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Tulsa transportation to local attractions
Oklahoma is known for its wide prairies and windy seasons, but the city of Tulsa has a few more expectations than what Mother Nature has in store. As the second largest city of the state, the city brings a wide variety of artistic culture, delicious foods, and worldwide entertainment.


Nothing beats a simple day at the zoo when you are with family and friends and Tulsa is home to a world-class one. The Tulsa Zoo and Living Museum is sprawled over beautifully landscaped grounds. It is also only a short distance from TUL airport. Its exhibits are rare and some even feature endangered animals. This is among one of the most popular attractions in the Tulsa area for families all year round for all ages.


Tulsa is full of unique attractions to visit such as The Gilcrease Museum, which brings North American history to life. Gilcrease is home to art from cultures dating back to the early 20th century. Tulsa also has its share of incredibly informative museums such as the Mac’s Antique Car and Tulsa Air and Space Museums, both of which are worth a visit.


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TUL airport shuttle

Tulsa International Airport Shuttles
With convenient flights to almost two dozen airports across the U.S., Tulsa International Airport could be the best option for you for your next vacation. If you are scheduled to have a layover in Tulsa on your next trip, you are in luck. Tulsa International Airport is located close to downtown Tulsa. Tulsa is considered to be the center of art and culture in Oklahoma and has number of interesting world-renowned attractions to see.


TUL airport rides
TUL Shared Ride Vans
Oklahoma is the land of steers, steak, and stunning nature, making it the perfect place to visit if you’re traveling on business, which many find themselves in town for. Reserve a shared ride van so that you don’t have to wait at Tulsa International Airport too long, allowing you to get to your hotel as soon as you pick up your luggage from baggage claim. Contact us to schedule a pick up – be sure to ask any questions you may find important like where the decided stops are as well as where the airport’s pick-up zone is.


TUL airport shuttles
TUL Private Vans
Walk through the ornate and intricately designed Philbrook Museum of Art, which is located within a historic museum surrounded by incredible gardens by making sure you have the right amount of seats in your car. Do a head count and see if you need at least 7 seats because our private vans are perfect for moderately sized groups. Once you’re on the road, head out to other fun destinations like the Tulsa Zoo, a huge Oklahoma institution that has its own Safari Train that drives across 85 acres of exotic land.


TUL airport sedans
TUL Private Sedans
If you’re a fan of gimmicky roadside attractions, get into a car and drive over to Golden Driller, a 75-foot-tall state of an oil work, which is a prideful and iconic emblem of the popular Tulsa industry. Visit this historical landmark and other great locations by reserving a private sedan with us, each roomy car coming with 3-4 seating and a comfortable ride with tinted windows, the privacy giving you a perpetual sense of intimacy that makes the sedan worth every penny.


TUL airport suv
TUL Private SUVs
The Oklahoma Aquarium features local and exotic aquatic life, the 72,000-square-feet able to impress all ages. Get there as a family by scheduling a pick up with one of our private SUVs, a great option to take your vacation into your own hands. Opened for 55 years, Bell’s Amusement Park is part of the Tulsa County Fairground and another fun family-friendly place known for hosting all kinds of different rides, events, and even a water slide.


TUL airport limos
TUL Stretched Limousines
Eat what Tulsa cooks best by eating steak at one of the many upscale steakhouses, whether it’s Sputters funky setting or Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse elegant ambiance. Make a reservation for your own table at either of these restaurants, but first reserve a stretched limousine so you can arrive in unmatched luxury. Our local transportation providers are home to a large collection of luxury vehicles, including leather seat limousines that offer as much impression as comfort.


TUL airport chartered buses
TUL Chartered Buses
If you’re planning a group camping trip and only need a small amount of transportation, book a chartered bus for a drop-off and pick-up at the Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness Area, a beautiful park designed for group trips. Contact us to reserve your bus, gaining the benefit of getting around town as you please and with the luxury of having your own driver.



Philbrook Museum of Art

Philbrook Museum of Art
Housed in a large villa that was constructed in the early 20th century, the Philbrook Museum of Art features art from all around the world, gaining tens of thousands of visitors a year. There’s also a beautifully designed garden located along the front side of the villa, making for an incredibly inviting entrance.


→ The Philbrook Museum of Art offers exhibitions throughout the year featuring different artists and genres for museum-goers to enjoy.


→ The museum has collections from all over the world from Europe, Africa, America and Asia. There are also modern art collections and more.


→ If you happen to be lucky enough to be in town for one of the museum’s events make sure to take advantage of events like Second Saturdays, Third Thursdays or Gallery Talks.




Traveling to Tulsa Zoo

Tulsa Zoo
The Tulsa Zoo is a great place to get entertained by animals as well as promote conservation efforts. As a non-profit organization, the facility features its own train, an aquarium, and dozens of acres made perfect for the massive ecosystem living on the grounds.




The Cave House Tours

The Cave House
Deep in the outskirts of Oklahoma City lies a strangely constructed house, and along with this house came all kinds of legends and mysteries For a small fee, you can get a tour of the famous Cave House, getting a piece of local history as well as an incredible backstory on an iconic landmark that no one seems to know about.



Flying into Tulsa International Airport
Tulsa’s airport is a short distance from downtown, making it only a five-mile drive to most hotels or conference centers. Whether you’re a businessman or a parent visiting their child away at college, the airport provides all kinds of assistance, from transportation to directions.


Tulsa Airport Transportation
If you’re in need of ground transportation once you land, get in touch with Tulsa Shuttles, a great shuttle company located just outside of baggage claim. There are also a variety of hotel shuttles, all of which can be contacted ahead of time for a free scheduled pickup.


Nearby hotels in Tulsa
Speaking of accommodations, there are several great places to spend the night in Tulsa. Stay at The Mayo Hotel for a deluxe Art Deco experience that includes a fully functional pool, free Wi-Fi, and a rooftop bar. If you want to stay posh and go for a more refined edge, visit the Ambassador Hotel, which boasts a polished restaurant and incredible interior design.


Tulsa Restaurants
Whether you’re a group of friends or simply a loner looking for a drink, Kilkenny’s Irish Pub has a relaxing atmosphere and tasty eats that will satisfy just about anyone. A lot of people know Tulsa for their beef, but what a lot of people don’t know is that the quaint city also has delicious seafood, especially at the White River Fish Market, which includes a casual café and a huge selection of fish.


Things to do in Tulsa
For more excitement, see lesser-known parts of Tulsa like the Mary K. Oxley Nature Center. The park includes a large amount of trails in a quiet atmosphere, making for perfect afternoon strolls. There’s also plenty of entertainment to see in Tulsa, especially at the always-exciting Brady Theater, where you can have dinner and a show.