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May 28, 2024
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Taxis have always been the go-to choice for busy people looking to get from point a to point b, but that doesn’t mean our many vehicles can’t be utilized for pleasure as well. Take a drive out to a leisurely lunch or simply get dropped off at an interesting part of town by having a ride that will not only wait for you, but also wait on you.


If you’re alone, a great place to get dropped off at is the Hayward Regional Shoreline. With wetland parks that offer homes to gorgeous birds, be sure to bring your binoculars for a glimpse at the miracle of life as well as splashing waves like you’ve never witnessed.


In addition to all the thrilling beachside landmarks, there are just as many modern marvels to behold in the heart of downtown. Located on Broadway, Oakland’s Cathedral building is a Gothic Revival skyscraper that is the first of its kind on the west side of the Mississippi. As the tallest building in the city, the 1914 federal building allows tourists to enter as they please, giving everyone the opportunity to Oakland’s greatest achievement.
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