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Aug 19, 2022
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A simple business stay offering all the perks guests could need to take on Taipei’s diverse Zhongshan District, Yomi Hotel is a modest choice for lovers of urban life. Stylish rooms includes brazen minimalism, with select suites adding a bit more with vibrantly textured carpets, a large sofa and colonial accents sharpened by the light from floor-to-ceiling windows. Also available at the hotel is free Wi-Fi and breakfast, not to mention loaner bikes that make getting from point A to point B a little easier. Make it a whole lot easier by booking a ride of your own, choosing between public transportation from the Shuanglian Subway Station down the street or various private vehicle rentals ranging from the quietude of small sedans to the spacious safety of vans and SUVs. For professionals trying to reach either of the two nearby airports, reserve a meet-and-greet service instead, either going with stretched limousines for classy arrivals or taxis to get there on time.


At the heart of Taipei’s festive Zhongshan District, Yomi Hotel is not only a great escape for those interested in getting to know the island’s vibrant capital but a special oasis perfect for admiring the dramatic landscape. Walking distance from the hotel are cozy street-side benches at Yongsheng Park as well as gorgeous architecture at the Wenchang Temple, while entertainment includes Holiday KTV vibrant karaoke atmosphere in addition to cultural folk music & traditional Chinese opera showcased at the Taipei EYE. To truly experience the otherworldly backdrop of Taiwan, one has to leave the urban core of Taipei and delve into the north side’s sizable getaways that include lakeside attractions at Dahu Park as well as vivid vistas from Bihu Trail. Other quiet lookouts that make it to the top of the list include the deafening views at Fengguizui Lookout as well as the passing clouds & grazing cows of Qingtiangang Grassland.

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