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Apr 28, 2024
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Surat Airport Transportation

Servicing India’s west coast city of Surat, Surat International Airport offers a vivid view of the bay as well as a variety of on-site amenities added after the 2009 renovation of the main terminal. See the beautiful waterside oasis by getting a ride that allows all the freedom in the world to explore, going private with a sedan, SUV, van, or chartered bus for just enough room to make it across great landscapes, or go with a simple meet-and-greet service for the convenience of custom drop-offs, whether you’re in need of a taxi to the New Textile Market or a stretched limousine perfect for turning each turn into a slow-motion movie.

STV Transportation
STV Airport offers decent public transportation options, from bus lines that run along Dumas Road to prepaid taxis available just outside of ground transportation. The closest train stop (Bhestan Station) is located half an hour east. Get through the region with total ease by booking a shuttle as your helpful chauffeur, reserving through either area shuttle or to have your bags taken care, also enjoying wide windows perfect for views of the Tapi River along the way, all at the ease of hopping aboard.

Shared Ride Van
Book a shared ride van from area shuttle providers to get one-time rides to hotels and resorts, from the riverside tranquility of the 5-star Gateway Hotel to the bright lights outside The Grand Bhagwati, located just north of the airport and offering especially close access to Dumas Beach and Golden Beach.

Private Van
Look forward to Surat’s family-friendly attractions by booking a private van from area shuttle companies, taking care of up to a dozen passengers with a ride that knows the importance of seeing the beauty together, whether it’s the flowers at Sneh Rashmi Botanical Garden or the modern water slides at Amaazia Water Park.

Private Sedan
Go for the gold when it comes to enjoying the day with privacy, reserving a private sedan from local sedan providers to get to know the city’s quiet perspective, exploring shops and cafés at RahulRaj Mall for as long as you want, or looking forward to endless memories at Ubharat Beach.

Local Personal Drivers

One of the best ways to understand the beauty of Surat’s culture is by seeing it through their eyes. Get a local personal driver to show you how to have fun, whether you’re interested in finding the best restaurant for dinner or want to find a hidden beach right before dusk.

Private SUV
No ride takes cares of families more than a private SUV, especially if it’s coming through area shuttle companies. Fitting up to six passengers, the lift is perfect for exploring well-known atmospheres ranging from the tranquility of the Ambika Niketan Temple to VR Mall’s modern shops, all at the ease of being your own driver.

Taxi Cab
Get through Surat without having to deal with the hectic traffic, enjoying events at Resource Conference Center as well as a variety of other busy locales. Also perfect for lifts to your flight and surrounding hotels, you’ll be glad you went the extra mile with a lift that can take care of each moment.

Stretched Limousine
Get through the day in total opulence by booking a stretched limousine from area limo companies, dipping your toes into the fanciful waters of Surat as soon as your flight lands, whether that means grabbing a bite at the International Business Center’s Black Pepper Restaurant or enjoying a relaxing pool & spa atmosphere at The Gateway Hotel.

Chartered Bus
For easy lifts across town and enough room for over a dozen passengers, reserving a chartered bus is perfect for simple travels. Move from the historic architecture of the English Cemetery to the modern distractions at RahulRaj Mall, all without ever having to break apart.

STV Airport Terminals
Surat International Airport is home to a single terminal building with two levels of modern services/amenities.
- Level 1: arrivals & departures, check-in, security, baggage claim, medical services, luggage carts, a courtyard garden, and art.
- Level 2: restaurants, shops, and lounge areas.
Additional services: child care facilities, lost & found, telephones, ATMs, and wheelchairs.


Surat Airport Shuttles

A large modern airport with a simple layout, Surat International is the ideal way to reach a variety of beachside hangouts looking out at the Arabian Sea, from unique parks perfect for experiencing west India to resorts that make staying in especially worth it. Book a shuttle to get a one-time drop-off to your all-in-one stay, reserving through either local shuttle or taxi companies for guaranteed comfort as well as the added benefit of knowing your ride is waiting before you even land.

With beauty waiting on every side of town, it’s easy to have fun wherever your shuttle plans to drop you off. Those heading to the east side of town will have easy access to two wildlife sanctuaries as well as a large lake formed by the Tapi River. Just west of the city are a few beaches, while the north & south sides offer a handful of villages. Stay near the heart of it all by choosing between popular central districts, which include ancient temples in Udhna, New Textile Market busy shops, and the old river bridges of Katargam.

A great way to ensure all things go as planned is to make sure you’ve got those plans stored away somewhere safe, something especially easy when it comes to shuttle reservations. Print out your confirmation email the moment it arrives, doing the same with hotel reservations as well as any other bookings you make. Keep extra scans of your personal ID and passport on-hand as well, either through printouts or digital copies. For additional questions, the information desk is located in the arrivals area.

About Surat International Airport
With close access to some of India’s most pristine views of the Arabian Sea, Surat International Airport is a unique getaway in itself. Keep your commute short by staying close with a nearby hotel to boot, the closest options being Satelite Bungalows and Rajhans Belliza just west of the facility. Hotels on the east side include The Grand Bhagwati, an opulent resort known for its 5 restaurants and on-site nightclub, while the more modest Wind Chimes Boutique offers a quaint guest house vibe as well as closer access to downtown.

Enjoy a handful of snack restaurants and shops while you wait inside the airport, getting a quick bite from either Saptagiri Snacks Bar or GEETHA Snacks Bar, also sifting through the merch at duty-free shops as well as souvenir stores known to showcase the local specialty of silk fabrics and textiles. The airport is also home to a relaxing courtyard garden on the first level of the facility as well as unique artwork that paints the waiting area’s canvas a local hue.

Those staying close to the airport are lucky to be so close to the beach as well as other treasured landmarks of west Surat, from the tranquil scenery and bird watching opportunities at Gavier Lake, located just west of the airport, to popular meditations and hymns resounding throughout Silent Zone, located right next-door to Gavier Lake. A bit further west is Dumas Beach, especially adorned for its black sand and close access to Hazira Mangroves, an island national park that forks the Tapi River just as its funneling into the Arabian Sea.

Surat Destinations
A city known throughout India for its important role in the textile industry, Surat is a land of arabesque patterns both in clothes and architecture. Witness natural wonders around the Tapi River, a vast international history told through several museums, and unique views of the Arabian Sea from surreal black sand beaches. Spend the morning at Sneh Rashmi Botanical Garden, a scenic space home to detailed flora and a miniature train, afterward checking out the ornate shrines to Krishna at ISKCON Surat, which offer incredible architecture and gorgeous lakeside lawns. For even more waterside beauty, head to Lake View Garden, a picturesque locale with swan-shaped boats and tasty eats that make it a simple break from reality.

Get to know the sunny side of Surat by heading to Dumas Beach at the end of the day, experiencing a majestic sunset along famous black sand beaches for something to truly remember. Other lasting moments can be found at the Surat Municipal Aquarium, a busy facility with over a dozen acres dedicated to marine wildlife, and connected to the even larger Sarthana Nature Park Zoo, which adds a butterfly park, reptile room, and lion exhibit to the mix. Another huge hotspot for the city is Amaazia, an all-inclusive theme park that offers on-site resort rooms that come with cafeteria eats as well as instant access to the thrilling water slides and wave pools.

Lounges at Surat Airport
There are no VIP lounges or conference facilities available at Surat International Airport.

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