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For those heading to the relaxed southern state of Tennessee for their collegiate career, prepare for a surrounding beauty as relaxed as the local residents. Whether you’re a researcher excited for a new grant or an undergraduate ready to start their journey, you’ll find more than enough options without having to leave the bounds of the state. Look forward to it all by having your ride ready as soon as your flight lands, utilizing a shuttle to get to your hotel and a private sedan to do even more.

For those heading to the prestigious University of Tennessee, get to know the classic 18th-century campus alongside other Knoxville landmarks by getting there in a style that fits what you need. Think the same when you head to other bright corners of the state, whether it’s the rural surroundings at Cookeville Tennessee Tech University or the tree-lined research institution of The University of Memphis, all while keeping the most important things in mind. Don’t forget to consider the southern decadence of historic gems like Vanderbilt University, a private grounds worthy of a stretched limousine whether you’re visiting for a casual business opportunity or live theater performance.