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A mountainous island off the coast of East China, Taiwan’s large area is mostly taken up by its lush backdrop. A handful of major cities populate the isle’s western coast, where guests can experience a rich heritage from Taipei to Kaohsiung City. Make sure you’ve got a ride to take care of your adventures, choosing between private lifts that include small sedans perfect for the loner type and SUVs that carry the whole family, while meet-and-greet services bring the luxury of stretched limousines and taxis to the forefront of upscale beach resorts. Vast public transportation networks are also set in place, from the capital city of Taipei’s several subway lines that connect to Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, to the many inter-connected cities bonded by Taiwan Railways.


Once transportation is figured out, make finding your temporary home especially worth it, starting with what seaside city you’ll be resting in. For those staying in Taipei, choose from various stays in the Zhongzheng District that include 5-star suites at Taipei Garden Hotel as well as modest park-side views from Orange Hotel. Similar accommodations can be chosen from dozens of stays sprawled across downtown Kaohsiung City on the opposite end of the island, whether that means getting high-rise views of sunset from The Grand HiLai Hotel or a priceless tropical atmosphere at Sunset Beach Resort closer to the water. On the eastern side rest quiet oases like the small city of Taitung, made perfect for the rural at heart - soak in the quietude of the foothills from Sheraton Taitung Hotel’s world-famous amenities & suites fit for a king.


When all the dust of logistics settles, uncover the true beauty behind Taiwan’s lush tropics and vibrant culture, waving to happy passerby as you explore the streets of downtown Taipei. Find historic temples and busy inner-city entertainment reminiscent of Tokyo by exploring hotspots like the National Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall, home to celebrated ponds, gardens and architecture, afterward ending the evening with vibrant food & souvenir shops at the Raohe Night Market. Those visiting Kaohsiung City should expect to find various iconic structures that include the Dragon and Tiger Pagodas, adorned with loud colors alongside a lake, while the Spring and Autumn Pavilions offer eye-catching lanterns and a mural-lined stairwell. Located between these two cities are various national parks sprinkled across the island’s central landscape, from ancient ruins nestled in the foothills of Yushan National Park to rare species covering Shei-Pa National Park.

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