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Mar 02, 2024
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Tenerife North Airport Transportation

Located on the north side of Tenerife, Tenerife North Airport is the secondary facility for the island of Tenerife, working in tandem with the much more popular Tenerife-South Airport on the opposite end of the island. Make sure you have somewhere to be when a new day rises over the Canary Islands, whether that means attending an event at the Magma Art & Congress in style or seeking out a view from the isle’s dormant volcano. Get a private sedan to make the day go by easy, or choose between a variety of meet and greet services like local personal drivers, limousines, and taxis.


TFN Transportation
Get to know the island of Tenerife inside and out by utilizing the Tenerife Tram, a local light rail made famous by its colorful carts and for being the only light rail on the Canary Islands. You can also go with a shuttle to make things simple, whether you’re a family trying to kick-start the day or a couple wanting to make each moment count, contacting us to make sparks fly.


Shared Ride Van
Get across the aisle in a way that makes you connect with the people, one of the easiest rides that provide that being a shared ride van, popular not only for its collective excitement but low cost. Go through us to make arrangements today, thanking yourself for the ultimate convenience tomorrow.


Private Van
Large groups in need of a car that holds at least a dozen should go with a private van instead, making sure everyone gets a seat that saves both time and money. Reserve now to make it happen, getting across the high views of Teide National Park while looking forward to the low beaches at Puerto de la Cruz.


Private Sedan
With waves crashing on the shores 24/7 alongside a midnight sky that brings the glow of distant stars, it’s important to keep up with the intimate as much as the efficient. Feel both with a private sedan, taking a drive across hidden streets and rural towns eager to be explored.


Local Personal Drivers
Book a local personal driver to get the scoop, reserving now for all-day fun at prices that beat private rentals. Offering a unique perspective that knows the value of taking things slow, whether that means knowing the best night clubs to hit up in the Playa de las Americas region or finding the beach with the best sunset, you’ll be more than covered.


Private SUV
Relax whichever direction you turn by knowing you’re safe the whole drive, making sure the whole family is taken care of with one of our private SUVs, each ride made perfect for excursions that can carry up to six passengers in a way that’s both comfy and secure.


Taxi Cab
For vacationers looking to make it to unique locales far from public transportation, utilize one of the many cabs at Ground Transportation. Especially important if you happen to be staying at nearby resorts like Hotel Escuela and Hotel Silken Atlantida, cabs can are helpful for one-time drops.


Stretched Limousine
Take things in stride by getting a limousine from us, looking forward to the day one small town at a time by booking a vehicle that makes you look good, whether you’re arriving to an upscale seafood restaurant in Punta del Hidalgo or sitting down for a show at Teatro Guimera in Santa Cruz.


Chartered Bus
Those in need of a lift that can carry up to two dozen people should go all out with a chartered bus, looking forward to expansive trips across great distances, from the jungle-like atmosphere at the core of the island to classic lookouts from open-air beaches.


TFN Airport Terminals
With one main terminal spread across four different levels, TFN gets a lot done without having to make guests walk too much. Newly renovated in 2002, the four-story structure is great for experiencing the beauty of the region with ease, getting in and out of a dozen gates as well as looking forward to a variety of on-site shops & eateries located on Ground Level.


Tenerife North Airport Shuttles

Placed on the northern end of the island, you’ll be at the foothills of Anaga Rural Park seaside mountains when you arrive to TNF Airport. Make sure you get a relaxing ride to enjoy your trip out of the facility, making any direction easy with a shuttle from our just as reliable provider, both of which offer lifts to any locale on the north side.


If you’re staying close to Tenerife North Airport, consider yourself lucky not only in terms of transportation costs but rare landmarks ranging from surrounding villages to seaside escapades. Look forward to what’s on the horizon by hanging out at one of many nearby beaches ranging from the scenic rocks & caves at Playa De Rojas to the lovely resorts sprawled across Teresitas Beach, both of which are less than five miles from the main terminal.


If you’re renting a vehicle from a new provider, make sure you stay on top of everything with receipts, confirmation emails, and special arrangements. Know where to get picked up as well as what time your lift is planning to arrive. As a last resort, ask Tenerife North Airport staff where Ground Transportation is, keeping a lookout for Information Desks and open check-in counters at Ground Level.


About Tenerife North Airport
With an exceptional location on the largest of Spain’s Canary Islands, arriving at TFN Airport offers the rare opportunity to explore the island of Tenerife from top to bottom. Start with which towns are closest, from the vast peninsula parks that surround the port city ambiance of Santa Cruz to the narrow alleys and lowly mountain views from San Cristobal de La Laguna, both of which rest just north of the airport while offering a slew of rare destinations and resorts.


Keep up with all that’s offered from within the facility as well, looking forward to the grub and shops of the airport, most of which are located on Ground Level. Enjoy casual American fast food from stops like Burger King while also looking forward to casual layover drinks at Bar Dorada. Spend some time souvenir shopping if boredom strikes, taking a stroll through a variety of on-site vendors that make waiting for your next flight as simple as a walk.


In addition to the general getaways that wait on the outskirts of the island, there’s plenty to see just around the corner. Start with what’s in San Cristobal de La Laguna, checking out a variety of attractions just north of the airport, from the 16th-century architecture within the Museum of the History of Tenerife to a night out on the town at Teatro Leal on Calle Obispo Rey Redondo. The city of San Cristobal de La Laguna isn’t just great for keeping close to the airport but the rest of Tenerife as well, especially with access to the island’s expansive Light Rail Station via La Trinidad Stop at the heart of the small town’s main street, Calle Tabares de Cala.


Tenerife Destinations
Rich with Spanish island culture, there isn’t one particular thing to do in ‘town’ so much as an amalgamation of things to explore. Start by seeing what’s past the obvious landmarks at San Cristóbal de La Laguna and toward something more amazing, the most populous city on the 785 square mile area being Santa Cruz. Placed on the coast just east off Tenerife North Airport, the city offers a vast collection of buildings & missions from the 1700s accompanied by a particular type of nature that goes unmatched. Home to a water park, expansive light rail system, plus touching exhibits at the Historical Military Museum of the Canary Islands, there’s plenty of ways to kill an afternoon.


Do better by exploring some of the lesser known areas as well, adding to the island’s mystique by seeing underrated landmarks ranging from hidden beaches to rural gems. Choose between guided strolls through the many plants, mammals, and marine wildlife at Loro Park, a zoo in Puerto de La Cruz that brings millions with its close access to waterside shopping and public beaches, plus a few miles of distance from the folk art & boutique shops set up by locals at Casa de los Balcones in the small town of La Orotava. Those staying in the central side of the island should take time to explore the vast terrain of Teide National Park, home to Spain’s highest mountain, the Teide volcano, which sits dormant beneath layers of lush grass and trees.


Services at Tenerife Airport
Making your time at the airport count is as important as what you do outside of it. Take advantage of simple on-site perks like free Wi-Fi, charge stations, plus kid-friendly tours that discuss eco-friendly aspects on the airport along with Q&As from local firefighters. Make work trips extra special with tickets to the VIP Lounge as well, gaining business-friendly amenities like access to computers, printers, faxing, and private hangout rooms with couches & televisions.


TFN Contact Information
Tenerife North Airport
38297 San Cristobal de La Laguna
Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain


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