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Sep 26, 2023
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Torp Airport Transportation

A small international airport located in the rural north side of the city of Sandefjord, Sandefjord Airport offers a quiet gateway into south Norway. Make sure you’ve got a ride ready & waiting by booking from several meet-and-greets, whether it’s a business-friendly taxi or elegant stretched limousines. Another ride to consider is the kind that offers all the freedom in the world, from private sedans perfect for couples looking to keep every moment intimate to expansive buses that can transport dozens at a time.

TRF Transportation
Though the facility isn’t one of the most visited in the country, it’s surrounded by a variety of public transport options, which include the Vestfold Line, which drops off to Oslo Central Station as well as a variety of shuttles, buses, and coaches, not to mention ferries that transport to surrounding islands. Take advantage of a variety of shuttles from local taxi or shuttle providers as well, making quick trips a sitch.

Shared Ride Van
Whether you’re visiting family for the weekend or just need a drop-off to your resort, knowing you’ve got a lift to take care of the in-between is the best way to relax. Find the rural region and all its quaint villages with ease, booking a shared ride van with area shuttles for convenient lifts that come with bag handling services.

Private Van
Go with a private van to take the family across vast lands, whether you’re interested in exploring cozy waterside museums or going on a stroll through surrounding parks. Book with local airport transportation companies to make your arrangements today, allowing for up to a dozen passengers to see the beauty of tomorrow.

Private Sedan
From those wanting to hang out in the city solo to small families in search of a vivid memory, there’s a lot to take care of in a short amount f time. See the countryside’s tranquility with a private sedan from area companies, not only great for the freedom to leave as you please but staying out as long as you want.

Local Personal Drivers
Get the local scoop on what there is to do by having a little birdy tell you along the way, reserving a local personal driver to make time fly as quick as possible. From which nearby island offers the best view of fjords to enjoying the local music scene that moves throughout a handful of bars downtown, you’ll have your fair share in fun times.

Private SUV
Families used to being on the move may want to consider winding down with one of local providers SUVs, a ride that can definitely create a lasting impression on the region as much as the region on you. Home to kids museums, restaurants, piers, and urban trails, there’s plenty for all ages to get lost in.

Taxi Cab
Get to one-stop destinations with a ride that does it with ease, booking a taxi for efficient work trips to the distant Oslofjord Convention Center as well as simple drop-offs to the historic Hotel Kong Carl. Also perfect for designated drives and red eye flights, the 24-hour lift is always ready to rescue.

Stretched Limousine
Those getting ready for a night of opulence should do so with a ride that makes the trip its own vacation. Book a stretched limousine to enjoy the hour drive to Drammen, located halfway between the airport and Oslo, and renowned for its ornate performances held within the Drammen Teater.

Chartered Bus
Also home to large parks and wide open views, chartered buses can come in handy for large families interested in having as much room as possible. Also perfect for large work convoys and sports teams, being able to carry more than a dozen people at a time is an experience all on its own.

TRF Airport Terminals
Home to one passenger terminal, Sandefjord Airport makes it easy to get through a large crowd, offering two levels of amenities and gates.
Ground Level: departures & arrivals, shops & restaurants, information desk, gates, and security.
Level 2: passport control, gates, and ATMs.


Torp Airport Shuttles

With 68 miles separating the facility and downtown Oslo, many in the region like to visit the city as much as nearby attractions. Do so by having a lifts ready for the occasion, booking a shuttle from either local sedan or taxi companies to get easy rides to the nearest train station, or gos with a variety of private rentals that offer the benefit of taking your time across the country as well as the ability to go the long way back.

Attractions ranging from vast to quaint wait in every direction, all depending on which way you’re headed. Those exploring the northern city of Stokke have a range of quaint villages, waterside views, and parks to enjoy, one of the most popular attractions being Sti For Øye due to its towering lookouts. If you’re staying in the small town of Larvik instead, enjoy a handful of charming museums and churches that include the Herregården Estate. And if you’re staying simple with a trip to Sandefjord, don’t forget the art of doing nothing at Tønsberg Tønne, which looks out at the majesty of the eastern shores.

Don’t lose track of the ride that matters most by making sure you’ve got the information on-hand. Do so with a quick print-out of the confirmation email after you book with your shuttle provider, also considering a travel journal that holds contact information as well as pick-up location, time, and vehicle type. If you can’t find Ground Transportation, ask for guidance from the information desk, located on the ground floor and always ready to help.

About Sandefjord Airport
Make the most out of your time by keeping close to your flight with a variety of nearby hotel options. The closest option is Sandefjord Motor Hotel, located just west of the airport and offering 3-star amenities, a business center, and close access to the small village of Fevang. The rest of the closest hotels are scattered across north and downtown Sandefjord, which include the modern Clarion Collection Hotel Atlantic as well as the centuries-old Hotel Kong Carl.

If you happen to be inside the airport long enough to where you feel like you’re in a hotel, get to know your surroundings by enjoying the on-site shops & restaurants. Grab a bite to eat at the airport chain, O’Learys Restaurant & Pub, a casual place to hangout in the middle of the layover with a burger and sports game, also choosing between La Baguette, Peppe’s Pizza, and Café Opus. Stores include one Duty Free shop as well as The Point kiosks, which offer newspapers, drinks, and to-go food.

Though the area is located in a rural area north of the city, Sandefjord Airport still offers instant access to a few attractions. One of the most popular is the Knattholmen Pursuits & Coastal Camp School, located east along the island of Natholmen and offering one of the country’s most vivid lookouts. Check out what’s in the nearby town of Stokke as well, renowned for its quiet location and super laid-back locals. If you’re wanting something right around the corner instead, enjoy a stroll at Fokserød, a great way to go on a walk right after a long flight.

Sandefjord Destinations
Home to a small population juxtaposed with larger-than-life landmarks, Sandefjord is a beautiful coastal town to be in, whether it’s for a work trip that requires you to stay close to the airport or a quiet vacation with the family. Experience the most popular attractions first, moving from the history at Hvalfangstmuseet to the unique art pieces hanging within Galleri Food, which stands at the end of a scenic peninsula just south of downtown. Families looking to have a blast should take advantage of the lanes and grub at Metro Bowling & Playland, located west of the city in the neighborhood of Nygård.

Check out the sweeping views available from the iconic Tønsberg Tønne, located on the eastern end one of the city’s two peninsulas and offering a vivid view of the city from a stone monument, secret beaches, and unique sunsets. The city also offers a train station to the nearby city of Oslo, making a quick hour and a half trip into the country’s capital something worth considering. If you get bored of the mainland, remember that you can always see what’s at sea with the help of countless ferries waiting to deport along the south bay. Eat at a popular local restaurant before your trip comes to a close, one of the most beloved being Beist Burger & Bar.

Lounges at Sandefjord Airport
Due to the low traffic and relatively few number of airlines that fly through Sandefjord Airport, there are no VIP or executive lounges available for layovers. Free Wi-Fi throughout the facility and a café, however, make work spaces easy to improvise.

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