lounge at Vizag Airport, CIP Lounge, which is located on the domestic side of the airport. Perks of CIP Lounge include a buffet, drinks, Wi-Fi, reading material, and TVs, plus disability access and a flight information monitor.

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