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Jul 25, 2024
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San Diego isn’t the same to tourists as it is to locals. To those who live here, who grew up here, the ‘best restaurant’ isn’t exactly what you’d expect, nor is the ‘coolest club in town’. See where the most exclusive San Diego hotspots are by reserving a local personal driver with our local providers, seeing the town through the perspective of someone that really knows what they’re doing.


If you’re in the mood for an intimate walk, ask your driver to take you to the best spot for such an occasion. Walk through the lush gardens and cultivated landscape of Balboa Park Gardens, a beautiful recreation area in the heart of the city. Part of the greater, Balboa Park, the gardens of Balboa Park Gardens are a special offbeat path for those that prefer the road less traveled.


Ask your driver for their special preference, and you just might be directed to the prominent Mount Soledad. A beautiful natural wonder of the city, Mount Soledad is a mountaintop that looks out on the city as well as a great place for picnics. The mountain is also an emblem for political controversy following its 25-year involvement of religion vs. government.
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