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Oct 06, 2023
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With so much to see and do, a local personal driver can certainly go a long way in terms of not only getting where you need to go, but seeing the best of what the city has to offer. Reserve your ride with our local area providers so you can get around town with expert tips and a mind that knows how to navigate through streets entrenched in culture.


Ask your chauffeur where the best park is, and you’ll get an array of answers. No matter who’s driving you around, one name is bound to come up – the Anthony Chabot Regional Park. With tons of hiking opportunities, easy set-up campsites, and a designated area for marksmanship, the 5,000-acre park is a sight to behold and a rare attraction capable of constantly offering discovery.


In addition to obviously untamed natural wonders, there are just as many sculpted areas of beauty within the city that are worth seeing, one of which is the University of California Botanical Garden. With modest grounds of over 30 acres, the area clearly makes up in diversity and exoticism where it lacks in size.
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