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May 29, 2024
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Sofia Airport Transportation

Just east of Bulgaria’s capital city, Sofia International Airport instantly offers the beauty of central Europe through a gateway that makes each moment scenic. Look forward to millennia of history, from the ancient grounds of the Romans to the architecture of the Grecians, all by booking the right ride. Get through the motions with a low-key shuttle service perfect for getting in and out of the airport, or go with a limousine sure to make each turn a comfy one, not to mention private sedans & SUVs that make family vacation a breeze.

SOF Transportation
Don’t miss out on how much beauty surrounds the country’s largest city, exploring via Sofia’s extensive subway system that picks up from the airport and drops off to all corners of downtown, or go with a variety of shuttle services ranging from area sedan providers quaint lifts to taxi cab companies downtown excursions, all at the ease of making reservations ahead of time.

Shared Ride Van
With over a million people residing in the city, hopping aboard a shared ride van can sometimes be the best option, not only for its unique service that allows you to hop aboard a wave that’s already going your way but getting to experience the charm of the city with someone else. Reserve through area sedan providers to make things easier, having your bags handled from the moment you land at SOF to when you’re ready to check out of your enchanting hotel.

Private Van
In addition to shared rides, large groups ranging from families to bachelorette parties may want to consider celebrating in privacy with a private van. Stick together to have fun together, looking forward to narrow alleys and open-air plazas at the ease of local shuttle providers countless reliable rides that offer ample space for at least a dozen people.

Private Sedan
A great option for romance, you’ll be especially pleased if you’re on your honeymoon with a private sedan. Fall in love with every little corner by seeing it in a ride that offers enough intimacy to take things slow, cruising through the city’s expensive streets with a private sedan provided by area providers.

Local Personal Drivers
Nothing beats being in a new place more than having a guide to show you around, something that’s especially helpful for those looking forward to the day without the hassle of getting lost. Do so by booking a local personal driver, turning unknown streets into instant realizations that jumble into a blend of historic, cultural, and architectural importance.

Private SUV
Take things in stride by knowing you’ll get there on-time and safe, looking forward to downtown Sofia with a private SUV. Holding up to six passengers, local providers of SUVs are perfect for big groups looking to have a good time, from families in search of the Balkan Peninsula distant shores to groups wanting to spend the day at South Park.

Taxi Cab
Home to a strong economy due to growing tech industries, Sofia is a great place to do business, especially if you’re heading to an event at the Inter Expo Center. Get there as efficient as you can, avoiding the traffic with a taxi pick-up, taking the convenience full circle with a ride to Sofia International Airport by the end of your trip.

Stretched Limousine
In addition to an ancient charm, you’ll find that Sofia offers an elegant side that’s hard to miss, especially if you give yourself the chance to go slow. Do so with a stretched limousine courtesy of local companies, making evening entertainment a pleasant experience from beginning to end with a ride that doubles as a grand chariot.

Chartered Bus
Go the extra mile when it comes to how to entertain large amounts of people, booking a chartered bus for one quick trip to vast destinations, whether you’re looking forward to an afternoon at a water park or wanting to go on a hike across the epic mountainside terrain created by the ancient mountain of Vitosha.

SOF Airport Terminals
As Bulgaria’s most popular airport, Sofia International brings a lot of traffic through its two terminals.
Terminal 1:Open to domestic airlines, offering a vintage feel due to its 1930s construction.
Terminal 2:Home to a more 21st century approach with international flights arriving to space-themed gates, plus added benefits that include dozens of check-in desks, a car park, and instant subway access.


Sofia Airport Shuttles

Make sure you’re taken care of as soon as you land at SOF Airport by knowing you’ve got a ride to take you at the end, one of the most reliable ways being with a shuttle all to yourself. Go through area shuttle providers for the freedom to stay wherever you want, or utilize the services of area sedan companies for the same service at competitive rates.

You can also get the best rate by going through our site, choosing between several options perfect for seeing it your way, whether you’re interested in making a splash as a family or simply need a trip to your hotel for some much-needed rest. Once you know what kind of shuttle you need, look forward to what nearby attractions there are to experience, enjoying the ever-tranquil flow of the Boyana Waterfall if you’re staying on the south side or taking time to explore West Park’s massive 24-hour gardens.

Keep track of all your important pick-up information if you reserve with someone new, double-checking each detail either by calling your provider or by glancing at the confirmation email. Ask the airport staff for help if you get lost, choosing between Information Desks in either terminal or Special Services ready to translate. Keep in mind that the arrivals level can be found on Level 0 (ground level) as well as baggage claim, making it the most likely place for a pick-up.

About Sofia International Airport
Fifteen minutes east of town, Sofia Airport is a great way to enjoy some of the city’s most scenic adventures while keeping close to your flight. Whether you’re staying at one of many airport hotels or planning to use the subway for long trips into the city, knowing your way around each terminal is the easiest way to not only make it to your flight on-time, but enjoy all the time in between.

Look forward to a variety of shops and restaurants by exploring each terminal, most of which are located in Terminal 2’s modern space. Grab a newspaper with coffee at World News Café, or choose between a variety of American snacks at Sky Restaurant & Bar. Terminal 2’s shops include the home-rolled cigars at Cigar Shop as well as local souvenirs & to-go snacks at Pilot Shop. The area is also scattered with banks, ATMs, and cocktail bars great for making your layover an easy one.

Surrounded by a slew of attractions, those looking to stay close to their flight should also know they’re keeping close to a lot of fun. Explore nearby landmarks, from quaint sit-downs at the attached Sofia Airport Park to the vast space at the Memorial of Nikola Bonev just north of the facility. For something closer to downtown, spend some time at Gerena Park, an east side oasis featuring old statues and springtime flowers made popular by business travelers looking for a quick break.

Sofia Destinations
When it comes to sightseeing in Sofia, making time for the unknown should be top priority. Start with the basics, looking forward to the Regional History Museum of Sofia for a quick overview of the region, learning about the local tales paired alongside ancient history that makes the city one of the oldest on earth. Delve into the wooded trails of Park Borisova Gradina at some point as well, enjoying the lush greenery made famous by its shaded plazas, boat rentals, and hidden monuments scattered across the property.

From the local cuisine on Tsar Shishman to the world-famous shopping at Mall of Sofia, there’s plenty to do as an upscale traveler as well, even more if you’ve got all the time to take it slow. Drive to the far southeast corner of the city for a walk at Vrana Park & Museum, home to its own quaint trails and three stories of a castle-like mansion perfect for taking tours of the region’s past and present. End the evening with some entertainment accessible for all pay scales, whether it be at the Socialist Art Museum or the neoclassical interior of the Bulgarian National Theater.

Getting Around Sofia Airport
Terminal 2 is home to car rental agencies, while off-site agencies are located just south of the airport on Mimi Balkanska. Other on-site business amenities include Wi-Fi, snacks, and faxing at the Preslav Business Hall in Terminal 2. In addition to the subway stop, you can always reserve an airport shuttle to make your time, whether it’s waiting, moving, or rushing, easy.

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