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With a ton to do within the city and so much to do outside Sacramento’s borders, one doesn’t have to travel far to see something amazing. If you’re a large group traveling through the state, it’s imperative you get a vehicle equipped for long-distance as well as one with plenty of room. Reserve a spacious chartered bus from ICS, Book A Limo to get everywhere you need to go, whether it’s a beautiful park or a local movie.


A beautiful place worth visiting if you’ve never been to the city is Garcia Bend Park. The scenic riverfront park has a playground, sports fields, and a boat launch made perfect for picnics along the water. If you’d like to see a park that’s even more visually appealing, drive over to the astonishing, International World Peace Rose Gardens.


With so many strange and exotic things to do in a city so simple, tourists should remember the city is also host to countless simple pleasures, including movie theaters. Visit the famous Tower Theatre, a local cornerstone of cinema and a beautiful place to spend the night with someone you truly love, whether it’s your family or significant other.
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