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Oct 06, 2023
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Great for getting around town with speed and efficiency, taxi cabs are driven by locals that know exactly what they’re doing. Utilize this fact by getting a ride to one of many places of haste, whether it’s a cordial event at the Bradenton International Convention Center or a simple walk through a relaxing park. You can do this by scheduling a pickup with our local taxi providers.


For a look inside one of the most remarkable getaways not only in the state, but the country, visit Ca d’Zan, the original home of the famous Ringling family. The 1924 mansion has been converted into a museum, offering guests a variety of interesting exhibits on the history of the family as well as a Venice-style architecture that can’t be found anywhere else in the state.


With various trails, boundless bird-watching ops and tons of picnic areas, the South Lido County Park is a fantastic place to unwind. Get a ride to the waterfront locale and enjoy walking on the beach, making friends and drinking cocktails. If you’d like to try some of the best cocktails in town, head to the nearby Libby’s Cafe & Bar for an afternoon of patio socializing.
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