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Trondheim Værnes TRD Airport Shuttle

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Rides at TRD airport Airport Locations
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Trondheim Airport Shuttle Service
It is highly recommended that you get airport shuttle transportation service when you arrive at the airport. Getting this type of transportation service is a great way to make your travel experience in the place hassle free and more comfortable. There are several airport shuttle services providers in the place. Choose a company that offers elite airport shuttle service that suits to your wants.

Just 20 miles east of downtown Trondheim, Trondheim Airport offers a scenic view of the Trondheim Fjord as well as distant mountains on the way into the city. Make that trip even better by making sure the ride is comfy, whether that means having all the time in the world with a private ride sedan, SUV, or van, or going simple with a drop-off courtesy of a taxi, stretched limousine, or local personal driver. A scenic city of canals and riverside landmarks, you’ll want a ride that not only matches Trondheim feel but the way you want to see it.

TRD Transportation
Take advantage of the airport’s transportation amenities when you land, looking forward to the connecting train via the Nordland Line at the on-site Trondheim Airport Station. Another ride that’s just as reliable is an airport shuttle, whether it be through the assistance of surrounding hotels offering 24-hour lifts free of charge or the help of local providers like sedan and shuttle companies, both of which are known for their timely arrivals and helpful drivers.

Shared Ride Van
Those looking forward to rides that are as simple as they are cost-effective should go for a shared ride van from area shuttle providers hopping aboard a fun lift that makes going slow a good thing. Get drop-offs to nearby hotels and distant downtown events, all at the ease of stepping on board. Travelling with a small group or a couple of friends? Then you will need to try out a shared ride van to get you to places such as the Old Town Bridge.

Private Van
If you need to transport up to a dozen people at any given moment, go with a private van from area shuttle companies to make sure everyone is comfortable, enjoying historic fortresses and gorgeous waterside parks with all the time in the world to not think about time. We have the private van to cater for literally all your travel needs. With the vans, you can get to various places including destinations as Kristiansten Fortress.

Private Sedan
Take intimacy to a new level with a private sedan, rendering area sedan companies to make sure each moment is as memorable as the last. Perfect for couples looking to find invigorating landscapes as well as lonely travelers in search of a special moment with themselves, the car and the land are a match made in heaven. Love engaging in outdoor activities? There are a lot of physical activities that you can take part in in this region. For instance, you can take a private sedan and travel to destinations for hiking in Bymarka for a good amount of activity.

Local Personal Drivers
Go the extra mile when it comes to how to enjoy every minute of your adventure, getting tips along the way with the help of a local personal driver. From which streets have the best drinks to where the hidden shorelines are, having a native in your back pocket is the best secret weapon for taking on Trondheim. If you want a personalized ride hire a local personal driver to transport you to your destination in Trondheim.

Private SUV
Small to medium sized families wanting to stay comfortable as they hop museum to museum should reserve an SUV with area companies, also looking forward to good times at the modern Pirbadet water park renowned for its epic landscapes and indoor facilities that keep the good times going if it rains. Take a sporty ride on your way to Erkebispegarden (Archbishop's Palace) by hoping into one of the private SUVs that we have to offer.

Taxi Cab
Get dropped off wherever with the swiftness of a taxi, making sure you arrive on-time to events at the Clarion Hotel & Congress Trondheim, which hosts all the main conventions for the city. Also great for exploring general neighborhoods, you can get a taxi to take you to the heart of Bakklandet for a day of exploring the neighborhood’s iconic cobblestone streets. Our taxicab services are a great way of traveling to or from the Trondheim Airport, Værnes (TRD). The airport transfers that you will get from them are without a doubt one of the best in the region.

Stretched Limousine
See the upscale in splendor by reserving a stretched limousine with local limo providers, making all your travels golden with a ride that has the capabilities. Whether you’re wanting to try out the fanciful Italian dishes at AiSuma Restaurant or sit down for the astounding shows at Trøndelag Theater, making sure you arrive in style should be first priority. Make your tour of this region as exciting as possible by rolling down to Sverresborg Trondelag Folk Museum. The experience you get by riding a stretched limousine is just awesome.

Chartered Bus
The perfect ride for passengers that exceed a dozen, chartered buses are the way to go when it comes to enjoying the city in comfort. Whether you’re looking forward to the hilly terrain on the outskirts or the quaint cafes waiting beside fjord waters, you’ll be glad you got a lift that keeps everyone together. For groups, as of students who are traveling to the Trondheim Tourist Information Centre, a bus is just the best way of traveling. With highly qualified and experienced drivers, you are guaranteed an incredible travel.

TRD Airport Terminals
Trondheim Airport offers one terminal, split into two sides; Terminal A for domestic flights & Terminal B handling international. Amenities include 3 ATMs, 11 conference rooms, an on-site hotel, not to mention shops & restaurants surrounding the second floor check-in facilities.

Trondheim City Airport Shuttles
Trondheim City Airport Shuttles
Trondheim Airport is also known as Trondheim lufthavn, Værnes, ICAO, ENVA as a popular international airport that serve cities and municipalities situated in Sor-Trondelag county, Norway.

Trondheim Airport Shuttles
With tons of gorgeous nature to take in, Trondheim Airport immediate surroundings make arriving early enough to see the sunrise worth it. Get through the scenic region with a ride that lets you admire it, going with a shuttle from local providers of taxi cabs as well as shuttle companies for a relaxed lift guaranteed to showcase the beauty of the region.

Wherever you’re visiting, know there’s something at arm’s reach when you get get there. Start with what’s west of Trondheim, exploring the quaint cottages in Trolla, famous for looking out at the fjord as well as its five minute drive from the Bymarka Nature Preserve. Those heading to the south side have just as much to look forward to, one of the must-see attractions being tours of the area’s colorful boat houses that rest along the Nidelva River via Trondheim Kayak in Sorgenfri.

Make sure tomorrow’s adventures are ready by doing the same with your shuttle, looking forward to your pick-up at Trondheim Airport by paying close attention to the reservation details. Do so by printing out your confirmation email or by writing down the information yourself, making sure you know the pick-up time, location, and type of vehicle you reserved. Keep close to airport staff if you feel like you’re in the wrong place, taking advantage of free information desks and tourist kiosks ready to point you in the right direction.

About Trondheim Airport
Home to a few nearby hotels, making sure you’ve got a room that’s close to Trondheim Airport is easy if you do some pre-planning. Go the extra mile when it comes to convenience by booking at the on-site Radisson Blu Hotel, offering 4-star amenities and instant access to both terminals, or go with the slightly further Scandic Hell, which touches the nearby city of Hell while offering equal perks in an uber-modern facility. One of the most popular off-site stays is Quality Airport Hotel, a quiet 4-star choice located just north of the facility in Stjørdal.

A great distance from downtown Trondheim, the airport makes layovers enjoyable with a slew of shops and restaurants, whether you’re looking forward to a business trip at the heart of downtown or just want your flight to arrive so you can go home. On-site eateries include O’Leary’s Sports Bar as well as the takeaway sushi at Seafood Bar. There are also a couple of pizza joints, coffee shops, and a bar located on the east end. Stay entertained as well by doing some light shopping, choosing between a good read from Tanum Books or looking fabulous with accessories from Airport Fashion and Travel Value Cosmetics.

Though it may seem like there’s nothing to do in the rural eastern region that surrounds the airport, you’d be surprised at how much beauty waits right around the corner, from the unique exhibits at the Stjørdal Museum to the solemn beauty within the old Værnes Church next-door. Look forward to good eats in the northern town of Stjørdal as well, most of which are located along Kjøpmannsgata Road. The town is also home to a bowling alley, sports complex, trails, and a small opera house.

Trondheim Destinations
Understanding the culture of Trondheim is the first step to having a good time, something that can easily be experienced at the many museums in the area. Start at Rockheim Museum, which explores Norway’s love of pop music and EDM, afterward moving onto something more stately at the Baroque-style Stiftsgarden Palace, renowned for its beautiful architecture and downtown location. See unbeatable views of the distant mountainscape at Tyholttårnet Radio Tower as well, home to a towering observation deck that and rotating restaurant perfect for watching the world go by. For something closer to the ground but just as stunning, visit Old Town Bridge for a look at the town’s iconic red landmark surrounded by river boat houses.

Compliment the educational with the inspiring by setting some time aside to experience the magnificence of the Nidaros Cathedral. Inspired by Medieval times, the cathedral and palace is a great predecessor to the equally popular Kristiansten Festning Fortress, located just across the river and offering a hilltop view of the city as well as authentic artifacts and on-site café. Go shopping at Trondheim Torg when you get the chance, experiencing the vibe of the city from the most popular shopping mall in the city, or going with something less modern at Solsiden, another popular mall that offers a slew of food markets housed in a stretch of historic red-brick buildings.

Lounges at Trondheim Airport
There is one lounge available in Trondheim Airport, which is the SAS Lounge near Gate 30. The facility offers access through a membership program or SAS ticket with an added fee. Home to free Wi-Fi, fax machines, and complimentary beverages in a private lobby, paying the extra buck is worth it if you plan to stick around for a few hours.

Trondheim Airport is situated in Værnes which is a village situated in the municipality of Stjørdal. This airport is operated by Avinor. In the year 2014, Trondheim Airport served almost 5, 000, 000 passengers and had almost 70, 000 air movements which make it as the fourth busiest across the country. Trondheim Airport actually has 2 terminals.  Trondheim Airport features southeast 1,472-metre runway and east–west 2,999-metre runway.

Traveling to Norway becomes easier because of Trondheim Airport. Trondheim Airport has an elite services and facilities that can accommodate traveler’s needs and wants. Trondheim Airport offers free WiFi for two hours.

Trondheim Hotel Shuttles
Staying in an airport hotel of your choice is a smart choice that will enable you to enjoy your stay in the place. Upon your arrival in Trondheim Airport, you do not need to worry where to stay because you can actually find best airport hotels located near the airport that offers stunning accommodations, services and facilities in accordance to your wants and needs.  Airport hotels near the airport are highly recommended to all travelers who want to stay near the airport.

If you are going to stay in Norway for days then you need to book in a suitable and best airport hotel situated near Trondheim Airport. Well, if you look for airport hotel near the airport then for sure you will be surprised to know that there are several airport hotels located near the airport.

Radisson Blu Hotel Trondheim Airport is actually the nearest airport hotel situated in the adjacent in the airport. Scandic Hell is a five-minute walk away from the airport. Airport Hotel Vaernes is also a five minute walk from the airport. Airport hotels offer shuttle service to travelers who want to stay in the hotel which make it accessible for travelers to easily find elite airport hotel where they can stay.

Restaurants in Trondheim
Travelling would be incomplete without trying native delicacies and visiting famous dining areas. Pamper yourself by means of visiting popular dining areas in the place. In case, you are not in the mood to wander in the place just to dine at popular restaurants then why not just dine in restaurants near Trondheim airport.   Experiencing culinary delight at different restaurant situated near the airport is one thing that will for sure complete your travel in the place.

Attractions in Trondheim
Aside from culinary delight and great airport hotel accommodation, you should not miss to do all activities that the place can offer to solo and group travelers.  There are several activities you should try on to acquire memorable and stunning travel experience in the place. You can visit shopping malls, museums, parks and other tourist destination in the place.