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        Quincy Regional UIN Airport Shuttle

        Book reservations for airport shuttle, taxis, sedans and limousine service to and from the airport.
        GO Airport Shuttle at Quincy (UIN)

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        Quincy Airport Shuttle Service
        Located in Quincy is the Quincy UIN . As with many cities, airport shuttle transportation comes in many options; one of which is of course taxis, such as Mr. Taxi and Mark Twain Taxi. However, more exclusive or inclusive options are available.

        Shared Ride Van
        American presidents have revolutionized the country when in their reign of power; John Adams and John Quincy Adams are two such presidents. Book seats on a shared ride van to visit their old homes at the Adams National Historical Park.

        Private Van
        Ever wanted to set foot on a ship that is or was commissioned by the US Navy? You can book our private van and enjoy the thrill of visiting the incredible USS-Salem.

        Private Sedan
        If you’re a fan of religious monuments or centers that date back centuries, then you must book our private Sedan and take a trip to the United First Parish Church for a wonderful experience.

        Local Personal Drivers
        Our local personal drivers are exceptional in taking our customers anywhere they deem to go, under a suitable amount of time. If you wish to hop in to pay your respects to the Hancock Cemetery, hire one of our drivers now to take you there.

        Private SUV
        Not many places qualify to come under the banner of US National Historic Landmark; one such dwelling place is the Dorothy Quincy Homestead. Book our private SUV and take a tour of this historic region.

        Taxi Cab
        To feel and visit the variation of places in a city is the ultimate motive of any tourist, but one could still take time out for an old fashioned beach trip. Book our taxicab now and transport yourself to the Wollaston Beach.

        Stretched Limousine
        Old house of presidents being transformed into sights of visits are common now. Book our stretched Limousine now and take a trip down to the John Quincy Adams Birthplace.

        If you wish to check out the site of the first rail road in the United States, the Granite site, then book seats in our buses now and visit the Quincy Quarries Reservation.

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        Quincy Airport Shuttles
        Quincy shuttle to the airport
        Located on the Mississippi River, this old city of quaint American historical value is also Illinois’ second largest settlement.

        The Predmore Shuttle Service offers services within Quincy. They are located well within Quincy. Great River Bus is another excellent choice for airport shuttle services. They are closed Sundays but open and ready to serve you every other day of the week.

        Quincy, Historic Travel Center
        Quincy is located in Adams County. Both of these titles, obviously, are derived from John Quincy Adams — whose influence on the colonists who admired him was wide spread. Villagers decided to name the are after the famed president in 1825. Previously, it was called Bluffs, Illinois.

        Despite its size, Quincy is still considered a small American town with all of the feel of one, a safe place to raise your children. Although a great place for family life, Quincy is also a prime tourist destination for its rich history and culture. This city is home to multiple historical districts, including the Downtown Quincy Historical District, and the South Side German Historic District. Both of these preserve Quincy’s old architecture of German and British influence and thrive with their own intermingling of past and present culture.

        Quincy Restaurants
        Among other attractions, fine dining is a great option in this little/ large town. Take for instance the Pier Restaurant, which offers a spectacular view of the Mississippi. Their food much like the overall culture of the area is an intermix of past and present staples. Traditional dishes like fresh seafood and steaks meet tasty pastas in a dining experience described as "midwestern with a twist."

        It’s not surprising that riverside restaurants are popular on this river city. Another example of this unique dining experience is the Riverside Smoke House and Grill, which offers a succulent and hearty but exquisite menu featuring (of course) ribs and beans, and other home style dishes like buttery biscuits and briskets.

        Hotels near Quincy
        Whether you are looking for five star or two stars hotels, you are likely to find something that fits your needs and tastes in Quincy. The Town and County Inns and Suits in Quincy are a great lodging option. You can book a casual stay here, but should also consider Town and County for events such as weddings and weekend getaways or extended stays. Offering getaway packages and all the essential amenities (free wifi, tv, fitness center, free breakfast) and a variety of room and bed types, Town and County Inns are a fairly luxurious option.

        The Holiday Inn is a classic hotel option, and you shouldn’t be surprised that Quincy has its own. They are a full service hotel, accept all major credit cards, and have received very decent reviews on their website. For a convenient, affordable, and "full service" lodging experience, Holiday Inn works well.

        UIN Contact Information
        Quincy Regional Airport
        1645 Hwy 104
        Quincy, IL 62305
        Airport Code: UIN