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Aug 10, 2022
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Because Tokoname and the cities surrounding it are so physically small, each metropolis is interlocked by a series of highways that create what’s close to a super-city. Hop around from luxe locale to luxe locale by getting a ride that’ll never bore you - area companies and reserve a stretched limousine for a series of trips across the island, making your mark and making others notice.


Located roughly fifteen miles away from Tokoname is Okazaki, a town known for having a vibrant nightlife. Experience this for yourself by having your chauffeur take you to opulent locations like Futabaya, a pub with small-portion meals, or you can head over to Tavern Hasegawa, which is an elegant restaurant that doesn’t shy away from serving hearty dishes.


A much larger region than most of the cities, Toyota lies in the far northwest region of the major Nagoya web. The city is home to the headquarters of the famous Toyota car manufacturer as well as a slew of interesting cocktail lounges. The best one to check out is the pub within Dining Cellar 1109, an upscale restaurant with colorful platters and even brighter drinks.


Arrive to the Chubu Central International Airport without a worry in the world by squaring away all the details of your trip, from lodging to transportation. Book with us so you can reserve a stretched limousine, getting to one of the world’s prettiest destinations in luxurious style. Especially promising for business travelers, you’ll be sure to not only impress when you arrive in your limousine, but lure interest.


As soon as you arrive to the airport, ask your chauffeur to take you to your hotel so you can freshen up. With a variety of places to stay, Tokoname is sure to please your luxurious taste, whether you’re visiting from Europe or North America. Arrive to the laid-back Centrair Hotel in your stylish limousine, giving you the chance to show up to the 4-star facility with the class of a giant.


Located just down the street from Central Japan Airport, and consequently Central Hall, the airport is swarming with professional visitors on any day of the week. Coming fully equipped with modern amenities as well as a smaller classroom-style conference room, Central Hall is open 365 days a year, making every day a good one to do business. The conference hall also comes with movable partitions, offering temporary space that connects to a larger foyer.
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