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A large east-coast state with enough charm to humble anyone, South Carolina is not only a great place to find yourself having fun, but doing business as well. Whether you’re headed to the Atlantic for a convention or staying along the Congaree River for an expos, there’s always something to look forward to around the corner. Take advantage of every little moment by making sure you take it in, whether it’s through the windows of a limousine ride or the freedom of your own private vehicle.

The most visited facility in the state is Greenville’s TD Convention Center, located in a spacious field of green along the outskirts and home to massive square-footage perfect for any event. For something just as accommodating but with the added benefit of the Atlantic, head to the Charleston Area Convention Center for windows as wide as the surrounding opportunity. Keep along the coast by hosting your event at Myrtle Beach Convention Center instead, located a little north along the coast but home to thousands of seats that makes for an extra comfortable concert.

A southern state with enough charm and history to fill a whole day with fun, South Carolina is a great place to learn about America’s origins, or network within modern convention halls and stately expo centers across vibrant cities Charleston and Greenville. Take advantage of each moment by making sure the vehicle is right, whether it’s by way of private sedan on the way to one of many tranquil sceneries best for taking a break from work, or through the windows of meet-and-greet services that offer convenient drop offs to various convention centers and airports.

Meet-and-Greet Services
The most visited venue in the state is Greenville’s TD Convention Center, located among spacious fields in the western outskirts, and home to massive square-footage perfect for any event. Arrive in high-end style by chauffeured limousine, or go more casual with a local personal driver who can include specialty tips on where to get some classic American grub after events at the the Charleston Area Convention Center. Those looking to keep commitment low and fun high should reserve a taxi for quick drop offs to all-in-one venues like the Myrtle Beach Convention Center, located a little north along the coast but at the center of a wide array of resorts and cool pier-side restaurants along North Ocean Boulevard.

Private Transfers
Reserve a private lift to keep things going at an even pace instead, whether that means taking time to soak in the beauty of South Carolina’s untamed nature, or enjoying as many downtown landmarks as time permits. Solo travelers interested in discovering quiet moments alone should discover a wide array of landmarks that include the beautiful peaks around Sassafras Mountain just outside Greenville, or the connected Caesars Head State Park offering prime views of the Blue Ridge Mountain from the same area. Families can also appreciate this region with the help and guidance of an SUV or van, larger chartered buses able to enjoy the backdrop of forests through boardwalk strolls via Congaree National Park.