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With so much to feel and sense, it’s important to get a ride that works for your situation - if you’re in an especially large group, don’t fret. Book with ICS, Book A Limo for a spacious chartered bus, sizes ranging from a dozen to two-dozen passengers.


Anyone who visits Sarasota for the first time is immediately taken aback by how vast and open the area is, to the point they forget a society exists outside the realm of colorful birds and humid forests. For an afternoon under the sun, head to Five Points Park, a large but relatively unoccupied area of land that offers guests plenty of chances to take photos and have fun.


If everyone in the group wants to go forward with outdoor exploration, a must-see getaway is the beautiful North Water Tower Park. Located in the Bayou Oaks neighborhood, the park is quiet and filled with running paths as well as playgrounds and sports fields that keep children occupied. The recreation area is open from dawn to dusk, so be sure to plan accordingly.
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