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Oran Airport Transportation

Just south of the Algerian city of Oran, Ahmed Ben Bella Airport offers convenient access to the famous North African port and all its cultural idiosyncrasies. From views atop Mount Murdjajo to the regionally popular Rai Folk music, you’ll have a lot to explore. Get to know it all by booking the right ride first, whether that means going with a private lift for intimate perspectives or scheduling a meet-and-greet service for convenient drop-offs.

ORN Transportation
Ground transportation at ORN Airport includes bus lines that pick up in front of the airport, plus taxi and car rental kiosks in the terminal. There is also nearby access to the Oran Tram, a mostly-underground subway system that connects to the city as well as the Algiers Metro. The closest pick up is the Tramway Oran Station, located on the Institute of Industrial Safety and Maintenance campus 3.5 miles (5.5 km) away. Make things simpler by booking a shuttle instead, getting custom lifts to your hotel as well as the added perk of bag-handling services.

Shared Ride Van
Arrive to beautiful port-side hotels and resorts by ensuring you’ve got a reliable lift to get you there, booking a shared ride van with shuttle providers for simple drop-offs to all-in-one getaways, the most popular in town being the deluxe Sheraton Oran Hotel as well as the equally stunning Four Points by Sheraton.

Private Van
Getting lost in countless seaside attractions while taking care of up to a dozen passengers can be difficult without the help of a private van – book with local shuttle companies to have your ride secure before you’ve landed, taking your time at expansive locales ranging from mountaintop forts to vast parklands surrounding the Great Sebkha of Oran.

Private Sedan
Those in search of a quiet drive across surrounding tropics, lakes, and forests should get a private sedan to take it all in, making arrangements with sedan providers to explore the picturesque beaches of Bir El Djir Canastel Forest, which connects to the even larger Lions Forest of Gdyel, all at the ease of being your own driver.

Local Personal Drivers
Leave it in someone else’s hands to ensure relaxation, reserving a local personal driver for endless tips on where to find Oran’s best hideaways, from late-night bars beloved by the locals to scenic spots perfect for watching the sunset.

Private SUV
Need to carry up to six passengers without breaking a sweat? Book a private SUV from local area companies, heading to Manage Miramar for an afternoon of kids rides, bumper carts, and a mini-train, or enjoy a walk across Promenade de Létang for grassy knolls leading up to an elevated views of the port.

Taxi Cab
Business travelers looking to get to Palais des Congrés Mohamed Ben Ahmed for special conventions or conferences should book a taxi to avoid the hassle of parking and traffic, arriving on-time and with all the freedom to explore nearby resort bars, restaurants, and cafés afterward.

Stretched Limousine
Take a ride on the finer side of Oran by getting a stretched limousine to show you around town, reserving with area limo providers for refined drop-offs to matching locations, from the heavenly views of the skyline at Le Ciel D’Oran Restaurant to incredible shows within the historic Regional Theater of Oran.

Chartered Bus
Book a chartered bus to move over a dozen passengers at the ease of a feather, finding expansive exhibits like those found within Musée National Zabana d'Oran’s, as well as the stoic lookouts from Front de Mer Oran (Oran Seafront), a historic elevated promenade with gorgeous views of the lower refineries, ports, and fishing boats.

ORN Airport Terminals
ORN Airport is home to two connected terminals; one for Domestic flights and another for International. The International terminal is renowned for its eco-friendly design that includes solar panel roofs, a mosque, and open-air gardens accessible after security, while the simpler Domestic terminal offers basic amenities and services.


Oran Airport Shuttles
About 15 minutes south of downtown, even longer if you want to reach the bay, Ahmed Ben Bella Airport makes getting to certain parts of Oran difficult, though that can easily be fixed with the help of a shuttle. Book through either executive providers or private local companies to stay on your game, enjoying relaxation the moment you get off as well as instant access to your hotel’s front steps.

Pay attention to what neighborhood you’ll be headed to before deciding to take the plunge, choosing between popular port-side areas like Hai El Marsa, renowned for its live concerts and close access to Fort Santa Cruz, or Hai Omaria, which offers quaint urban gardens as well as access to an urban greenbelt, not to mention ferry rides across the Alboran Sea toward Spain’s amazing Costa Blanca. More centrally-located areas include Hai Emir, which offers easy access to the subway as well as Palais du Bey, while Hai Sidi el Bachir is home to Iran's famous Grand Central Station, plus renowned artwork hanging at Ahmed Zabana Museum.

Let the day’s trials come easy by having a plan ready, the easiest way to do so by staying organized. Start with your shuttle reservation, printing out your confirmation email the moment it comes in, afterward storing it with other hotel bookings or sight-seeing tours in an all-in-one travel journal. Be sure to keep digital back-up of personal documentation as well, from passports to medical prescriptions, all by scanning each physical document and storing it somewhere online (email inbox, cloud service, etc…).

About Ahmed Ben Bella Airport
Located 15 minutes south of the coastline, Ahmed Ben Bella Airport makes arriving to downtown hotels and events a bit difficult. Make things easier by reserving a room close to the airport instead, choosing between Eden Phoenix Hotel or El Mouahidine, both of which are business-friendly and located at the Airport Roundabout east of the facility. For something closer to the middle, stay at Hotel Timgad, located equidistant from the shore and the airport, as is PACHA Hotel, Hôtel & Salle des Fêtes Chahrazed, and Hôtel Maraval.

Enjoy what the airport’s got on-site to make delays go by fast, enjoying some local bites at Crossroads Restaurant & Cafeteria, ready-made food at Oran Airport Cafeteria, and the casual café vibes of Tea House, located within the Salon VIP International Lounge. Shopping opportunities include beauty cosmetics at Zohara Parfums, specialty goods at VIP Duty-Free, and a few other local handicrafts & souvenir kiosks set up in between. The airport is also home to an on-site mosque as well as several open-air gardens strategically placed to get direct sunlight, not to mention the large Northside Airport Park.

Have fun with what’s around the airport if you plan to stay close, especially paying attention to the nearby city of Es Sénia. Located close to the many hotels and resorts near the Airport Roundabout are a few shops and restaurants, plus the massive Liper City, a super-store with groceries, clothing, toys, and rides. Also close to the airport are the calming shores of Sebkha of Oran, a large saltwater lake known for its many hidden beaches and ethereal views of the distant peaks.

Oran Destinations
A beautiful port city known for its bright beaches and mountain backdrops, Oran is one of Algeria’s brightest gems, renowned for its old towns shops as well as historic forts looking out at the Alboran Sea. Start the day visiting the most popular attractions, checking out Fort of Santa Cruz for stunning views of the city through a mountaintop chapel, also offering a promenade that leads to glimpses of strategic war defense cubbies and windows. Other historic structures worth visiting include the Hassan Pasha Mosque, which offers a timeless view of Islamic architecture, as well as the Abdullah Ibn Salam Mosque, which boasts a rarely seen Moorish Revival-style. And for more elevated views, visit Seafront Oran, a cliff-side promenade that instead of ruined fort walls boasts modern cafés, shops, and street art.

Take the kids out somewhere fun by spending the afternoon at Parc d’Attraction, home to classic carnival rides, a large rollercoaster, and an indoor circus show, also consider something more low-key at Kiddy Garden, home to a massive interconnected jungle gym, semi-private rooms for parties, and a resident clown. If the only thing you need to have fun is a quick step into nature, look no further than the nearby Canastel Forest, renowned for its deafening views from windy cliffs, afterward considering the distant northern spring of Ain Franine for a sunset you’ll remember forever. Eat at the best restaurant in Oran when you get the chance as well, looking forward to the upscale eats within the historic Royal Hotel, or delve into the classic seafood at Le Méditerranéen Oran.

Lounges at Oran Airport
- Salle Premiere Classe: Located past security. Perks include free Wi-Fi, TVs, and reading material, plus disability access and flight information monitors.

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