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Sep 27, 2023
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Stavanger City SVG Airport Shuttle

Looking out at the North Sea from the southwestern shores of Norway, the city of Stavanger is one that makes each moment easy to keep going, whether you’re traveling to the Stavanger Forum for business or just want to get lost in the waterside shops and homes of Paradise. Reserve a ride to take care of the day depending on what you’re looking for, whether it’s a downtown drop-off from stretched limousines, taxis, and local personal drivers, or day-long excursions with the help of your own intimate ride, from buses to sedans, to SUVs, to vans.
GO Airport Shuttle at Stavanger City (SVG)

SVG Airport Transfers

Find other destinations that offer GO Airport Shuttle or search for other transportation providers at Stavanger City (SVG) airport.
Rides at SVG airport Airport Locations
Looking for airport shuttle rides? Learn how you can get connected to the best shared ride van providers, sedans and private vans and view our airport transfer locations.

Stavanger City Airport Shuttle Service
There are three airport bus services that can be accessed at the airport. The first is the Flybussen which is only located 20 to 30 minutes away from the airport. They have a family ticket offer in which the adults can bring 2 children at a cost-free amount. Another good airport shuttle service to avail is the Kolumbus which is offering a bus service from the airport, Forus to Sandness, which takes about an hour ride.

Due to its isolated location in the southern town of Sola, Stavanger Airport isn’t connected to any sort of light rail or train to the city, making transportation especially important. Keep the luxury of shuttles in mind before making arrangements, watching the western waves of the North Sea as much as the eastern fjords of high peaks with one of area shuttle providers wide-view shuttles, or go with local sedan companies for competitive rates and just-as-friendly customer service.

Shared ride van
Revel in one of our roomy shared van rides that are available for both pickup and drop off services between the Stavanger Airport, Sola and your destination. Those looking to get a ride without spending too much should go with a commitment-free shared ride van, contacting area shuttle companies today so you can have smooth sailing tomorrow. Perfect for hotel drop-offs due to bag handling services and custom lifts, you’ll be in the heart of it all before you know it.

Private van
Bond with historical facts by chartering a private van and traveling to The Museum of Aviation History for some great time. Make every part of your journey exciting with a private van from area shuttle companies, trekking through the region with up to a dozen passengers, whether you’re traveling to expansive art museums at the heart of downtown or looking forward to vast landscapes resting on the outskirts.

Private sedan
When touring this region, you should not miss a visit to Norwegian Petroleum Museum which is a fun and exciting place to be. Keep the intimate close with a private sedan from local providers, the perfect ride for going slow with the family, your loved one, or just solo. See other low-key destinations in matching style, moving from quaint streets renowned for its quiet hustle as much as stoic churches dating back to the 10th century.

Local personal driver
For persons that love engaging in physical activities, a ride to the Outdoor life Norway Daytrips is a great way of spending time. Consider the services of a local personal driver. Pay attention to the hidden gems of Stavanger as much as what’s right in front of you by going with a local personal driver to find the best kept secrets of the seaside city, whether it’s where the best shops in Øvre Holmegate are or how to enjoy the diverse lookouts from Preikestolen iconic cliffs.

Private SUV
The religious minded fellows are not left behind as they can get a private SUV and travel to Stavanger Cathedral. Families looking for a ride that makes the never-ending marathon of being a parent feel easy should go with a private SUV from area companies, gaining the perk of privacy as much as quaint drop-offs to a variety of family-friendly locales that include historic homes, blooming gardens, and scenic ferries to the village of Tau.

Taxi cab
Take your camera and hop into a taxicab for a ride to the Norwegian Canning Museum. In this destination you will get to learn a lot and enjoy yourself completely. The commitment-free at heart should reserve a quick taxi for lifts to all-in-one locations, whether it’s to a hotel near downtown’s buzz or a conference surrounded by hotspots great for continuing the party. Utilize taxis for safe driving as well, seeing the 24-hour ride as a designated driver who’s always there for you.

Stretched limousine
Want to have a memorable trip? The thing for you is a stretched limousine that you can take to several interesting destination like the Stavanger Maritime Museum or the Vaulen Beach if you love outdoor activities. Keep the evening fancy with something that makes the next corner an elegant one, seeing Stavanger upscale side with a stretched limousine perfect for grand arrivals. Go with area shuttle providers to have a chauffeur as soon as you land at the airport, checking out intimate performances at Rogaland Theatre as well as tavern-style eats at Phileas Fogg.

Chartered Bus
The Stavanger Concert Hall is another incredible destination that is worth visiting while in this region. Get there in one of the buses that we have to offer you. If you’re part of a huge group that wants to make a splash everywhere it goes, you’ll need a ride to accommodate. Reserve a chartered bus to carry over a dozen passengers across vast destinations, taking a field trip to astounding museums by the bay as well as open-air parks that make it difficult to stay indoors.

SVG Airport Terminals
A modest facility that mostly handles domestic flights, Stavanger Airport offers one passenger terminal perfect for getting in and out quick.

Ground Level: car rental agencies, information desks, and ATMs.

Level 1: restaurants & shops, ATMs, security, and banks.

Level 2: conference room, lost & found.

Stavanger City Airport Shuttles
Stavanger City Airport Shuttles
The Stavanger Airport is serving the Stavanger city which is Norway’s third largest conurbation. The city is also the hub for the oil industry.

Stavanger Airport Shuttles
A fifteen-minute drive from downtown on a good day, Stavanger Airport is relatively far from the city, and without any sort of public transportation to offer any rides. Look forward to the day by reserving a shuttle to make it even easier, going with local sedan or taxi companies to leave the driving to someone who knows the terrain well.

No matter what direction you’re going for your stay, trust in the quiet corner of Norway that there’s always something to look forward to. From the hidden beaches of the Vaulen neighborhood to the cozy waterside reflections waiting in Gausel, the regions between the airport and downtown lie far and few. Get a feel for the region’s park scene as well by hanging out in the Tjensvoll region, located on the southwest side of downtown and renowned for its pristine lookouts at Lake Mosvatnet.

From location to pick-up time, it can be hard to keep track of everything you’ll need for your shuttle. Keep track of all the details by writing it down and keeping it somewhere safe, or print out your confirmation email as soon as it arrives, looking forward to the day with the ease of knowledge on your side. If you can’t find the pick-up location or Ground Transportation, ask for help at one of many information desks, also seeking out advice from the nearest security guard.

About Stavanger Airport
Placed on the southwest side of Stavanger, Stavanger Airport offers a slew of nearby attractions perfect for getting to know Norway’s lesser seen south side. Get to know it even more by making sure you’ve got the right hotel to experience the underrated beauty, whether it’s through the beachside views from Sola Strand Hotel or on-site convenience of Scandic Stavanger Airport. Go with a name you know and trust instead, choosing between the modern Clarion Hotel Air or 3-star Quality Airport Hotel Stavanger, both of which are located on the north end of the facility.

Turn speed bumps into pit stops by taking advantage of the many shops and restaurants located within the main terminal. Those flying domestically have the perks of name brand products at ARG Fashion & Travel Value as well as souvenirs at Narvesen, while international terminals can enjoy bestselling reads at WH Smith. For tasty food and cool ambiance, enjoy aesthetically pleasing pub eats at Brisen Bar in the domestic area while international fliers can decide between fish-centered cuisine at Havsalt or smoothies & paninis at Café Ritazza.

Practically touching the western coast, Stavanger Airport offers instant access to the Solastranden Nature Preserve, making vacationing for business travelers as easy as walking outside. Equally close to the facility is Sola Golf Club on the southern side, open 24 hours and home to hours of greenery with the sounds of the North Sea in the background. Check out the handful of historic landmarks within the eastern city of Sola as well, heading to Sola Church Ruins for an inside look at one of the region’s oldest structures, afterward checking out the vintage aircrafts at Sola Flying Museum.

Stavanger Destinations
Keep your eye on the prize when it comes to how to enjoy the heart of Stavanger by setting an afternoon aside for the many exhibits. Start with the Norwegian Petroleum Museum, home to vast artifacts that showcase the region’s hottest commodity as well as the strong foundation of Norway’s economy, afterward complimenting the industrial rigidity with beautiful artistry at Stavanger Art Museum, located south of Mosvatnet Lake and home to centuries of works housed in a geodesic dome. Walk the quaint lakeside trails while you’re in the area, discussing the day with connecting paths that connect to Vålan Park and all its stunning landmarks.

Located within Vålan Park is the famous Vålan Tower, historic for its castle-like structure and elevated hilltop location that offers views of the entire town. Compliment the old with the new by heading to ODEON Movie Theater as well, housed within an old building but showing the newest flicks out, also learning about the cultural backdrop of the region through a stroll at Stavanger Museum. Keep up with the area’s love of burgers by trying out a classic Swedish eatery, one of the most visited being Døgnvill Burger Stavanger due to its hefty servings and close access to the many shops at Torgterrassen Arcades, a popular shopping mall with several tiers of name brand products sold within historic shops.

Lounges at Stavanger Airport
Offering free Wi-Fi for up to two hours, Stavanger Airport is known for being a business-friendly place to find yourself stuck. Make layovers extra comfy by heading to the North Sea Lounge, home to fax machines, Wi-Fi, light appetizers, and entertainment in the form of reading material & television. Get inside by choosing to either pay at the door or take advantage of your prepaid lounge membership, further ensuring your trip is filled with total relaxation from start to finish.

Travelers who may have some inquiry may go to the information desk located in the terminal’s public area. Like other hotels, the Stavanger Airport offers all facilities and amenities which travelers might find useful.

The terminal is offering a range of facilities you might find useful while at the airport. An assistance service is available where you can be assisted with your booking online needs. Other assistance available is in checking-in and claiming luggage, getting to-and-from the aircraft, requiring a wheelchair and more. Shopping, food and drink and other related airport facilities are available.

For the food and drink, you have the Brenningen Coffeebar for some freshly baked pastries before boarding or while waiting for your flight. There is also La Baquette where freshly-made baguettes are made according to your request and Peppies Pizza if you wish to enjoy some pizza in pleasant surroundings.

For shopping, there’s Narvasesen where groceries, travel goods, souvenirs, food and drinks, newspapers, magazines and toys can be purchased. The airport has ARG Airport Fashion where accessories and clothing high-profile brands are featured. To guarantee everyone’s security, the airport installed a web came which displays updates every 15 minutes at the official site. A Wi-Fi access is also available, which gives passengers to use it for 2 hours for free. The airport management is giving passengers the option of availing faster connection or more time if they need or prefer.

Stavanger City Hotels
Stavanger Airport does not have a hotel within the vicinity, but there are a lot of excellent choices passengers can find nearby. A good example is the Quality Airport Hotel Stavanger which gives easy access to the city for exploration, and is excellently providing a hassle-free and relaxed stay for passengers. Smarthotel Forus also offers easy access to the lively city and its destinations. Facilities like Wi-Fi in every room, facilities for the disabled, luggage storage and express check –in/check-out are available.

Stavanger City Restaurants
There are also a lot of nice restaurants that can be accessed by passengers nearby the airport. Some of which are the Restaurant & Skybar, which is found at the tallest building in Stavanger allowing passengers to enjoy great food with great sceneries, and Radisson Blu Atlantic where tasty dishes are found at their a la Carte menu. If you wish to buy some fresh bread for some snacks along the way to your hotel, there is the Bakeri & Konditori where yummy bakery products and tasty breads and more are offered.

Stavanger City Attractions
Getting to the city is never boring for the plenty of destinations available. Prekestolen is a place that can only be reached after a 2-hour of trekking. But once you reach the destination, you will feel that all are worth it for the magnificent things you get to enjoy afterwards. Those who love visiting historic areas have the Old Stavanger as a perfect destination. It is where a collection of old yet picturesque homes are nestled in. Then, there are the worth-exploring museums and galleries found in the streets to complete the experience.