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Tunis Airport Transportation

Located east of Tunis, Tunisia seaside capital, the North African views provided by Tunis-Carthage International are something worthy of a photo. Get a mental image by reserving a ride that allows you to see all the sights, choosing between the intimacy of private sedans, SUVs, and vans for all the freedom to explore the region, also considering the convenience of quick taxis and slow-moving stretched limousines for commitment-rides to wherever.

TUN Transportation
Ground transportation outside of Tunis Airport includes buses (SNT 35, 635), taxis, and car rental services. There are also a few subway stations located west of the airport, the closest stop being the El Fell Station, located 2 miles (3 km) away from the main terminal. Take care of travels even easier by reserving a shuttle instead, either going through local taxi or sedan providers for custom drop-offs to laid-back locations.

Shared Ride Van
Arrive to the hotel or resort of your dreams with ease by booking a shared ride van from local companies, enjoying one-time lifts to stunning locations, whether it’s to the 18th-century luxury of Palais Bayram or the unique blend of exotic eats and high-rise rooms at Hotel Africa.

Private Van
Reserve a private van from area transportation providers to fit carry to a dozen passengers, enjoying the freedom to explore Tunis’ many lakes, banks, and beaches, all of which are visible at Boukornine National Park, located east of the city and home to scenic valleys perfect for showcasing North Africa’s beauty.

Private Sedan
To enjoy absolute intimacy, reserve a private sedan with local airport transportation providers, whether that means taking your time exploring quiet views of the Atlas Mountains or waiting in line for ferries ready to depart toward Italian islands and cities across the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Local Personal Drivers
The best way to see every side and angle of Tunis is through the eyes of a local, a rhythm easy to fall into if you book a local personal driver. From which eateries offer the best blend of Italian and African to which indoor getaways are perfect for escaping hot afternoons, you’ll have all the right answer everywhere you go.

Private SUV
Families or medium-sized groups of up to six passengers should go with a private SUV from are companies, looking forward to a variety of theme parks ranging from Dah Dah Happy Land Entertainment Park to the much larger Carthageland, all while relaxing with the freedom of coming and going as you please.

Taxi Cab
A solid way to get from point A to point B is with the help of a taxi, whether you’re a business traveler looking to get to an event at Le Kram - Exhibition and International Trade Center of Tunis, or just want a drop-off to trendy downtown neighborhoods without the hassle of dealing with traffic.

Stretched Limousine
Those interested in the upscale side of Tunis should reserve a stretched limousine for chauffeured rides across gilded locations, making arrangements through local providers to enjoy upscale eats provided by Restaurant Essaraya as well as luxury spa treatments courtesy of Thai & Fish.

Chartered Bus
Keeping big groups together is easy if you’ve got a chartered bus by your side – carry over a dozen passengers to a variety of expansive locales, walking through the on-site trails and zoo at Belvedere Park one second, then admiring architectural wonders through a variety of churches and cathedrals the next.

TUN Airport Terminals
TUN Airport is home to a unique terminal with palace-style architecture, as well as two levels of select shops, restaurants, and services that make each passenger feel like royalty.
- Level 1: pre-security, arrivals, shops, restaurants, luggage carts, baggage claim, ground transportation, and elevator/escalator access to upper level.
- Level 2: departures, security, luggage carts, shops, restaurants, VIP lounges, currency exchange, information, pharmacy, car rental services, drop-off zone, and escalator/elevator access to lower level.


Tunis Airport Shuttles
Tunis-Carthage International Airport rests just north of the city’s central Tunis Lake (Lac de Tunis), providing easy access to a variety of waterside resorts and casinos. Get where you need to be with the simplicity of a shuttle, booking through either area taxi or shuttle providers for commitment-free convenience at unbeatable rates.

Make sure you’re well prepared to take on the city’s diverse neighborhoods by getting to know where your shuttle plans to drop you off, choosing between several shore-side port towns, from La Goulette blend of Spanish-African culture to Le Kram’s unique French-inspired architecture. Neighborhoods away from the coast and closer to downtown’s unique location between two lakes include the many central shops and stately lawns of Parc Habib Thameur in Le Passage as well as sprawled-out suburbs of El Menzah, located the uptown area.

Once you’ve got your shuttle booked, make sure you’ve got all important documentation on-record. Print out your confirmation email the moment it comes in, keeping other bookings you may have on your person as well, whether it’s a vivid view of the sea through Carthage Tours Tunis or a glimpse of downtown culture via Syrine Tours, finally keeping the most important part of a foreign trip in mind: personal documentation. Scan any medical prescriptions as well as ID and passport before taking off, keeping all digital versions backed up on a hard drive or cloud service guaranteed to secure abroad.

About Tunis-Carthage International Airport
A little over 4 miles (7 km) from downtown, the trip between Tunis-Carthage International and the most popular hotels is an easygoing drive, even easier if you choose to hang out at a nearby airport hotel instead. The closest stays to the airport are located in the affluent Berges du Lac neighborhood, home to a lakeside cluster of 5-star stays including Concorde Hôtel Les Berges du Lac, Mövenpick Hotel du Lac Tunis, and Hotel Paris. Other options in the same area include Acropole and Le Corail Suites Hotel, each offering a more professional vibe with 4-star perks and prices.

In addition to nearby hotels and resorts, the airport offers a few unique perks on its own, from cool cafés and restaurants to locally-owned shops and vendors. Grab a bite to eat at Café Lindo, located upstairs and home to free Wi-Fi and fresh coffee, or head to the smaller Seferi for easy on-the-go eats. Other casual on-site eateries include KANTiN and Café L’Amicale, the latter home to spacious seating as well as next-door access to Cartage Presse, which sells international newspapers, souvenirs, and clothing. A handful of boutiques and perfume shops are also located on the upper level, providing a few easy hours of merch to sift through.

Placed on the northeast side of Tunis, the airport offers a unique placement between downtown and its many beachside towns to the east. Take advantage of what’s in between, looking forward to family-friendly fun at Carthage Land, a water park in the Les Berges du Lac neighborhood, afterward taking a Ferris wheel ride at Dah Dah Happy Land Entertainment Park, located in the same area. Escape to the closest beach in Salambo afterward, also considering a walk across the acclaimed Tunis Lake for views of the historic Fort Santiago de Chikly.

Tunis Destinations
As the capital of Tunisia, Tunis is a glowing city that sits on the edge of Lake Tunis, offering a wide variety of ancient landmarks as well as modern museums storing archeological finds from throughout the region’s history. Get to know the local heritage by walking through Bardo National Museum first, seeing the world’s largest collection of Roman mosaics as well as rare Mediterranean artifacts, afterward moving onto the towering minaret at Al-Zaytuna Mosque, built in 698 AD and offering a rare feat in ancient architecture. Keep the historic vibes going by taking a tour of Byrsa, home to old citadel walls and ruins leftover from the Roman Empire, while the 2nd-century Baths of Antoninus provides public access to one of ancient Rome’s largest public bathing spots.

Get to know some of the natural getaways as much as the man-made ones, straying away from old complexes and toward the open-air ambiance of urban parks, one of the most popular being Belvedere Park, home to trails, an on-site zoo, and early 20th-century gazebos. Another great way to escape it all is through the many eastern beaches and ports, from Les Ports Punique de Carthage, which hosts historic archeological grounds and scenic views of the Mediterranean, to the tranquil Jardin Publique, located walking-distance from Les Ports and offering beachside garden breezes. A great place to end the day is Fort Santiago Chikly, an island at the center of Lake Tunis known for its scenic grounds as well as pristine sunsets over the water.

Lounges at Tunis Airport
- Salon VIP: 2 locations; lower and upper level. Perks include free Wi-Fi, reading material, TVs (upper level only), fax machines (upper level only), and drinks, plus disability access and flight information monitors.

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