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Planning your trip and transfers to Syracuse
The Big Apple typically steals the spotlight from cities like Syracuse, which makes it even more important to visit due to its overlooked status. The town is a magnificent hybrid of 21st century modernism and a touch of natural wonder. With Lake Ontario just off the outskirts and Onondaga Creek running through downtown, it’s almost impossible to escape the hybrid of the two.


While you are in town you can visit The Everson Museum of Art which is the cornerstone of the cultural life of downtown Syracuse. It was designed by I.M. Pei and features his artworks such as sculptures and paintings from the 18th century through modern times as well as exhibits from Chinese and new contemporary ceramist artists from around the world.


Clinton Square is the centerpiece of the downtown area of Syracuse and it hosts festivals every weekend from June until October. It features spectacular fountains which is circled by an outdoor seating plaza. If you have kids traveling with you, you could visit the Rosamond Gifford Zoo which displays over hundred to incredible animal exhibits that even the youngest travelers will enjoy.


Syracuse airport shuttle

Syracuse Hancock International Airport Shuttles
Syracuse International Airport is thought of by many as upstate New York’s entrance to the world. Syracuse is a great place to start or end your journey. With dozens of direct flights across the coast, it is also located just a short distance from downtown Syracuse.

This busy airport offers nonstop flights to and from many destinations. In fact, it provides direct connections for hundreds of destinations. 
Syracuse has a lot of attractions for visitors to see. Whether you are visiting Syracuse or are just at the airport for a layover, you’ll have a chance to explore the city and take it all in.


SYR airport rides
SYR Shared Ride Vans
The Syracuse Hancock International Airport is city-owned, making it public property, but you wouldn’t guess because it functions like an exceptional customer service-oriented company that allows people to run through as smooth as possible. With a great airport staff and tasty drinks, having a delayed flight isn’t so bad, however when you arrive you’ll want to get to your hotel immediately. Hop onto our convenient and low-cost shared ride vans, riding with a few other passengers, but at getting around as quick as any taxi.


SYR airport shuttles
SYR Private Vans
Go shopping at Destiny USA, a huge shopping center made perfect for big-family shopping. Arrive safe and sound, but most importantly together, by reserving a private SUV. Head to other great locations like Onondaga Lake Park, a great place to spend the day running or taking a calming walk beside the water.


SYR airport sedans
SYR Private Sedans
The Palace Theatre is a restored film and music hall originally built in 1922 and family-owned, making the experience intimate and guaranteed to be entertaining. Show up to beautiful landmarks like this by reserving a private sedan ride made perfect for couples or small families of 3-4 members. When you’re ready to see the prettiest part of Syracuse, drive over to Clark Reservation State Park, a spacious park perfect for playing or admiring the city skyline, especially if you walk up to one of the many cliffs.


SYR airport suv
SYR Private SUVs
Take the family fishing at Green Lake and enjoy the calming waters that lie 9 miles east of downtown, offering peaceful afternoons and close access to other fishing spots like the equally beautiful Round Lake. You can get to natural wonders like these and more by booking a private SUV, an awesome vacation perk offered by our transportation providers that offer great SUV deals every day.


SYR airport limos
SYR Stretched Limousines
Because Syracuse is more of a simple city, there aren’t too many luxurious landmarks, but from what there is, arriving in style is just as vital as if you were arriving to a posh New York event. The colorful and cozy Alto Cinco is an upscale Mexican cantina that is a perfect place to get dropped off by your chauffeur one of Syracuse’s premiere source for luxurious rides. For some after hours fun, go to World Lounge & Martini Bar, trying out as much as you want since you don’t have to worry about getting behind the wheel.


SYR airport chartered buses
SYR Chartered Buses
The best place for a huge group to go is an exhilarating show. Visit the historic Landmark Theatre, a true landmark in every sense of the word that hosts performances from a variety of different art forms. Watch the show together by getting your tickets in one bunch purchase and get there together by reserving a chartered bus. Chartered buses are great ways for great groups to get around, mainly because they not only offer so much room, but come with their own driver as well.



Visiting Rosamond Gifford Zoo

Rosamond Gifford Zoo
If you’re in the mood to get wowed by the incredible animals and exoticism of the Rosamond Gifford Zoo, be sure to check it out! The massive facility not only holds a wide variety of species, but is also free for children under 3 as well as veterans, making it a great place for the entire family.


→ There are over 700 animals on display at the zoo


→ It is ranked as one of the top zoos in the United States


→ There are over forty acres of land that the zoo covers for it attractions and animals




Destiny USA Stores and Restaurants

Destiny USA
Many see Destiny USA simply as a mall, which it is, but the facility is so grandiose and epic that it offers much more. There is also a slew of dining areas, fun activities, as well an indoor theme park with rides, making it a fun trip for everyone.




Erie Canal Museum exhibits

Erie Canal Museum
The Erie Canal Museum is a historic museum built in the 1960’s and is located in the Weighlock Building. The museum is located in a historic massive weighlock building, which is essentially an old canal dock designed to determine the weight of boats. Think of it as an old-school toll booth, but instead of cars, ships from the 19th century.



Flying into Syracuse Hancock International Airport
Syracuse is the fourth biggest city in the state of New York, so there isn’t much to be confused about when you get off the plane. There are plenty of car rental services waiting outside the gate, but if you’re just getting off a red eye, it’s probably best to book a service such as Syracuse Regional Taxi.


Syracuse Airport Transportation
If you’re in a large group or are trying to get around on a budget, Syracuse also has a large amount of public transportation. Take the bus system, Centro, to wherever you need to go and pick up more information by visiting the Regional Transportation Center.


Nearby hotels in Syracuse
The Courtyard Syracuse Downtown is probably the most modern and efficient stay that’s as close to the heart of Syracuse as you can get. With free Wi-Fi and a fully functional pool, the Courtyard offers convenience and class at the same time. On the other hand, Jefferson Clinton Hotel is one of the most beautiful and historic in the city. If you’re in the mood for classic lodging and complimentary breakfast, be sure to book there.


Syracuse Restaurants
Pastabilities is a great Italian-American restaurant that serves traditional homemade pasta along with family favorites. If you’re not in the mood for Italian, go Mexican at Alto Cinco, a colorful and cozy cantina with a delicious menu and even tastier drinks.


Things to do in Syracuse
If you get bored with Syracuse, see an amazing show at Landmark Theatre, a beautiful venue with only the best shows. If you don’t want to see a show, go on a lovely afternoon walk at Webster Pond, and don’t forget to bring food for the ducks.