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Apr 28, 2024
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Port Blair Airport Transportation

As the chief airport for the Nicobar Islands and Andaman Islands, Veer Savarkar International offers instant access to Port Blair and other seaside villages. Resting between India’s Bay of Bengal and Myanmar’s Andaman Sea, you’ll want a ride that can explore miles of isle without any interruptions, choosing between private rentals for all the freedom in the world or the business-friendly convenience of meet-and-greets.

IXZ Transportation
Without any sort of light rail or train connection throughout the island, Veer Savarkar International offers limited ground transportation, which includes bus lines along VIP Road and pre-paid taxis just outside baggage claim. The nearest ferry terminal is Junglighat Jetty, located less than a mile from the airport and offering quick access to South Andaman. Make it all easier by reserving a shuttle instead, booking through local taxi or sedan providers for timely pick-ups and custom drop-offs.

Shared Ride Van
Enjoy the region’s best attractions by booking a shared ride van through local shuttle providers, whether you’re in need of a one-time ride to Fortune Resort Bay Island, which offers a movie theater, game room, and pool, or in need of a drop-off to the nearest ferry terminal.

Private Van
A great way to take advantage of the day without having to separate up to a dozen passengers is by getting a private van to make it comfortable. Go with area shuttle companies as your service provider, looking forward to unique locals like ranging from the colonial architecture of Cellular Jail to the open-air lawns surrounding a lake at Gandhi Park.

Private Sedan
Ideal for honeymoons as well as business trips, private sedans are perfect for getting lost in the region’s natural wonders while staying on your own schedule. See it up-close by booking with local sedan providers, taking your time as you island hop to museums and old ruins, or going on an isolated road trip through South Andaman.

Local Personal Drivers
Find hidden treasures in plain site by getting a local personal driver to show you the way, asking about your favorite things, from seafood to sunsets, all at the ease of enjoying the view along the way. Also perfect for getting to know the area without having to dig too hard, you’ll be glad you stepped into islander shoes.

Private SUV
Get a ride that makes the whole family comfortable by booking a private SUV as your chief chariot, going through area companies to see the best attractions with ease, from the airy breeze of Marina Park to the stunning views at Amber Sunset Point.

Taxi Cab
Those traveling to Port Blair on business, whether it be to the Regional Medical Research Centre or a nearby hospital, can save a lot of time by reserving a taxi, especially if you’re on a budget. Great for early red eyes and evening pick-ups from downtown, the 24-hour vehicle is great for taking your time as you stay commitment free.

Stretched Limousine
Have nothing but glimmering attractions ahead of you by booking a stretched limousine from local limo companies, enjoying an array of upscale locales, from the vegetarian at Icy Spicy to the luxury cocktail lounges and gardens at Coral Cove Hotels and Resorts.

Chartered Bus
Carry over a dozen passengers across Port Blair’s scenic shores by getting yourself a chartered bus, whether you’re checking out downtown’s Mini Zoo for an afternoon or spending the entire day at Mount Harriet National Park’s lush trails and eclectic butterfly community.

IXZ Airport Terminals
IXZ is a single-terminal facility that offers two levels of Services/Amenities including: free Wi-Fi, security, check-in, baggage claim, luggage trolleys, restaurants, shops, and a lounge area.
Plans to open a new terminal began in 2018, with an expected grand opening by 2020.


Port Blair Airport Shuttles

Surrounded by island charms and close enough to reach most Port Blair hotels and resorts in a flash, Veer Savarkar International Airport makes check in especially easy, even easier if you’ve got a shuttle to get you there. Book through either local sedan or taxi providers to make getting around in a new place stress-free.

Whether you’re in need of a shuttle around the corner or a ferry stop that takes you to Havelock Island, knowing there’s a temporary home waiting for you in Port Blair is all it takes to smile. Head to the east side to enjoy the ins and outs of South Point, home to bay views and famous sunrises along Rocky Beach Cliff, or soak in the buzz of downtown in Phoenix Bay instead. For a bit more isolation, stay in west Port Blair Haddo neighborhood, getting instant access to the NSRY Jetty as well as the acclaimed Forest Museum, which rests on its own island across a scenic bridge. Take care of the day with ease by taking care of your trip’s details first, from identification to bookings. Start with your shuttle reservations, printing out your confirmation email for added security as well as keeping extra forms of ID like social security, driver’s license, or student ID on your person for when you pass through security. Those in need of extra guidance when they land should refer to the information desk inside the airport, getting help with directions as well as taxi reservations.

About Savarkar International Airport
Just under 4 miles (6 km) from downtown, Savarkar International Airport offers awesome access to the heart of Port Blair at an instant, especially with how many nearby hotels there are. The closest and most popular option is Keys Select Aqua Green, located across the street from the terminal. Other stays along the same road include Diviyum Manor, Andaman Shores, and Coral Cove Hotels and Resorts. For something closer to the city, go with Hotel Sentinel, home an outdoor pool and 2 restaurants, or check into Marina Park at Hotel de Marina, famous for its colorful rooftop eatery and free breakfast.

With a few eats, stores, and entertainment available at the single-terminal Veer Savarkar International, one can easily turn a 2-hour delay into a quick sightseeing experience. Enjoy a bite from Airport Snacks Bar if you’re hungry, afterward shopping at Island Handicrafts Emporium, which showcases a wide variety of jewelry made by local islanders. Other stores include the men’s fashion at Karlsburg as well as the Andaman & Nicobar Emporium, which sells locally-crafted souvenirs assembled by the Andaman & Nicobar Administration.

Enjoy nearby destinations outside the airport if you’re planning to stay close to the facility. If you’re north of the airport, go for a walk at Jogger’s Park, or head a little bit further north for astounding statues and lakeside placidity at Gandhi Park. Those east of the airport have the luxury of being right by Corbyn’s Cove Beach, which offers waterfront snack bars and resorts. Another popular destination is the Kalapani Museum, located just south of the airport and home to the fascinating history of the Andaman & Nicobar Islands, a topic that can easily be discussed at Brewberrys, a popular coffee shop with business travelers due to its late-night breakfast.

Port Blair Destinations
As the proud capital of the Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Port Blair offers a dualistic view of the Bay of Bengal as well as the Andaman Sea. Home to eclectic architecture and wondrous beaches, you’ll want to explore every inch of the island the moment you arrive, starting with the many islands accessible via ferry and private boat. Delve into the history beauty of Ross Island, located north of the city and home to crystal blue beaches and historic landmarks, while Viper Island just west of the airport is renowned for its rugged cliffs and ancient ruins overgrown with island vegetation. End your journey across uncharted waters by watching the sunset at the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park, renowned for its famous coral reefs and exotic wildlife sprawled across two islands.

Fall into the local culture of Port Blair the next day by spending your time walking through urban parks and museums, from the lakeside statues and trails at Gandhi Park to the unique species and colorful coral showcased at the Samudrika Marine Museum. To learn about the local culture while getting a road trip out of it, head to the Kalapani Museum, a south side locale that makes for a great pit-stop on your way to hidden southern oases of the island, from Munda Pahar Beach to Chidiya Tapu, both of which known for their quiet sunsets. End your trip on a good note by grabbing a bite at the region’s most best, choosing between all-you-can-eat vegetarian at Annapurna Cafeteria or going with the vibrant ambiance and on-site bakery at Icy Spicy.

Lounges at Veer Savarkar Airport
There are currently no VIP lounges at Veer Savarkar International Airport, though private waiting areas are expected to open with the new terminal building.

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