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May 29, 2024
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Vadodara Airport Transportation

A modern facility located on the northeast side of downtown Vadodara, a west Indian city renowned for its close access to the Gulf of Khambhat and the famous Sindhrot Check Dam, Vadodara Airport makes it easy to introduce yourself to the region. Make it even easier by getting there in a ride that best fits the situation, whether that means reserving a private ride to get around at your own pace or a luxury meet-and-greet service that takes the cake in convenience.

BDQ Transportation
BDQ Airport access to public transportation includes a bus station along Airport Road as well as nearby access to the Vadodara Train Station, which is a little over 4 miles (7 km) from the airport. The train station connects to express as well as light rail routes that dart to cities along the gulf coast. For simple lifts to simple locations, book a shuttle instead, adding the luxury of leaving right away as well as custom drop-offs, all at the ease of contacting local taxi or shuttle providers.

Shared Ride Van
Get one-time-only rides by booking a shared ride van with area shuttle providers, arriving to one of Vadodara’s array of all-in-one hotels, from the good vibes at AUM Health Resort to the 4-star amenities at Best Western Hotel Vadodara.

Private Van
Take care of up to a dozen passengers with ease by booking a private van from area shuttle companies, exploring west India’s diverse landscapes ranging from the exotic birds and flora at Jambughoda Wildlife Sanctuary to the relaxing waves rolling in at Suvali Beach.

Private Sedan
Need an intimate ride across quiet terrain? Reserve a private sedan for your best chance at getaways, reserving through local executive private sedan to find peaceful Mahi River temples before sunset as well as take your time walking through the downtown hotspots like Lukshmi Vilas Palace.

Local Personal Drivers
Understand how the locals think by reserving a local personal driver as your knowledgeable chauffeur, arriving to the best bazaars for afternoon shopping as well as instant access to the most authentic local cuisine, all at the ease of asking.

Private SUV
Carry up to six passengers with a private SUV to make the most out of your day, reserving with area SUV providers to look forward to cool museums like the Baroda Museum and Picture Gallery, afterward checking out the gorgeous gardens and miniature train rides at the Sayaji Baug Zoo.

Taxi Cab
Reserve a taxi to make it to work functions and busy events at a pace that fits your schedule, dodging time-consuming tasks like parking and heavy traffic with ease. Also great for catching your flight and car pools, you’ll be glad you got a ride as efficient on time as it is money.

Stretched Limousine
See Vadodara through an opulent lens by reserving a stretched limousine as your elegant chauffeur, reserving with area limo companies to make your 5-star entrance at upscale destinations, from the rooftop hangouts at Lemon Tree Hotel to the upscale Pan-Asian dining at Kai Asia.

Chartered Bus
Look forward to the day with over a dozen passengers by having a chartered bus by your side, arriving to all of Vadodara’s greatest accomplishments at the ease of turning a key. Check out the gorgeous flow of the Mahi from Sindhrot Check Dam, afterward enjoying the unique 21st-century shape of EME Temple and the surrounding park grounds.

BDQ Airport Terminals
Home to an expanded terminal that opened its doors in 2016, BDQ Airport is a modern single-terminal facility with two floors. The terminal is unique in that takes inspiration from traditional Gujarati architectural styles, which includes the region’s signature geodesic domes.
- Level 1: check-in, security, baggage claim, customs, immigration, luggage carts, help desk, snack bars, a VIP lounge, and an outdoor garden.
- Level 2: restaurants, shops, and walking area.


Vadodara Airport Shuttles

With relatively close access to the northeast side of town, Vadodara Airport close access to the outer web of town makes hopping on the highway a breeze. Make the trip even faster by reserving a shuttle, going through either local private SUV or transfer service providers for the simplicity of custom drop-offs as well as the benefit of getting a view along the way.

Have all kinds of fun depending on where you’re headed, researching diverse neighborhoods on each side of town before deciding where you want your shuttle to drop you off, whether it’s toward the astounding temples and roadside attractions in the western Akota district or the southeast neighborhood of Lalbaug, which offers unique access to train stops as well as the city’s central mainstay, Lukshmi Vilas Palace. For something as close to the airport as the city’s busy Sayaji Baug Zoo, book a room near the northern Karelibaug neighborhood instead, also considering the opposite with the quiet suburban ambiance of the southern Manjalpur area.

The perfect ride for taking care of business the right way, shuttles are only convenient if you keep up with your end. Print out your confirmation email in case you run into any issues, also writing down any important contact information before heading out, from emails to phone numbers. Keep doubles of all your personal identification as well, storing scans of your passport, social security, and driver’s license on a hard drive in case worse comes to worst – if you have any additional questions, an information desk is ready to help.

About Vadodara Airport
Located about 5 miles (8 km) from downtown, Vadodara Airport is perfect for getting just about anywhere in town without driving more than 20 minutes. Make your commute shorter by staying in a nearby airport hotel, the closest option being The Hotel Airport on Airport Road, home to 3-star rooms and an international-themed restaurant. Other nearby options include the clubby nighttime atmosphere of Comfort Inn Donil, all-inclusive perks courtesy of Banyan Paradise Resort, and the simple efficiency of Hotel Marvel.

Home to a limited pallet of food, shops, and entertainment, making delays pass in Vadodara is easy if you’ve only got to wait a couple hours. Head upstairs for a bite at Madhubhan Food Galleria, or enjoy a quick bite from the Snack Bar outside. Also located outside is a sunny garden with winding paths perfect for stretching your legs, while the entire upstairs of the airport offers wraparound windows that make for scenic walking breaks. Take advantage of the few shops while you’re up there, or kick back and relax in the Club One Class Lounge for a peaceful nap.

Enjoy the beauty of the northeast region if you’re staying close to the airport, looking forward to the busy shops and eateries at Gada Circle, a scenic roundabout near plenty of landmarks. One of the more popular is Sculpture Park, located on Plant Road and offering a wide variety of rustic-modern installations. Head to Sayaji Garden for an afternoon of beautiful flowers and sunny ambiance, afterward walking through the popular vendors and street grub at Ratri Bazaar, a night market on L&T Circle that’s especially beloved for its close access to the Vishwamitri River and the Vishwamitri Bridge.

Vadodara Destinations
A gorgeous city that showcases India’s western state of Gujarat, from unique culture and architecture to instant access to the Gulf of Khambhat, Vadodara is a great place to truly find yourself. Check out the most beloved landmarks first, starting with the massive Sayaji Baug Zoo. Home to massive gardens with detailed landscaping, a collection of art & fossils at the Baroda Museum, plus quaint views of the Vishwamitri flow, Sayaji Baug is the perfect afternoon getaway for families and large groups. Get lost in the labyrinth-like of hallways, rooms, and diverse landmarks at the intricate Lakshmi Vilas Palace afterward, open daily for a view of authentic Rococo paintings, royal heirlooms, and occasional live concerts that fill the air with wonder.

Those looking forward to the area’s signature adornment of geodesic domes should experience the interior of EME Temple, a famous aluminum-topped structure famous for being one of the most modern Hindu temples in the world. Just as stunning is the Kirti Mandir, an old burial monument from the Gaekwad Dynasty known for its strange murals and spooky busts. End the day with a sunset at Sindhrot Check Dam, located on the far west side of town and offering a vast lookout of the river – transformed into a beach-like hangout, the area is a popular place to soak in the sun, though water, food, and bathrooms are in limited supply. For a memorable meal, head to 22nd Parallel downtown, a laid-back restaurant known for its South Indian-style cuisine, vintage interior, and trendy street views.

Lounges at Vadodara Airport
There are 2 known VIP lounges in Vadodara Airport.
- Port Lounge: Located on 1st floor. Perks include free drinks, reading material, TVs, and a flight information monitor.
- Club One Class Lounge: Location unknown. Perks include comfy reclining chairs, reading material, drinks, TVs, and a flight information monitor.

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